Mayor Daley Michael Tadin Trucking back on the Public Payroll More Hired Truck Scandals?

Mayor Daley's Hired Trucks Return.jpg
Michael Tadin swore off public funded trucking after his fun and games with Mayor Daley’s Hired Truck Scandal. Tadin had several companies fronting with different names and had non-union workers. To this day, the Chicago Teamsters need to make sure everyone of almost 300 employees of Tadin are union. Tadin has had numerous sweetheart deals thanks to Mayor Daley. Tadin is into Waste Removal/Transfer with Waste Management ( Hello Feds!!!) Today they continue with Walsh Construction in the Dan Ryan Repairs. Tadin was spotted with additional pieces of equipment on the State funded construction project. The Inspections by the State are at best lousy and the only trucking company that got busted was a Chicago black owned enterprise. (Owned by a former Chicago Bear) Tadin made millions in a shady manner, low paying his workers. Mayor Daley, how did your pal Tadin get back on the State Payroll. John Daley could also help us with that question. Photo by Patrick McDonough