The never-ending Weekend

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I had a very nice weekend that started in Minnesota. My Daughter is attending Saint Mary’s University in Winona, Minnesota. To get in this Prime Catholic University, you must make correct decision after correct decision in High School. I am happy my daughter has been accepted. Clout played no part in this acceptance, you must perform well in school and get high ACTs and SAT’s. Reality has not set in my daughter will be leaving, and I am glad I spent lots of time with her. We went into the Town of Winona and saw many sights, also the Mississippi River. I really enjoyed the paddle-boat, the only one in the North section of the Mississippi. After that day at school we went to Wisconsin to discover another section of the Fox River Waterway. I have always regretted going to Fox River, but the exception is Lake Tichigan. This is a reasonably clean lake, but not up to my standards. I always try to boat on two new lakes every year. After we got off the water we went into Waterford and enjoyed the fair and than had a blast at the “Bunker” a bar at Route 20 and 36. If you are a Illinois Harley Biker, stop by this bar. Enjoy this photo of this lady, a Beautiful Harley Biker Momma, with a killer set of legs. This lady was very nice and could ride a Harley as well as any man. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. An interesting series of posts off Clout City article.

    “””save ourselves
    June 14th – 6:16 a.m.

    While I appreciate all those who are conscious enough to realize how badly we citizens are miss-represented, here in Illinois, and particularly here in Crook county and the ‘city that works’, the mindset of “we need someone to save us from our elected officials.” is why we find ourselves so blatantly exploited by same.

    WE are responsible for the ‘rascals’ running our state, county and city governments into bankruptcy, WE are responsible for the manipulative control freaks currently infesting our governing authorities, WE are responsible for electing and reelecting these lackluster hustlers and WE are responsible for failing to take the necessary steps and make the required efforts to ever have the kind of political, social and economic environments that are conducive to the free, fair and beneficial living of our lives.

    We continue to act as if we enjoy living our lives with our heads stuck firmly up our own asses, and then wonder why we keep smelling shit with every breath we take.

    We continue to feel the creeping hands in our pocketbooks, and then are upset when we come up short when the bills come due.

    We continue to bitch and moan about what ‘the rascals’ are doing TO us, all the while doing NOTHING of any practical effectiveness to render these ‘rascals’ impotent.

    In the final analysis, WE are our own worst enemies.

    The simple, and incredibly effective beginning of a solution, to our present, political morass, is, amazingly, one that seems to be beyond our ability to appreciate and act on, namely, FIRE THE BASTARDS, and deal with those who replace them in the same manner, should THEY prove to be no better.


    2) Determine who the INCUMBENTS are and make a list of same before every election.

    3) Bring this list with you when you GO TO VOTE on election day

    4) With few exceptions, DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY INCUMBENT

    5) If there are 2 or more CHALLENGERS listed for a given office, cast your vote according to this formula:

    a) If the INCUMBENT is listed FIRST, vote for the CHALLENGER who is listed LAST


    b) If the INCUMBENT is NOT listed first, vote for the CHALLENGER who IS LISTED FIRST

    In the beginning of this ‘house cleaning’ process, don’t concern yourself about who the challengers are, focus on voting out basically ALL INCUMBENTS, as the incumbents are the people who have brought us to the present sad state of affairs.

    Don’t waste your time, efforts and hearts on buying into the false premise that those presently in public office can be ‘persuaded’ to do anything substantially different than what they have been doing, they’ve proven themselves to be both incompetent and dishonest ’employees’ and deserve only to be fired.

    If you must reelect any given incumbent, think long and hard about your reasons to do so, compel that specific incumbent to give you those reasons, by studying their past actions, the effects and effectiveness of same and demanding they provide believable proof that they will not continue the failed and harmful activities of their fellow, soon-to-be former ‘public servants’.

    Talk is cheap and plentiful.

    Feeble excuses abound.

    We will always have the government we deserve, and what we deserve will always be the result of the efforts we choose to make, or fail to make.

