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  1. pat how can you say you dont specialize in elections? your record is so good. i hope u picked up on my sarcasm. next, are you really going to blame daley and us 11th warders for starting and maintaning racism. lesson 1 racism was around long before Rich and unfortunatlly will be around long after he is gone. obama wont be defeated only because hes black but because he is in a shark tank and hes not ready for that yet. the republicans have basically given away the white house with their actions in the last 8 years. but the thing is they are smarter than us democrats. they created a atmosphere where a black man and a woman are going to take the dems out of the race. if we want to take the white house we have to give up on the barrack dream and the hillary fiasco and listen to a man who can really stand a chance. if anyone gets the chance to listen to senator Biden check out his actual plan and you will be pleased.

  2. Nice photo of U S Attorney Fitzgerald! Is chicagoclout selling a poster version of the photo?

  3. Rebuttal Daley may not be responsible for racism, but he and his ilk have profitted heavily from racism. wasn’t the bridgeport based hamburg gang the group that incited the 1919 race riot.Obama is a creation of the University of Chicago( rockfeller group)Hillary is a member of the Skull and Bones, secret society.Also Daley is nothling more than closet White trash republican.The bottom line the people will get screwed whatever party occupies the White house.

  4. Bridgeport suit partly tossed

    August 16, 2007
    BY CHRIS FUSCO Staff Reporter/cfusco@suntimes.com
    A federal judge on Wednesday dismissed a developer’s claims that two confidants of Mayor Daley used their political muscle to shut down a housing development he was building in Bridgeport.
    But U.S. District Court Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan did not completely derail the civil racketeering lawsuit brought by developer Thomas Snitzer. The judge allowed two counts of Snitzer’s case to move forward that allege wrongdoing by City Hall and former city building commissioner Stan Kaderbek.

    Still, Der-Yeghiayan’s ruling amounts to a legal victory for Tim Degnan, Daley’s former chief of staff, and Daley friend Thomas DiPiazza. Snitzer alleged that they warned him his development would not go forward unless he made DiPiazza a partner.

    Snitzer says he agreed to make DiPiazza a $1.3 million consultant on the project, but that the relationship soured.

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