Back on the Water Soon.

Michael's boating friends.jpg
“Deep Water”, my awesome boat in still under repair. I was happy to spend the day on 7-7-07, with my son Michael and my brother-in-law Steve. We had a wonderful day in Wisconsin, the weather is perfect, the company was first rate. Michael had fun tubing with these beautiful ladies, two of which are in college. I like the shadow effect in this picture. Our 7th annual boat and brat, will happen soon. This will not be called the “North District Boat and Brat anymore, I will call it the, “Water Department Boat and Brat. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

4 Replies to “Back on the Water Soon.”

  1. So, you’re getting the boys started rather young, don’t ya think?
    (Response) It is never to early to learn how to water ski and than go to mass on Sunday.

  2. Well, we now know the boys will be fully capable of talking their way out of most anything, IF they learn well from the ‘old man’……..

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