Mayor Daley, Why did you fire Steve Collier Video?

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Please see this video, click here: John Zander and Maureen Egan terminate former NFL Football Hero and Department of Water Management Worker Steve Collier after finding out he was diagnosed with M.S. Steve hired Attorney Frank Avila to help get his job back. Chicago Clout is a show produced by Patrick McDonough to assist Chicago Employees get a voice. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

3 Replies to “Mayor Daley, Why did you fire Steve Collier Video?”

  1. Steve we sincerely regret to hear about your condition and situation in regards to your termination from the City.

    It is possible that if you would have attacked and struck a co-worker (engineer) in the head with a pipe and split his head open you could have kept your job. After all isn’t that considered assault with deadly weapon to do to do bodily harm? Oh no…it’s called clout, you know like H.D.O. clout…Now that’s what you call job security!

  2. I am not an inmate yet…I assure you that just because hundreds of employees were hired (H.D.O.) while I was Streets and Sanitation’s czar and dozens of the Mayors friends have gone to jail, we are innocent of all wrong doing and…WE DON”T KNOW ANYTHIG!!!

    I have hand picked Mrs. Josie Cruz…top H.D.O. Lieutenant (General Superintendent of the Bureau of Rodent Control) to be my future successor. Please don’t make any premature decisions about her just because she forced out dozens of employees from the above Department and replaced them with H.D.O. members.


    Big Al

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