Chicago Minority Areas Targeted By Daley's Revenue Department

I had this story a long time ago. Mayor Daley does not patrol the white neighborhoods the way he patrols the poor neighborhoods. If you notice the Revenues trucks, they are some of the only Chicago City Trucks with-out Mayor Daley’s name on the sides. The Chicago Newspaper Reporters need to review the Tow Companies that are located in the suburbs. Also look into the Chicago Outfit-Mayor Daley Clout Ties. Patrick McDonough

3 Replies to “Chicago Minority Areas Targeted By Daley's Revenue Department”

  1. C’mon, Pat, you know that white people really hate having to go down to the city auto pound and pay the extortion to get their nice cars out of car jail, so they pay the damn tickets when they get them.

    Now, if only those non-white, poor people had the money to pay their tickets when they get them, king richie wouldn’t be able to juice them for the ‘get-my-car-outa-jail’ fee.

    Maybe richie’s goal is to increase the ridership of the CTA ………

  2. Regarding “the Chicago Outfit-Mayor Daley Clout Ties…and… richie’s goal is…” , well, he’s the biggest and most vulgar mobster that Illinois will ever know. His goal is to enrich to the hilt, his “family”. Period. Nothing more. As you see, he promotes wild homosexual parades thru our streets , abortion (politically) , porn in libraries, and illegal aliens taking over OUR AMERICA.
    However it is NOT all his fault. In large part, it is the fault of Chicagoans. He is a political monster. Chicagoans, you have pathetically abdicated your patriotism and political Responsibility!

  3. hey carl maybe if you dont like how things are done in this fine city and your ward [11], you should do something about it by running for office. oops sorry i forgot. well at least go out and pick up some garbage .hehehe

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