    If you were running your own business and you found that your employees were ‘performing’ their jobs as our current crop of politicians have been, wouldn’t you find that, for your business to survive, most, if not all, of your ‘workers’ would have to be fired?

    And, after firing these bums, wouldn’t you have to interview and hire new people, unsure, at that point in time, of whether the new hires will prove to be better workers than those you fired?

    What’s the difference between the above, business situation and our present governmental / political situation?

    Please think about it.

    B K Ray
    June 14th – 7:18 a.m.

    Government is not a business and should not be run like a business.

    A house built on a weak foundation is bound to fall, but a house built on an informed and disciplined approach will stand against the political winds and be a lot less likely to be swayed by golf outings and trips to Cancun.

    I know, informed and disciplined is the hard part, but it is the bestway to go.

    As opposed to spinning the wheel of bums.

    Ask the average person about TIFs and the best you are going to get is someone saying they are not as high in quality as JPEGS.

    I mean if people are able to successfully obfuscate available information, how long do you think it will take for them to learn how to manipulate the ballot? Especially since they have already been successfully manipulating ballots since Moses voted.

    sorry bkray
    June 14th – 9:41 a.m.

    Government IS a business, a NOT-FOR-PROFIT business.

    It’s purpose is to serve the essential needs of the citizens, as efficiently and as honestly and as fairly as possible.

    To take the position that the risk of who will replace the present crop of bums is not worth taking, is to enable that crop of bums to continue to shit and piss all over the neighborhood.

    Hardly sanitary or desirable.

    The strongest political, governmental foundation is made of honest people.

    Can you honestly say that the current incumbents are honest people?

    At the very least, a united strategy to vote out all incumbents will force those holding power to either commit gross amounts of vote fraud or declare the election invalid, should they be determined to retain power, both actions effectively exposing them for what they are.

    At best, the turn-out will be so large that no amount of concealable vote fraud can overcome the will of the people, and we’ll get a chance to see what substantially new faces can accomplish.

    The greatest strength of the above voting strategy is that the inspiration and encouragement the heretofore non-voters would experience will lead to their further participation in their own governance, participation that rises far above merely showing up at a sham ‘public hearing’ and shouting obscenities for the hearing impaired politicians to ignore.

    Our greatest strength lies in our votes and nowhere else.

    Unless you prefer hitting the streets in ‘protest’, or the oxymoronic concept of ‘civil’ disobedience, unless you are misguided enough to think that there are enough souls with the hearts of Martin Luther King Jr.’s to engage in non-violent protests, or even to participate in protests of any kind, you’ll have to admit that the mass firings of incumbents will surely get the attention of the few that remain, as in the few that were not up for reelection.

    Think about it, bk, then think about it some more.

    ps bkray
    June 14th – 10:02 a.m.

    As to “how long do you think it will take for them to learn how to manipulate the ballot? Especially since they have already been successfully manipulating ballots since Moses voted.”, well, THAT’S VOTE FRAUD.

    The selection of the order in which candidates for public office are listed on the election ballot is, BY LAW, random.

    ANY manipulation of this random process is CRIMINAL VOTE FRAUD.

    It is unlikely that any politician will believe there will ever be enough voters implementing the proposed voting strategy above to warrant a preemptive, CRIMINAL ACT of rigging the ballots, unless and until, they experience this strategy.

    By then, it will be too late to discretely do so, as the public will unavoidably be made aware of this strategy, the media will have a field day discussing, analyzing, and pondering what the fuck just happened in this election.

    Those responsible for the prosecutions of CRIMINAL VOTE FRAUD will have no choice but to pay close attention to the public officials charged with the authority and responsibility of ensuring that the determination of the ballot order of candidates fully complies with the law.

    The greater the public scrutiny of the electoral process, the greater the number of citizens participating in same, the slimmer the opportunities will be for these rascals to cheat us all out of the fair and honest elections which are our birthright.

    This strategy will work, if enough citizens appreciate and embrace it.

    Think about it and spread the word.”””

    Not on subject of this article, but, interesting, none the less.

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