The Summer House in Now Complete

summer house.jpg
I am happy to report the Summer House is now a completed project. In case you have been wondering why I have not been full bore on the Chicago Bad guys, I have been here. I am now ready to get down to business on all the Shakman Violations and we are getting ready to prepare for more shows staring Frank Avila, Jr., an American Hero.
Pictured are my sons. Do you like this house, I am proud of all the work I did to it. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

9 Replies to “The Summer House in Now Complete”

  1. So you do live outside the city afterall.
    (Response) Even people that cannot add or read should be able to post here. I do have a kind streak.

  2. i hope you and your family have many happy years in your new humble abode pat

  3. I’m wondering what purpose you’re serving, with all these recent postings showing how financially successful you’ve been, ie., yacht, sports car, numerous trips and, now, a ‘summer home’ that many would be happy to have as their only home.

    And all this with three kids.

    Kind of makes one wonder if you’re the pure and innocent city employee you present yourself to be.
    (Response) I have five (5) children. Just for the record, I think we should ask Mayor Daley and friends for a full disclosure also. How much is Mayor Daley worth, do you know?

  4. Hey Pat, I like your house. Took long enough to finish, but it is a gem. See ya next weekend. Awesome website.

  5. Well, I don’t think they make a calculator that goes that high.

    Also, my comment wasn’t intended as an attack, just an observation.

    Finally, if you have access to the mayor’s and his friends’ personal financials, I’d LOVE to see them posted, as would the feds.

  6. So, when are we gonna see those ‘personal financials’ of the mayor and his ‘associates’?

    Or don’t your ‘connections’ have ‘all-access’?

  7. I like the pics of your family and house but just be careful, you remember what happen to me two days before Christmas here in the 12th Ward with this mobsters.
    (Response) I remember how they set your garage on fire and burned your car. E-mail me soon. Pat.

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