Chicago 11th Ward Control Taxicab Inspections

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Please read this article about Chicago Taxicab Issues, click here:,CST-FIN-resign16.article and understand how Mayor Daley has a revolving door with multiple conflict of Interest issues. This is not good Government. Also, If you look around Chicago’s 11th Ward, you will find construction that is paid for with Chicago Taxpayer dollars. The Daley Boyz are smart to steer construction and jobs all up and down Pershing Road. (39th Street) Many large facilities pour millions of dollars from workers into the local 11th ward economy. Streets and Sanitation, Water Management, Police….. on and on it goes. You can also control hiring and control the workforce. (AKA MONEY) Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. do the tax payers of the city pay tom talley and doug widell to follow people and act as I.G.? I’m a plumber and you don’t see me going around changing light-bulbs. do your job and let the others do theirs. not everybody is crooked.

  2. In fairness Patrick, the 11th Ward is located near the geographic center of the city. If you only have one taxicab inspection facility to set up, you would want it in a central location near the expressway system.

    While you can criticize who may be getting the contacts for providing services there, the fact that this (and others set up in that area) are located in the 11th Ward are the byproduct of geographic factors and political decisions as to how much area the city should annex (which date back to the late 19th century, generations before the birth of King Richard the Lesser and his cronies).
    (response) If you go east of the Dan Ryan on Pershing (39th street) you will see neighborhoods (Black) that would also benefit from these services. just head east of the 11th Ward and you will find much blight.

  3. those hoods you speak of east of the express and east of the eleventh ward have been given plenty of opportunity to get ahead. what did they do with it? they have mansions that are boarded up, houses that are burnt down, and business closed down. in the mean time hard working 11th warders and the likes have turned Bridgeport into one of the elite places to live. the strong survive, the hard working man will always be ahead of the man with his hand out. Patrick envy will get you no place. as you have found out in your recent move to central dist. we have SOME good people here. as they say east of the Ryan, RECOGNIZE
    (Response) I corrected only four spelling errors.

  4. I don’t get it. We have a number of people who live in the greatest City in the world, and all they can do is complain and belly-ache. People realize one thing. The 11th Ward has produced more leaders in Chicago than any other single ward, and those people have gone on to build “the City that works.” The system in Chicago government may not look pretty. Yes, there is some corruption, but that will always be in a big city, whether in the USA or most other countries. In spite of its idiosyncracies, the City of Chicago functions well. Unlike other cities in the midwest and Northeast, the City has never gone into decline. So, do what hundred of alot of the 11th warders have done over the years. Roll up our sleeves. Go to work. Make Chicago even stronger, and if you make your ward and yourself a couple of bucks along the way, so much the better for all of us. Its the Chicago way, and it seems to work.

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