Chicago Remembers 9/11 in 2007 Mayor Daley in Paris

Today I took my family to church to remember September 11, 2001. Mayor Daley is in Paris France having a good time. I am sorry and apologize to every Chicago Area soldier that serves America. All Chicagoans, except maybe, Mayor Daley, supports our troops. Patrick McDonough.

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  1. this shows a ton of class pat. on sept. 11 you link your hate for the mayor to your article about the disaster. if you want to remember the fallen do so without hate. at least for a day

  2. Daley should be at home to learn how the Family Secrets mafia trial influenced Chicago and why Frank Calabrese Jr and Marcello had city jobs.

    Daley should be at home to fix bridges that could cause a disaster like in Minnesota.

    Daley should be at home to get the CTA run right.

    Daley should be in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and NOT France (nothing against the French) during September 11, 2001–as to honor those wo died and the terrorist attacks and to honor our troops overseas in harms way and even the troops studying foreing languages stateside.
    This is a time to be in the United States–not in France.

    This Mayor is always travelling to other countries.

    If he can’t run the CTA–than how can he run the Olympics.

  3. Daley should be in Chicago.

    God forbid something happened in Chicago.

    Daley would not be like Guliani–I would not feel comforted by him.

    Look at todays Tribune about the Blue Line CTA disaster.

    Could you imagine Streets and Sans under indicted Al Sanchez taking care of a terrorist attack.

    The only Americans that should be in France right now are those heroes who are buried at Normandy

  4. Barack Obama’s whole rise to power was a lack of substance. He won a primary because one super rich guy had problems with his ex wife. He had a cakewalk to the general election because another super rich guy had problems with his ex wife. Everyone says he is a great speaker–but only in monologue–even Rich Miller from Capitol Fax, an Obama fan whose dad has an Obama car–said Alan Keyes beat him in the debate. Most debates Obama has been mediocre. The idea that he is an agent of change is absurd.

    Barack Obama can talk about corruption in Africa–but he merely has to look at corruption in Illinois and Chicago including his backer Mayor Daley or his mentor Emil Jones. Barack Obama can talk about lobbying regulations at the Federal level but never said anything as a State Senator in Illinois. Barack Obama claims to have African American support but has been silent on the torture of African Americans including by electrocution of testicles by Jon Burge and dozens of police officers in Areas 2 and 3.

    While there is no doubt that Obama is handsome (being a good looking light skinned Black Harvard lawyer or elected official is not a disadvantage in this day an age just look at YouTube–he is not discriminated getting a job like other talented Blacks were or dating white women or popularity or housing or opportunity.
    Obama is certainly intelligent with his Ivy League education. But his story is not as compelling as Senator McCain being a Pilot and a POW in the Hanoi Hilton. He never served in the military, not even a reserve stint–although it didn’t hurt Clinton–you have some genuine war heroes in both parties from the other Kerry, Murtha with the Democrats or McCain and Chuck Hagel for Republicans. Barack Obama never started a business or create wealth or administer a major project like Mitt Romney and his businesses or the Olympics (Obama has always been a legislator) or a governor or the foreign policy experience of Bill Richardson. What has Obama done? He should be a Senator from Illinois which he was elected to do and get some experience.
    Being an Ivy League grad who happens to have Black blood from his father that he did not know and went to elite private schools is just not that compelling. Many of these Presidential candidates went to Ivy League schools–they just don’t have Black blood–but Richardson has Mexican Blood and there is no similiar media hoopla. Barack Obama does not speak another language. Barack Obama never served in the military. Barack Obama has no administrative experience. Barack Obama has no private sector business experience. Barack Obama may have a whole 2 years of being a US Senator and his own State is mired in controversy with his supporters from high gas prices, to ComEd, Peoples Energy, police brutality, high property taxes, lack of Federal tax dollars, CTA crisis, massive corruption including from Obama’s own donors–What is Obama doing to help his state? What did Obama do to help his low income district as a State Senator?–it is still low income and had some housing scams by Obama’s donors.

