Commissioner Avila wins Chicago Tribune Support

Commissioner Frank Avila was endorsed by the Chicago Tribune. Mr. Avila has shows that feature children asking about our environment. If you are worried about global warming in Chicago and Cook County, re-elect Commissioner Frank Avila. Photo by Patrick McDonough.]]>• In 2002 we urged voters to add M. Frank Avila, an engineer experienced in sewer design and flood control issues, to the board. He won a seat, and his attention to technical and environmental issues earns him a second term, although he could be a more assertive board member. (Lest voters be confused: His son, Frank Avila, ran unsuccessfully for an MWRD board seat in 2006.)

3 Replies to “Commissioner Avila wins Chicago Tribune Support”

  1. Patrick, you should also note that Comm. Avila has been endorsed by the Pioneer Press and the Illinois Committee for Honest Government. PUNCH 47.

  2. We need you at Montrose and Wolcott to take Pictures.Hurry up Knuckle head.Bring the other crybaby with you.Instead of hiring out overtime I will give it to you two clowns.People like to see a circus all year around.

    (Response) I did not see shoring on the job. The cameras will help to reveal this fraud. Mr. McDonough

  3. No Shoring,Come on we use it all the time.The cameras will also help me bust your ass because you live in Desplaines.1964 Everett maybe?Big brother is always watching you.

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