Get back to the Central District Mr. James Stroden

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This morning, the Chicago Department of Water Management Central District lost one of its most valuable assets, James Stroden. James Stroden had a wonderful table of donuts, bagels; loyal employees were sad and upset at his transfer to the South District. The Central District oversees some of the most critical real estate in the City of Chicago, including Chicago’s Downtown. I am concerned when an employee that has the commanding respect, admiration, and loyalty from employees, changes command to a less important battlefield. I know when James Stroden ordered you to an assignment his intentions were honorable. When you brought an issue or concern to his attention, you would get a straight answer, like it or not. I only remember one employee that had a gripe with him, but the disagreement was treated with utmost respect and resolved. I admit he is a great leader and a wonderful family man, maybe he should move out of the 11th Ward. (Joking) Good luck and God Speed Mr. James Stroden. Patrick McDonough

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  1. The only people crying that he is leaving is his posse of 11th ward buddies that he has been taking care of over the past years. If you are not part of that clique you are in bad shape. His special friends are always taken care of by being put on certain trucks and given spacial assignments. Everything has been reported to the proper authorities. everthing he has done to people will come back to haunt him. It’s just a matter of time. What goes around comes around. They had his going away party in a phone booth.


    (Response) and whom might that be?

  3. Who is taking over. I hope it is not that guy that wants to join an orgy with straight guys.

  4. The only people thet should be worried about Brain are the ones not doing their job. Brain is tough but fair and is not a racest. its easy to talk shit about someone behing their back.

    (Response) Brain? Who the hell is Brain?

  5. Is that The Brain who teamed up with Ward School Ace years ago?? If so, look out City Hall.

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