When caught redhanded, is Mayor Daley a baby?

Mayor Daley, answer the questions, be a good Catholic.
Are we in the U.S.S.R. Mayor Daley? Read this answer from an American Chicago Mayor when asked about his Mob Buddies: ”I think it’s ridiculous,” fumed the mayor, refusing to answer, barking back at reporters, ”Any other questions?”
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DALEY VS. REPORTERS | Touchy mayor goes on the offensive against the news media

July 22, 2007
BY CAROL MARIN Sun-Times Columnist
Journalism 101, if it was taught by Mayor Daley, would be a course in tough love, minus the love.
”Journalists don’t carry guns . . . no, they carry the ink, the ink,” railed Daley last Thursday at a City Hall news conference.

Hizzoner has been on a tear, ripping the local news media with the fury of a hurricane hitting the coast.
The mayor can be a bully at times.
Nobody wants to say it in so many words, but every department head at City Hall, certainly his 10 previous chiefs of staff who have been put through the mayoral wringer and spun out City Hall’s revolving door, know what it’s like to be in the woodshed. When they leave, their tongues have been torn out. Not one has ever publicly spoken of what it’s like to work for Daley, understanding that it is best never to talk of he-who-shall-not-be-named.
The mayor’s wrath was on full display last week. Part Jack Nicholson, part Richard Nixon, Daley roared like a blast furnace, lashed out like a wounded lion, fulminating when reporters dared to inquire about his relationship to Fred Barbara.
”I think it’s ridiculous,” fumed the mayor, refusing to answer, barking back at reporters, ”Any other questions?”
Barbara is a millionaire many times over thanks to lucrative connections to city waste hauling contracts, his wife’s now-defunct trucking firm tied to the city’s scandal-scarred Hired Truck program, and his ongoing banking business in partnership with well-connected politicians.
But many years ago, long before he ever golfed or dined with the mayor or contributed thousands of dollars to Daley-backed candidates, Barbara had caught the eye of the feds. They believed he was mobbed up and indicted him in 1982 in a gambling and juice operation. Barbara was acquitted, never convicted of that or any other crime.
Suddenly, last Tuesday, Barbara’s name was vaulted back into public view thanks to the massive Family Secrets mob trial playing out at the federal building. Nick Calabrese, aging hit man-turned-government-witness, told a spellbound courtroom about all manner of mob horrors, including how the Chicago Outfit blew up or burned down certain unlucky suburban restaurants. Fred Barbara, according to Calabrese, was a member of one of the mob’s bombing crews back in the 1980s. Barbara didn’t respond to my phone calls.
The front page Sun-Times headline the next day read, “Hit man: Daley pal in on mob bombing.”
For Daley, the ink hit the fan. The mayor was apoplectic. For two days, he lashed out at reporters.
”You have the power of the pen, you have a lot of power,” he declared. ”We don’t even know who you are.”
And yet he seems to know where we grew up.
”Most of you never grew up in Chicago,” said the Baron of Bridgeport.
The problem is the mayor thinks everything is unfair these days. Just about any question, let alone criticism, rankles him. City Hall reporters take the brunt of the mayoral battering as the mayor castigates some of them for living in the suburbs, suggesting they don’t really know or care about the city he loves.
He wags his finger, reminding the press of its own dirty laundry, like recently convicted Sun-Times press boss Conrad Black and his creepy, crooked right-hand man, David Radler.
”Look at all the scandals you have received as journalists, every day there is another article, I mean, c’mon, every day there’s an article,” said Daley. ”Every day there’s someone, you know, doing some misconduct.”
And then he lectures us on our cold hearts and callousness.
”You report a gun killing on Page 25,” the mayor jabs triumphantly. ”How about that one? Because it’s not your son or daughter. They’re not poor. You have a lot of power, don’t you realize that?”
We do.
Then again, so does the 19-year occupant of the City Hall’s fifth floor.
Mayor Daley has a difficult job that he performs with passion and skill. And we in the press are no shrinking violets. We can take the bullying and the bluster.
But at the end of the day, it wouldn’t hurt, along with the journalism lecture, to just answer the question.

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  1. This entire Daley double-talk is such a woefully pathetic canard……which many PEOPLE STILL BELIEVE.
    Imagine, PEOPLE STILL BELIEVE Richy the twerp. He is by far bar none the biggest dirt bag this city has seen. and a cowardly dirt bag.
    My name is Carl Segvich
    whata ya gonna do wichie?

