Mayor Daley gives wrecked up Bridges for Yuppies

Chicago's Dangerous Bridges 2.jpg
Chicago has a major infrastructure problem that is increasing by the day. Yuppies pass by this major structural beam that holds up the bridge at 15th and Halstad. At the base of the beam you can see major parts of the steel is rusted through and the rust is chipping everywhere. I do not care if you think Daley is a great guy or not, but call Chicago’s 311 Center and lets get this problem straighted out before people die. We need money for the streets, the maintenance, and the safety of Chicago. Chicago does not need any more money wasted on the Olympic bid. Enough is Enough Chicago. If you look on the east side of the Dan Ryan across from Sox’s Park, Daley is currently having those bridges gussied up. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Money shortage biggest hurdle for problem bridges

    Associated Press – SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) – Experts say maintaining bridge safety is a complex problem. The easiest solution — money — is the hardest to accomplish.

    More than 2,400 bridges in Illinois are considered structurally deficient, meaning they need repairs or replacement. But there’s only so much cash to do that, leaving many waiting for help year after year.

    The problem is more intense because of a deadlock at the state Capitol.

    State lawmakers and Governor Rod Blagojevich haven’t agreed for several years on authorizing billions of dollars more for school, road and bridge projects.

    The governor wants the stalemate to end this year because of the Minneapolis bridge collapse, but that might not happen.

    Some say it’s time to look elsewhere for money, such as increasing gas taxes to pay for repairs.
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  2. SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) – Illinois officials have plenty of work to keep an eye on more than 2,400 bridges considered structurally deficient.

    They say the system isn’t perfect, but it works well.

    The lowest-rated bridges usually get yearly inspections, and some get looked over more often and for more detailed problem areas.

    Illinois Department of Transportation bridge engineer Ralph Anderson says: “The bridge is talking, we’re just hoping that we’re listening.”

    IDOT either has done major work or will start it soon on several bridges in and around Chicago that receive low structural ratings.

    Anderson says low scores are troubling but help send attention and money to bridges considered the most critical for repairs and replacement

  3. Infrastructure repairs and improvements only occur in areas where gentrification is ongoing, planned for or anticipated.

    From time to time, major neglect leading to the appearance of imminent disaster is exploited to create a crisis, said crisis being useful as an excuse for higher taxes.

    The tricky part is to allow decay to get just bad enough to be a convincing threat to public safety, without letting it get so bad that someone that matters is actually injured.

    Apparently, either the ‘yuppies’ living south of Greektown don’t yet matter or someone has miscalculated on how quickly this particular ‘hazard’ has decayed.

    Politicians love to play poker with the citizens’ tax monies and the citizens’ health, safety and welfare.

    And citizens seem to enjoy being bluffed and sacrificed as pawns.

    That is truly scary.

  4. Maybe Daley should put a tax on his friends raping the taxpayers blind. Maybe they should have an extra or special tax to give some of the ill gotten wealth back.
    These insiders who became rich on your backs.
    So put a tax on
    Made mob member and Roti relative FREDDIE BARBARA and all the trucking contracts he did nothing for.
    or MIKE TADIN and all his non union trucking jobs
    or the Irish Mafia DUFFS threatening to kill cops kids because they got busted pikcing up transvestite prostitutes while pocketing hundreds of millions in no bid cleaning contracts while pretending to be minorities from than Special Events head JAMES “SKINNY” SHEEHAN,
    or JEREMIAH JOYCE and his FAMILY with Cable, O’Hare, Ice Cream, McDonalds etc
    or TIM DEGNAN and Construction materials, trucking etc or maybe
    OSCAR DANGELO and his crooked land deals kicking little old Italian ladies out of their homes for “development”
    or maybe all the different HIRED TRUCK companies Irish Northwest Side or Bridgeport Mafia Italian or the TIF money consultants and developers or MCDONOUGH construction, WALSH construction and all the cost overruns

    These people should give back and fix the bridges before someone dies.

  5. But that would take them caring about whether someone dies.

    They don’t care.

