Happy July 4, 2007

Remember, America was built by heroes that put their life on the line for you and me. Today we celebrate Captain Frank Avila Jr. of the United States Army. Chicago misses Frank Avila while he serves his country unselfishly. We also honor every American Soldier that fights for the rights we take for granted. Happy Birthday Chicago and All America. I salute you and all your family, Patrick McDonough

5 Replies to “Happy July 4, 2007”

  1. Captain Frank Avila is one of the top J.A.G. in the Armed Forces. We salute Frank Avila!!!

  2. The Honorable Frank Avila is a great guy.
    It is a shame he is getting married.

  3. Frank Stupid really owes Frank Avila and his dad the Commissioner for helping him.

    Nobody wanted to be by Frank Stupid but the Avila’s stuck by him.
    They are very loyal.

    As is Pat McDonough.

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