Mayor Daley hires suburban tow truck companies

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Did you have you car towed in Chicago? Do you live in Chicago and pay Mayor Daley’s high taxes because of waste and poor management? Did you ever park your car for just a minute to long and your car was gone? Mayor Daley gave a nice juicy contract to E & R Towing. E & R Towing is located in Markham Illinois. Look at the picture, a Chicago resident’s auto with a Chicago city sticker is losing their car to a company located in the suburbs, Shame, Shame, Shame, Mayor Daley. Why does this company have a contract? Why does this company hire minority tow truck sub-contractors? The $275, 325 contact since 2004 shows only a few thousand paid on Chicago’s web-site. This company is cleaning up Mayor Daley. Lets hire Chicago companies to tow our cars, not Daley’s pals in the suburbs, what an insult. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. All that money leaving chicago. When I got my car towed last year I vomited. I really needed the money for rent. Daley does anything he wants.

  2. What a joke!!

    But city workers must live in the city limits

    but mobster suburban businessman and their poor workers without a decent wage, health benefits or retirement can live in Indiana or Elgin or wherever

  3. Missed the Big News
    September 10th – 4:14 p.m.
    Mick once again missed the big turn of events when the Cook County Democratic Committee approved changes to their governing rules so that any ward who supports a candidate other than those slated by the committee will be penalized.

    The local Democratic Party now looks more and more like a one party politburo with so little regard toward its members. An example would be that Water Reclamation Board member Debra Shore, who was the top vote getter among Democrats (the Republicans failed to slate any candidates – one party rule indeed!), would have had any ward committeeman or organization who supported her punished despite the fact that party members overwhelmingly favored her over the slated candidates who did not merit such a position.

    When are Democrats in Chicago and Cook county going to finally realize that these assholes are not representative of the working class, progressive, true democrats?

    And the press remains complicit in with the powers to be. Sad fate for democracy indeed. Party politics that perpetuates the Daley, Stroger, Blagovich, Madigan, Joyce, Hynes, Lipinski (and so many more) tradition of the peoples business being a corrupt family business.

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