    Barack Obama does not have the historical tie with most “African American”/Blacks of slavery. In fact, his white side–his mother’s side had slaves. So, Barack Obama is the descendant of Slave owners–so if in the Martin Luther King Jr dream of the descendants of slave owners sit down with the descendants of slaves–Obama would not factually be on the side of the descendant of slaves.

    Barack Obama has no connection, no real connection (not to minimize his adult life) to Chicago or the American Black/African American experience. The half Black/half Japanese friend of his from High School who Obama now admits he “lied” or at least fibbed a little said that Obama never had an issue being Black. Most African American Blacks did not have their white mother and grandparents raise them, they did not travel internationally and go to private schools in Indonesia. Barack Obama went to the best private High School in Hawaii where he was a basketball star, was popular, never encountered racism, and networked with some of the wealthiest families in American including the Dole pineapple and sugar fortunes. His friend denied the stories in the Obama autobiography that seems to have some metaphor if not outright lies.

    Barack Obama being a good looking light skinned half Black or biracial man in elite circles did not deal with racism, or fighting his way out of Bridgeport, or being pressured to join gangs in Englewood. Barack Obama does not have the roots of slavery nor does he have the common experience of Chicago Public Schools, or even Catholic Schools for Blacks, or music, or food or any other common experience. It is a cultural issue.

    The question, may, or may not be stupid or ignorant or not well phrased. Certainly, Barack Obama by his phenotype is half Black or biracial (although many Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Arabs, East Indians, Pakistanis–are far darker than Barack Obama and probably were looked upon much more negatively)

    Barack Obama makes whites feel comfortable, which may not be a good thing. They can feel that electing him proves that they are not racist. He does not challenge the status qou. He has no real connection with the majority of the Black experience. He was raised by the White German Kansas and Hawaii side of his family. It is a cultural issue and not a racial issue.

    Barack Obama is a child of privilige. He went to the best schools. He had great opportunities. He never encountered poverty. He never encountered gangs. His drug use was not street corner Chicago gang but upper middle class nihilistic angst and experimentation.

    Most African American children are not raised by white moms and white grandparents. Most African American children do not travel internationally and go to private schools in foreign countries (where Obama would not ne that dark). Most African American children do not have mostly white friends. Most African American children do not know only white family until they are adults. Most African American children do not go to elite private High Schools. Most African Americans do not have white facial features, speak like Obama. Not all African American males (nor females) are attractive and accepted based on looks to the white community. Most African Americans don’t go to Harvard (with mostly white students) Very few people live in Hawaii let alone African Americans let alone in good neighborhoods and go to good schools in what some consider Paradise.

    While Barack Obama certainly is an excellent politician–very few aspirants to politics have had the early and long time backing of so many money people with North Shore zip codes or political investors like Tony Rezko. Certainly he worked hard and is talented and smart and even lost for Congress to Bobby Rush. But he has a team–of mostly non African Americans–very few Blacks who actually call shots but an Ivy-elite and a very narrow experience. Most of the donors are big law firms and industry–that usually want something in return. When normally Republican captains of industry are donating it is not because they think Obama is an agent of change but a half Black man they can feel comfortable with and not challenge the status qou.

    What defines culture?
    Shared history
    Obama may meet some of the characterestics but he is much more culturally close to his mother’s side regardless of the melanin count in his skin. He has a beautiful and obviously Black wife and children–but Obama did not struggle like most African Americans did in Chicago and just like his ancestors did not know slavery–Barack Obama did not and does not know racism. Barack Obama is the candidate for the elite–albeit with some good rhetoric about helping the poor and others–but nonetheless the candidate of the white elite.

    Barack Obama is not culturally “Black”/”African American”.
    It is not necessarily bad–but it is an obvious fact.
    It seems obvious that beyond the Ivy League resume–there really is no real accomplishment and no real substance.
    Dodd is right.

  5. Thanks, ‘Antoin’, aka a Hilary Clinton supporter, for your insightful observations.

    Hopefully, there won’t be enough idiots voting for Clinton Lite in the primary.

    The Democrats need someone worthy of the office running for President, not someone lusting for power.

    We’ve already had 7 years of that shit.

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