Chicago Clout Welcomes Inspector Michael McGann

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Inspector Michael McGann enjoyed his day at the Chicago Police Headquarters. Inspector McGann became an official member of the Chicago Clout Media Team. Michael was very happy to pick up his official credentials. Michael will host Chicago Clout’s “Ask your Plumbing Inspector Show” on Can-TV. Michael will also take on difficult issues facing the Plumbing Industry. This show is still produced by Patrick McDonough. We have another gentleman that was named as a director of our new non for profit yesterday. I will also sponsor him after he gets his studio credentials. My friend and famous Attorney Russ Stewart is preparing the documents. Click here for Russ Stewart’s website: Photo by Patrick McDonough

5 Replies to “Chicago Clout Welcomes Inspector Michael McGann”

  1. Hey Pat,
    What the hell is Russ Steward doing here, In my opinion he “sucks” I had dealings with this guy, This guy screwed me very badly. (in my opinion) I will not ever never ever use this guy for any help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pat did you check this guy out? I will tell you the story about this guy when you talk to me. Geeze Pat.

    (Response) Remember, a client has much to do with a case. Did you keep good records? We are addressing that issue now.

  2. Hey Pat,
    You know I keep records on everything, the client has everything to do with a case, but the lawyer needs to represent his client!
    And to do all he can to win the case. So without saying any more,and getting more upset. We will leave it at that Pat.

  3. Michael McGann is out in the field treating the citizens like crimnals in order to get repremanded to invoke his false whisleblower position. He is causing just as much problems as any inspector that takes money.

  4. Michael McGann inspected my home and I was pleased to find he took the time to go over the plans and make sure things were up to par…

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