  2. Deputy Commissioner Tom Talley, who has political ties to the mayor’s brother, John Daley, is to serve as Kinczyk’s top lieutenant with four assistant commissioners reporting directly to him.

    Gyrion was placed in charge of support services, a clout-heavy role that would allow him to control equipment, warehouses and, most importantly, trucks.

    James Stroden was asked to oversee special projects, including city fire hydrants. Stroden is an 11th Ward native with ties to former Daley political enforcer Tim Degnan and Tom Donovan, longtime patronage chief for Daley’s father, Richard J. Daley.

    Brian McMahon, a 19th Ward native, would oversee operations. And Dariusz Panaszek would preside over construction.

  3. You can sure dish out insults and allegations but cant take it Mr. D
    I guess it is alright for you not to co-operate with the Inspector General Office as required by law?
    After you loose your court case, I hope you won’t have an issue in paying back the tax payers for the cost of the time the cities lawyers have to spend on defending us tax payers


    Let’s see… tax payers dollars…is that like…$40,000,000 in the hired truck scandal, millions in kickbacks to the Mayor for City contracts such as Tadin, Fred Barbra and other gangsters and mobsters stealing our tax dollars, millions of tax dollars used to pay victims that have been brutalized, framed and tortured by Chicago’s Finest under the Mayors watch, millions of tax dollars used to defend against the Shakman Decree Violations…excuse me I must leave now and throw up!!!

    (Official Response) I am impressed at the level of the knowledge and insight of Chicago Clout Regulars. Unreal. You know the questions and answers before I respond. I have faith in the regulars on this website. I mean you also post my Response? Very, Very Impressive!!!!

  4. Here’s a thought.

    Since Richie seems so insistent that he doesn’t know nuthin’ about nuthin’, maybe he needs our help in getting rid of all these ‘other’ guys who’ve been stinking up his Camelot.

    Let’s all help the mayor.

    Let’s ALL get ourselves registered to vote.

    Let’s ALL dedicate ourselves to helping Richie clean out all the corruption, by VOTING OUT all those long-term incumbents who are, according to the mayor, responsible for all the corruption and mismanagement of our city, county and state tax dollars.

    Richie says the state government elected reps aren’t doing the ‘right’ things, well, let’s help Richie out, by VOTING OUT ALL long-term state elected officials.

    Richie says he’s powerless to stop the waste, mismanagement and corruption in our county government elected officials, well, let’s help Richie out, by VOTING OUT ALL long-term county elected officials.

    Richie says he’s had nuthin’ to do with, and knows nuthin’ about, any corruption within our city governments, well, let’s help Richie out, by VOTING OUT ALL long-term city elected officials.

    Let’s ALL dedicate ourselves to:


    VOTING ONLY FOR CHALLENGERS (or, in rare cases, PROVEN INDEPENDENT incumbents).

    VOTING AGAINST RETAINING long-term incumbent officials.

    So Richie can be freed from all these corrupt people he’s been overwhelmed by.

    He’s just a man, a simple fellow, he NEEDS all of our help, to clean out the garbage that’s been stinking up our city, county and state, so, LET’S ALL HELP RICHIE OUT.

  5. Tom, please say something that requires thought. If you want to talk lies, get your own website.

  6. I like this idea, helping out the mayor is what everybody should dedicate their lives to.

    Or at least their free time to.

    It’s too much too expect of one man, even such a wonderful one as Mayor Daley, to be able to prevent bad people from abusing their authority, so it’s up to us to help.

    C’mon, Chicagoans, let’s all get busy and help our blessed mayor to end the abuses committed by these rotten apples.
    (Response) Why am I going to publish this silliness?

  7. Don’t ya’ know a good idea when you see it?

    If the voters aren’t interested in uniting to vote out the corrupted, unresponsive, arrogant, smug, self-serving, self-promoting, pieces of human waste currently hogging our publicly elected offices,

    then, MAYBE, since they seem to have great affection for little Richie,

    they MIGHT be motivated to HELP RICHIE OUT,

    help Richie to rid himself of all these corrupted guys and gals he claims he’s surrounded by, but doesn’t know nuthin’ about, by uniting to vote out corrupted incumbents,


  8. It’s all those evil aldermen, and all those evil Crook County commissioners, and all those evil State legislators, and that evil Governor, and his evil staff and advisers, yeah, that’s the ticket.

