John Kass Tribune Star Columnist Busted

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Today I had the honor of catching John Kass, the superstar columnist of the Chicago Tribune on a secret assignment. I am happy to have used the restroom of El Faro at 3936 West 31st Street and when existing found John Kass ready to make another great story on political dirty work in Chicagoland. We had a quick conversation about the Shakman agreement yesterday and I left. He was writing something on his “blackberry”. My question is, when Daley and the combine are stealing millions downtown, what is Kass doing at the Pulaski and 31st Street rough neighborhood? I bet a great story will be coming soon. If you want honest reports on the “Combine” read John Kass at the Chicago Tribune. I am still waiting for that coffee, Mr. Kass. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

2 Replies to “John Kass Tribune Star Columnist Busted”

  1. I think Kass should substitute this new photo for the old one he uses with his column in the Trib.

  2. Who replaced City & County Civil-Service with Career-Service?
    I was a City Plumber
    who who lost his job
    because I filed a complaint with the Civil-Service Commission regarding not
    being in compliance
    with Civil-Service
    Rules & Regulations
    that are codified in
    the Illinois Revised
    Statutes(IRS)1961 &
    the Illinois Compiled-
    ed Statutes(ICS)2004
    I would like to sue
    the bastards, but I
    cannot find someone
    to hear me out.

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