    If anything, it’s fortunate that they haven’t figured how to make money on making people die.

    Or have they?

  6. Actually, if someone dies, that’s good for their form of business, it supports the urgent, and lucrative, need to ‘fix’ the ‘problem’.

    Emergencies are always more profitable than routine maintenance.

    Especially planned emergencies.

  7. but I was told repeatedly ad nauseum that Chgo. is “clean,beautiful, wonderful,etc.
    Carl Segvich

  8. carl are you a republican now? i hear your running for dog catcher next year. i wonder what you will lose by in that election. bitch, bitch, bitch. do something dont just come on here and cry. fix something. you people blame rich for everything, he is the mayor we have many problems that go beyond his control. why not charge the companies that make money using those tracks ? wow a good idea. see if u use your head u can come up with something logical. but carl your to busy thinking of an office to run for. get a job

  9. So, another cretin from the 11th ward decides to submit another rant attacking a comment critical of the midget leprechaun king.

    Apparently, the 11th ward Dumbocrats pay morons to “…bitch, bitch, bitch.”.

    Carl, I have a suggestion that you may find intriguing enough to consider acting on, to wit:


    How, you ask?

    Why, by:


    2) Before every election, make a list of ALL INCUMBENTS and bring this list with you to the polls on election day.

    3) Check your list against the ballot and DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY INCUMBENT

    4) If there are 2 or more challengers running for any given office, then:

    If the INCUMBENT is listed 1st, then vote for the CHALLENGER who is listed LAST.


    If the INCUMBENT is NOT listed 1st, then vote for the challenger who IS LISTED FIRST.

    5) Should you sincerely wish to retain a specific incumbent, by all mean, vote for that incumbent, but think long and hard about whether that incumbent has proven him/her-self WORTHY of being reelected.

    6) Don not concern yourself with who you are voting for, beyond the position of their name on the ballot order, determine to vote OUT incumbents, without mercy.

    7) With a concentrated application of this voting strategy, incumbents will be ousted with mathematical precision and efficiency.

    So, Carl, get busy and encourage everyone you know to embrace and apply this evolutionary leap in politics, it will change the makeup of our governments overnight.

  10. see. now thats what im saying. dont just throw your hat into the ring just to do it. if you run, run to win. dont run because you want to see your name in the sun times. your name is in it enough. meet with the alderman, with the people in charge let them know your willing to help. call for a truce. all for one, remember? dont keep pulling the opposite way, unless thats all you want

  11. Apparently, those 11th warders find the concept of fair, open and honest election competition to be ‘above their pay grade’, as the advice to “…meet with the alderman, with the people in charge let them know your willing to help. call for a truce.” seems to suggest that the HAVE NO DOUBT, VOTE INCUMBENTS OUT strategy goes right over their heads.

    Although, this particular poster appears to be offering Carl a chance to become ‘one of the boys’, not at all the attitudes previously expressed towards Mr. Segvich.

    It’s always the same story with these punks, ‘the carrot or the stick’, ‘divide and conquer’, ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’, ‘if you can’t bribe ’em, burn ’em’, etc., etc., etc…….

    Think about the alternative, boys and girls, and commit yourselves to applying the HAVE NO DOUBT, VOTE INCUMBENTS OUT protocols.

    Flood the ballots with challengers, all knowing that they don’t need to follow the traditional, prohibitively expensive and futile paths of the past, they only have to survive the inevitable, blatantly un-American, rout challenges to their candidacies, to have a chance of winning the ‘election lottery’.

    Combine these actions with a vigorous scrutiny of those individuals ‘burdened’ with the authority, duty and responsibility to ensure that the ballot order of candidates is TOTALLY RANDOM, and, Tada!!!, incumbent machine hacks will magically disappear overnight.

    It’s a mathematical certainty, IF, and ONLY IF, enough citizens embrace and apply these protocols, both the voters, and those citizens of honest character and sincere commitment to serving ALL of the people, not merely a select, chosen few.

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