Alderman Anthony Beale's 9th Annual Back to School Parade

Chicago Alderman Anthony Beale.jpg
Please enjoy a picture of 9th Ward Alderman Anthony Beale. Today’s Parade was very classy. I thought the walk would never end. The 9th Ward Back to School Parade was from 125th & Michigan to 111th & King in the Chicago’s South Side. The entertainment was excellent and the event was fun. I think this young man pictured with Alderman Beale is his son. Please visit the 9th Ward website, click here: Photo by Patrick McDonough.

The Chicago Fire Department Survive Alive House

Chicago Fire Department Survive Alive House.jpg
Thank you to Chicago Firefighters for showing my kids the proper way to handle a fire in your home. My sons learned important tips to get out alive. They also received a “10 steps to Fire Safety Booklet”. Thank you to all my City of Chicago Firemen and women. This mobile home was given by an Insurance company to help save lives. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Get in your Chicago St. Patrick's Day Application Here

Chicago St. Patrick's Day Queen.jpg
Chicago has approved some mighty ugly St. Patrick’s Day Queens lately. In fact many have been as pretty as the above captioned picture. At Chicago Clout, we are accepting applications for any Irish Girl that wants to be the first St. Paddy Day’s Queen. Rules: 1. Must be Irish, or have a Irish name. 2. Must be 18, in college or accepted to attend a four year college. 3. You cannot be over college age. Old Italian Doctors need not apply. 4. You must have a reasonable figure and a pleasant personality. 5. Must agree to be on Television for an on air interview. 6. You must look like a Irish (Fox) lass. 7. You must prove excellent grades in High School and involvement in extracurricular activities.

Awards will include $1,000.00 scholarship (Check made to your school in your name) Four chances to co-host in a professionally produced program. There will be additional awards. All accepted applicants will be treated fairly.
Click here to send your resume and picture:
Good luck, prizes awarded on the air this St. Patrick’s Day. Patrick McDonough

Over Seven Political Pigs commit suicide

Daley's Chinatown Boyz.jpg
The Chicago Police have a nasty habit of not figuring out the corruption and vice that fuels the political scene in our town. Please enjoy some little political pigs that decided to commit suicide rather than give up the details of Hired Truck Scandals, contract scandals, Hiring Scandals, and massage parlors. I must say, most political piggies would never think of shooting themselves in the head, but as the Feds get closer to the Political Mob, more piggies will keep committing “Suicide”. Maybe we will figure out who is killing after Daley is out of office. If your wife is treating you bad, you can get a back massage in the 11th Ward that will make you forget your vows. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Mayor Daley rides a bike in Gay Paree

Daley in Gay Paree.jpg
Mayor Daley likes riding bikes. In fact he got hurt riding a bicycle a while ago. I hope Mayor Daley remembered to put the bike seat on for this bumpy ride. My goodness, this Bridgeport native has a funny face, doesn’t he? Photo by A.P. Enjoy Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Remembers 9/11 in 2007 Mayor Daley in Paris

Today I took my family to church to remember September 11, 2001. Mayor Daley is in Paris France having a good time. I am sorry and apologize to every Chicago Area soldier that serves America. All Chicagoans, except maybe, Mayor Daley, supports our troops. Patrick McDonough.