Fire Hydrant Vandals Flood Cars

Fire Hydrant Vandals.jpg
On July 8, 2007, some children from Mayor Daley’s 27th and State Projects, opened fire hydrants and splashed water into the cars passing by with open windows, immediately flooding the cars. When attempting to shut down these hydrants, I always attempt to shut down without an incident. This kid pictured, pulled out some “Grills”, put them on his front teeth, and sat on the hydrant. I called for the Chicago Police for back-up and the large crowd dispersed. This Chicago fire hydrant need a “Custodian” safety device to stop millions of gallons of wasted water. Work safe, Chicago Department of Water Management. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. It was hot, some of the beaches were closed because of bacteria in the water. Why make this kid look like a crimimal, he was just trying to keep cool. Tell your boss Daley to give these project kids a water park like they’re building in Palmer Park in the Roseland area (111th & King Drive) and these kid won’t have to open up hydrants.

    (Response) A four year old kid was killed playing in the street with a fire hydrant. This kid was on 27th and State. That is very dangerous. Wasting water and criminal acts to auto traffic is serious behavior. We need many parks for the kids, not one “Great Tourist Attraction” Millennium Park. I have asked our Chicago Politicians to put money into the Chicago Park District. The Chicago City Council just allows Mayor Daley and his 11th Ward friends nice juicy contracts at Millennium Park. The majority of Blacks in Chicago voted for Daley, thanks to “Black Religious” leaders more interested in their own personal gain, right bro?

  2. Even with TWO, count ’em, TWO ‘BLACK’ MAYORAL CANDIDATES, Mayor Mumbles was still able to make utter fools out of the black ‘voters’ of this city.

    I guess there aren’t enough blacks left who remember how Harold managed to get elected mayor, BY SPLITTING THE WHITE VOTE BETWEEN TWO WHITE CANDIDATES, to understand how slickly Mayor Mumbles used the SAME technique against them.

    Or, maybe, MOST of our black, fellow citizens don’t give shit about their voting rights, are too busy doing other things to register, or too busy to bother to vote on election day, or are too fucking stupid to understand that, together, the populations of the west and south sides way outnumber the rest of the city’s residents.

    Mayor Mumbles = 1

    Black Chicagoans = 0

  3. i have three kids and they were not at the park on the hottest day of the year but they were also not out breaking the law and playing in the street. some people need to take responsability for the kids they have and stop pointing the finger

    Boy, 4, dies after being hit by SUV
    A 4-year-old boy died Sunday afternoon after being hit by an SUV while playing by an open fire hydrant in Englewood. The child, identified as Marshaun Lee of the 6000 block of South Rhodes, was playing near South May when a sport-utility vehicle struck him about 2:50 p.m., Fire Department spokesman Joseph Roccasalva said. The SUV was going west when the child was hit in the 1100 block of West 60th Street, police said. Marshaun died at University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital. The driver was issued two citations.

  5. First off Pat, I’m a sis, not a bro. But anyway, I agree with what you are saying and I am not knocking you, and I am sad to hear about the four year who was killed, because that could have been my child, except I do not under any circumstance let my five year go out side alone, let alone play in a hydrant. It was extremely hot. I don’t think they realize the consequences of what could happen playing in a hydrant. When I was young I used to play in the hydrants as well. I understand that it is in fact dangerous; not only the risk of getting hit by passing vehicles, but if there was a fire nearby and the firemen are not able to get enough water to the fire. I realize that parents do need to take responsibility for the acts of their children, but when the parents do not have their priorities in order, do you actually think they know where their child is or even care what their child is doing.

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