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I told you a while ago about the Chicago Marathon and the disaster it caused many people. I do not blame Daley for the mess, but Daley seems to twist the story to incredible lengths. Chicago Taxpayers have given up hope, when will the Mayor will tell the truth? Dave Savini, is an excellent Investigative Reporter and I hope you take the time to watch the video. Click here: I also ask everyone to send some money to this family that suffered tragedy at this Marathon. Patrick McDonough

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  1. “I do not blame Daley for the mess….”

    Why not?

    Daley takes credit for everything he does that turns out in his favor,

    why shouldn’t he take the blame for those that go terribly wrong?

    Daley is totally responsible for the sad state our police department is in,

    Daley is totally responsible for the sad state the CTA is in,

    Daley is totally responsible for the billions of wasted tax-dollars doled out during his reign of rascals,

    Daley is totally responsible for the corruptions infesting every aspect of our city, and county, governments,

    Daley is the guy where the buck is supposed to stop, though the bucks don’t stop there, they flow downstream to all of his pals and cronies.

    Daley wants to be the big boss of everything and everyone, then Daley’s got to accept the weight that goes with it all.

    ‘With great power comes great responsibility’.

    Choke on it, fat boy.

  2. I’d put blame on Daley and his administration because the office of special events has to approve the marathon and you’d think that would include its emergency plan. And if your worst case scenario plan is to call in suburban ambulances, then before the date of the event maps should have been provided to the suburban ambulance service, I personally don’t have faith in Daley’s emergency plan for the city because he destroyed Meigs Field the only place in the central city where C130’s could land and the airport that was used for lots and lots of emergency and non-emergency medical flights.

  3. Ambulance got lost, took dead runner to wrong ER
    CHICAGO MARATHON | Unclear how long it took suburban crew to reach hospital

    October 24, 2007
    BY DAVE NEWBART Staff Reporter
    The ambulance transporting the only runner who died in the Chicago Marathon earlier this month got lost on the way to the hospital, had to flag down another ambulance to get directions and then ended up at the wrong emergency room, authorities said Tuesday.

    The ambulance from Niles was one of 30 suburban crews called into the city to assist when record heat caused 300 runners to seek treatment Oct. 7.

    But before the ambulance could make it to a staging area set up by the Chicago Fire Department, it was flagged down to assist a runner who had collapsed near 15th and Ashland.

    The team of two paramedics shocked the man — Chad Schieber, 35, a police officer from Midland, Mich. — with a defibrillator multiple times.

    “From my understanding he was unresponsive the entire time,” Niles fire chief Barry Mueller said.

    Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford said the crew called Chicago dispatch shortly before noon to say the man was in full cardiac arrest, but the crew said it didn’t need help because a doctor and another paramedic were already on the scene.

    Langford said the crew apparently worked on Schieber for 10 minutes before calling back to say they planned to take him to the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center. Langford noted the crew did not ask for directions.

    But the ambulance driver began heading south on Ashland — away from the hospital. The crew claims it then radioed dispatchers seeking directions but got no response, Mueller said.

    “That’s not unusual; the airwaves could be jammed,” Mueller said.

    Langford says there is no record the crew radioed in. He wondered why the crew didn’t radio a suburban dispatch center or simply call 911 to get directions. Mueller said those steps weren’t taken because after his crew had driven a couple of blocks, they flagged down a city ambulance and got directions.

    However, the crew apparently drove by the UIC Medical Center, 1740 W. Taylor, because they were unable to find the emergency room entrance.

    They ended up a few blocks away when they saw the emergency room sign for the West Side Veterans Administration Hospital at 820 S. Damen. That hospital is not part of Chicago’s emergency response network, although it has a fully working ER, officials said.

    Neither Langford nor Mueller could say how long it took to transport Schieber to the hospital, or whether it would have helped to get there sooner. An autopsy found he had a “significant” heart defect.

    Schieber’s family members declined to comment Tuesday. Marathon officials did not respond to calls seeking comment.

  4. after fleeing the UIC pavilion with 3 boxers MAYOR DALEY reportedly ran a red light and hit a boy on north ave. after that he visited the JARDINE plant and read bedtime stories to the security guards. dont stop D.W. lets blame rich for everything that makes our lives easier. WHY DID THE BIDS FOR SUPERINTENDANT COME OUT SO LATE?

    (Response) I took care of that with the Inspector General. The Department of Water Management is still in violation of the Shakman Decree. Patrick McDonough.

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