USA vs. Santos Update

USA V. SANTOS exonerating evidence turned Into the US Attorney. A post trial review of USA V. SANTOS has established her innocence on all 12 counts.. It includes written material that was illegally withheld by the City of Chicago, which were the time sheets of Laura Gonzalez from June, 1998 — which reveal that Ms. Gonzalez didn’t clock in to work and that she couldn’t have been doing political work on city time. The report, with related attachments, was prepared under the Illinois Whistle-blower Reward and Protection Act and the Federal False Claims Act by Mr. Victor M. Crown — who first began an investigation into the Santos case in 2003. I assure you my friends are pit-bulls and want to get to the truth. More on this soon. It is at a complex stage legally. Patrick McDonough

3 Replies to “USA vs. Santos Update”

  1. Daley set Santos up. Everyone knows that.

    Where is the sympathy for Santos from the machine goons who all cry for Sorich?
    Only if you are part of the tax stealing made member of the Daley mafia club.

  2. Don’t forget that the feds went along with the set-up, were active conspirators in the set-up and are just as responsible for this courageous woman spending time in custody as Daley and his scum buddies.

  3. REMEMBER CHRISTOPHER KOZICKI DIDN’T DO ONE DAY IN JAIL AFTER COMMITTING MAIL FRAUD.HE EVEN GOT A PROMOTION WHAT AN IRONY. (Response) Mayor Daley rewards bad behavior. But the Chicago 11th Ward is the Outfit incarnate. The voters put these goons in so we a stuck with dirty government.

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