    It’s time we all united and dedicated ourselves to SAVING RICHIE FROM THE EVIL ONES.

    Richie hopes and prays that we, the voters, can help him to rid ALL our governments of EVERY SINGLE EVIL MAN and WOMAN, currently serving SATAN, in our City Council, County Board, State Legislature and Governor’s Mansion.

    Then, and only then, can Richie show his true colors and truly shine, with that inner brightness we all know he possesses.



    (Response) This is why they outlaw Drugs.

  9. too bad you ain’t got the balls to post the truth about the phony ‘war on drugs’, which is really a war on our freedoms and rights.

    i didn’t think you’d have the guts to post my comment anyway.

    (Response) As long a politician profit from drugs, you will have drugs. Drugs exist because too many people look the other way, just like Chicago Taxpayers that give a pass to Daley and his Mob Pals. I got the guts to post your comment because when people like you post, I feel smart all of a sudden, thanks.

  10. And what about my previously submitted post, you know, the one you didn’t see fit to put up?

    The one listing all the real reasons the ‘war on drugs’ exists, the real reasons “…why they outlaw (certain) Drugs”?

    Or are you gonna pretend you never got that one?
    (Response) Your name? Your E-mail?

  11. And, by the way, how about sharing your opinions on exactly HOW “…politician(s) profit from drugs…”?

    Also, “Drugs exist because too many people look the other way….” is patent bullshit.

    ‘Drugs’ are merely substances that, when taken into the human body, produce some effect on same.

    Substances, like food and drink, are taken into the body, processed, produce their biochemical effects and are then metabolized.

    Those substances commonly thought of as ‘controlled’ by law are essentially no different than those substances not controlled by law.

    The laws restricting the manufacture, distribution / sale, purchase and use of certain substances exist NOT primarily for the benefit and protection of the consumers who desire them, but for the vastly increased profit that results from consumer demand meeting artificially restricted supply.

    The laws that ‘control’ these certain substances effectively are saying that the citizens of this country are fucking idiots, who are incapable of learning about the biochemical effects of said controlled substances, are incapable of managing their own bodies’ functions, are so feeble-minded that they need the ‘authorities’ to tell them how to live their lives safely and have no inherent rights to make the decisions on what to take into their bodies, for whatever desired effect, and what to avoid.

    ‘Drugs’ aren’t the problem.

    Gutless wonders like yourself, pretending to be for freedom and fairness, all the while supporting the continued suppression of freedom and fairness, all in the name of ‘protecting’ your retarded offspring from making ‘bad’ decisions, are the problem.

    The monopolies enjoyed by the various ‘drug’ companies are one of the profit-motivated reasons for laws that ‘control’ substances.

    Can you name the others?

    And do you have the balls to post same?

    (Response) What is your name? What is your e-mail?
    Why do you hide?

  12. Why do you want to know?

    Are you a narc?

    Do you not respect a citizen’s right to privacy?

    And to choose to express ideas and opinions without exposing ones’ self to those who would suppress, by any means necessary, those ideas and opinions?

    Oh, that’s right, you’re the guy who thinks we’re NOT living in Russia…….

  13. Well, how about sharing your opinions on exactly HOW “…politician(s) profit from drugs…”?


    The monopolies enjoyed by the various ‘drug’ companies are one of the profit-motivated reasons for laws that ‘control’ substances.

    Can you name the others?


    On your efforts to bring fairness and honesty to your city worker environment, I was wondering what your position is on the following all too real situations:

    1) If given the choice between ALL workers in your department each working 25% LESS hours per week, so everyone can remain employed, OR laying off 25% of the workforce, both actions being to reduce the expenditures of said department, which would you choose?

    2) If, in order to prevent the raising of taxes, ALL city workers were to have their salaries frozen, no raises for the next, say, 5 years, would you remain on the job, or would you seek employment elsewhere?

    3) How would you describe your own, personal sense of being a public servant? In all it’s aspects?

    4) If given the choice, which would you prefer:

    To earn more money in less time OR to spend more time earning the same amount of money?

    To ‘make’ money by working for it OR by ‘earning’ it through investments?

    To borrow money to live well now OR to spend only what you can earn and live however well that allows?

    Finally, what, exactly, are your objections to others making more money for themselves, and their families, however honest or dishonest are the means they use to do so?

  14. “But at the end of the day, it wouldn’t hurt …. to just answer the question(s).”

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