New Chicago Educational Show with Commissioner Avila

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CLICK HERE TO WATCH: Please enjoy this picture of some of the people that helped with this new idea by Patrick McDonough. I first went to Sherry Avila and she managed to get Commissioner Frank Avila of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Cook County to host. Since this was our first show, we had a few glitches and they were very minor all things considered. Three of my sons, Patrick, David, and Michael McDonough starred. John “Jack” McGann also starred with Zack Napier and Destiny Trujillo. Writing was by Patrick McDonough IV and Michael McGann, a famous Plumbing Inspector that works for the Chicago Department of Water Management. Michael McGann also agreed to assist future shows that might require more technical expertise. Sherry Avila wore many shoes including awesome graphics, and Tony Joyce assisted with the control board. We also had staff in the control room. This show was produced by Patrick McDonough, I am very proud of this show. Pictured above with Commissioner Avila is Patrick, David, and Michael McDonough. Michael McGann and his son, John “Jack” McGann, Destiny Trujillo, and Zack Napier. The name of the Show is “Commissioner Frank Avila Speaks…with Kids about the Water Environment”. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. Hey Patrick, your sons look good with those ties on!

    By the way, were the questionsasked during the program OK (I hope to be able to watch the program during the week)?

  2. Well here are the McDoungh boys again with ………… Frank Availa SR.Hey pat now I really know the company you keep.You even dressed them up for the occassion.Unemployment must not bad after all.This is about all the mentality left that supports you and your sidekick Frank Im Homless C*******.All eyes are on you Pat!!!!

  3. Leave the man alone,He has nothing to do with your nonsense childish behavoir on such a good man SHAME ON YOU BRUCE!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Response) Now that is a keeper! What are you writing about?

  4. The above comment on mr Availa.He works hard and has nothing to do with this childish behavior.Mr Avalia is no …………..and i cant see why anyone would say that.Unless they dont know him like us,Right Pat?

    (Response) You are very silly.

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