The After Wedding Picture Avila Family

The Frank Avila Wedding Chicago.jpg
Say what you want, but the Avila men sure know how to pick the pretty ladies. Final congratulations to Frank and Rachel Avila on a splendid Wedding. I hope Commissioner and Sherry Avila know how proud everyone was. During the wedding Commissioner Avila was moved, he loves his son dearly. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Pat, stick with the theme of your web site, all this other stuff is really getting boring!!! Don’t want to see your kids, weddings, reprints of newspaper articles, I can read those myself. Your getting lazy.

  2. I need a change of pace once in a while. This website attempts to give time off for the other things in life. I really enjoy my family and friends. My life does not revolve around anyone except my family, and close friends.

  3. I think it is good for you and other political sites to do non political stuff once in a while and between elections. It also humanizes you. Plus at least for Frank Avila–he is political.

    Great photos. Great stuff.

  4. Beautiful photo of the Avila family and wedding party.

    Standing in back is Republican elected official Wheeling trustee Dan Patlak.

    (Response) The Avila Family have the respect of both Democrats and Republicans. I think it is because they are well respected.

  5. Pat McDonough is not getting lazy at all. It is also his Blog so he can do whatever he wants.

    Pat McDonough should be a phototaker and not a plumber or city worker.
    He is as good as any professional. He could do weddings and make a lot of money for a living.

    Great website and great photos.

    (Response) I will only photograph for my close friends and family. I enjoy my free time with my children.

  6. The site is called chicago clout, right. we all know that Avila has clout ,thanks to Avila Sr. over at MWRDGC.

  7. Frank Avila exposed corruption and HDO before it was cool to do so and while HDO was at the zenith of their power.
    Frank Avila should be given an award for fighting corruption.

    Avila has been on many of the major corruption and money saving issues long before they were issues.

  8. This was the best wedding I ever went to.
    There were at least 500 people. All sorts of politicians were there. Judges. Musical people.

  9. There was a real cross section of people at the mass and the party. Real diversity and different types of people.

  10. I am so happy for you both!
    May God Bless you-
    wish I could have been there!
    GG said hello to your family!
    Frank, your father and mother are so proud you! You can see it in the pictures! : )

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