Hired Trucks roll at Chicago O'Hare Airport Today

The airplane traffic at O'Hare Airport slows to a crawl as soon as a few snowflakes fall. Chicago's O'Hare Airport is a disgrace and Mayor Daley should clean up the waste of money. On a positive note, I was impressed to see Mayor Daley's Hired Trucks moving the snow to mounds at the south side of the Airport. Hired Trucks roll, planes do not. I hope the teamsters are checking for membership cards. I hope the workers are paid prevailing wage. Maybe they get paid by the load like Tadin's boyz. O'Hare Airport should be avoided at all costs. Patrick McDonough

4 Replies to “Hired Trucks roll at Chicago O'Hare Airport Today”

  1. The elementary power of the masses, deftly managed and employed, the state also can utilize: in the ambitious hands of one or of several who have been artificially brought together for selfish aims, the state itself, with the support of the masses, reduced to the minimum status of a mere machine, can impose its whims on the better part of the real people: the common interest remains seriously, and for a long time, injured by this process, and the injury is very often hard to heal.

  2. Hey wait until the new replacement for the hired truck program comes to light.

    The Leased vehicle scam

    (Response) This will be harder to prove because large corporations are involved. These companies “entertain and wine and dine”. The take high ranking city officials on “Educational trips”. Also these companies direct political donations (bribes) to the desired campaign.

  3. I’d like to know more about the leased vehicles scam. Pat please look into that. Also what do you mean larger corporations are involved? Do you mean Will Rent, S.E.S, MAT Leasing, etc., I could go on and on. I would love to hear your insight on this.

  4. I tried to access the city contracts yesterday and today on the city’s websaite and for some reason I got the message “No records found”, is the city hiding something??? Before just about every contract that was awarded was posted there for viewing, now there’s nothing.

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