O'Hare Airport Corruption tied to Mayor Daley

Chicago Clout reminds my fellow crime fighters about the Daley Administration Street Tax. If you want to do millions of dollars of business in Chicago, pay the Daley street tax. No exception. Read below. Nice job Chicago Channel 2 News for this story. Photo by Patrick McDonough]]>Company Accused Of Cheating On City Bids
CHICAGO (STNG) ― A former employee of a South Side concrete company is suing her former employer Wednesday, accusing the company's owner of highly illegal activities linked to Mayor Daley, Gov. Blagojevich and other city officials.
Charline Pacourek worked as an office manager for Diamond Coring Company, Inc., at 11800 S. Ewing Ave. since 1993, according to a suit filed in Cook County Circuit Court Wednesday. Anthony Cappello, an avid-contributor to Mayor Daley's campaign fund over the years, owns the company, which specializes in concrete cutting services.
According to the suit, Pacourek approached Cappello on December 22, 2006 allegedly asking him to change his "questionable" business activities because it stressed her out to the point of illness.
Despite Pacourek's 14 years of employment with Diamond, the suit claimed she could no longer "participate in the numerous questionable and illegal business activities that Diamond Coring was involved in."
Pacourek claims for the past 11 years, Cappello "banked" his employee's wages during the winter season. Cappello allegedly required workers to obtain unemployment benefits during the winter seasons, despite being employed with Diamond, and he would pay them "overtime" in the spring. The suit claims if an employee worked 30 hours while collecting unemployment, he would be credited for 20 hours of overtime when his benefits ended in the spring.
The suit also explains the close friendship between Cappello and Alan Dadian—a site manager for O'Hare Airport who also has "significant control" over O'Hare contactors. Dadian's nephew is employed by Diamond.
Cappello also allegedly hired Mike Levar, brother of Ald. Patrick Levar (45th Ward), also to help him win bids on lucrative O'Hare contracts.
Pacourek said Cappello failed to properly document work done at O'Hare, and deposited all O'Hare money into an account unrelated to Diamond Coring Co. When Pacourek asked Cappello about this, he explained to her that he needed some "money off the books" to pay a number of people "street tax," the suit claims.
Aside from using his connections to win bids, Pacourek accuses Cappello of lying on bid packages by adding the names of people who do not work for the company to a list of qualifications.
Pacourek also accuses Cappello of allegedly winning bids for his company through his wife's company, SGI, Inc. The suit claims SGI uses its minority status to win bids that Diamond may lose. Cappello's wife, Denise Morsovillo is listed as the company's president but the suit claims she has never performed any work for SGI—claiming Cappello runs the company.
The former employee claims Cappello is able to get away with his shady practices because of his political connectedness in Chicago. Over the years, Cappello allegedly required six employees to contribute $1,500 each to the Richard J. Daley Campaign Committee and reimbursed the employees for their contributions. He also allegedly required employees to contribute $1,000 to the "Citizens for McLeod" campaign.
"It is believed that these donations were made in order to obtain lucrative skyway and other road jobs from Ald. John Pope, Governor Blagojevich and Mayor Daley," Pacourek alleges.
Pacourek also allegedly witnessed the scamming of an auditor, accusing Cappello of forging documents during the audit to get away with his numerous tax violations.
She is suing Diamond Coring Co. for violating the Illinois Whistleblower Act by firing her when she approached him about his "questionable business activities."
She wants to be reinstated with her seniority status in tact, back pay with interest and other fees.

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  1. I saw your video with J. Terrence Brunner about the Corruption at the Chicago Airports. It is a very educational video. You made that video one year ago and the same Clout and corruption rules Chicago, what now?

  2. Nice little scam you and the other former or soon to be former city employees you highlight here.

    For the rest of you, here is how it works.

    Bad employee gets wind they may be disciplined for poor performs or what ever

    Bad employee files a frivolous complaint, charge or claims harassment.

    Bad employee gets disciplined and now it retaliation and a nice lawyer file a suit.

    What the really retaliation is the bad employee retaliating against hard working co workers or supervisors doing their job.

    How do you deal with this, you fight back as example A.

    When nice Lawyer files frivolous retaliation or whistle blower suit, you file a complaint against that nice lawyer at the Attorney Registration and Discipline Committee in Illinois. Nice lawyer has to defend themselves as you charge them for filing a false statement in court. Best of all, The ARDC has an immunity clause meaning the lawyer can’t do anything against you or they get in more trouble with the ARDC.

    At my current employer we do that all the time when we get these types of suits. Do on to them as they do on to you.

    (Response) If the employer was not doing anything illegal, the employer would have nothing to worry about.

  3. Good things come to those who wait. And the wheels of justice grind slowly but exceedingly fine! This woman is to be congratulated for her bravery. Information that brings Daley closer to his inevitable indictment is always good for the citizens!

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