Neil Steinberg makes Chicago Clout Honor Board "Daley Needs Help"

Daley has lost his mind
That's the only explanation for his sputtering attempts at rationalizing theft of Grant Park land for children's museum
April 4, 2008
BY NEIL STEINBERG Sun-Times Columnist
Thieves always have their reasons. The door was unlocked. The pension fund was just sitting there. The old lady wasn't using her car anyway.
Thieves always have their reasons. The door was unlocked. The pension fund was just sitting there. The old lady wasn't using her car anyway.
Whether these reasons make sense depends, naturally, upon whether you are the one stealing or the one being stolen from.
So of course Mayor Daley has a rationale for grabbing a chunk of Grant Park to build his children's museum. Several, in fact: It's for the kids! To show the kids we love them! To put the kids at the center of the city! Kids! Kids! Kids!
The cold-hearted might call these arguments cynical, an emotional pitch to justify doing exactly what he wants to do. Particularly since the unarguable facts are: a) Chicagoans don't want it there; b) kids being bused in to a children's museum scarcely care WHERE it's located, so long as they get a snack.
Being a more generous soul, I believe that the mayor is not being cynical, but rather has completely lost his mind, unhinged by 19 years in office, the way the pashas supposedly went insane behind their harem walls.
He is sincere, alas, and so really does not understand that the only reason there is open parkland for him to try to steal today is because the 53 mayors before him, some deeply corrupt, managed to keep their penny-pinching mitts off Grant Park and resisted the temptation to put up their concert halls, solariums, social pavilions, or whatever the fashionable public structure of the moment happened to be.
That our Mayor-for-Life is not following their example is a sign of his growing brazenness, and his sputtering attempts to rationalize his expropriation is a sign — in my view — of detachment from reality.
He feels completely justified. Whether we, the stolen from, accept the reasons offered is still an open question. Nice Job Neil, Patrick McDonough

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  1. And Daley is shoring up the pesion fund (he says) with money from midway airport privatization. Should we not have access to foi documents and financial updates on the $63 million dollar payoff to his nephew to help save his south loop condo highrise he’s builing. It’s all over the realestate section that south loop condos are an albatross to sell. But I have trust that the reporter that broke the story on the payoff to Daley’s nephew will soon give us an update. By the looks of the Levine-Rezko trial it is clear that all the stealing is done by way of “earned brokers fees” . Just like trhe $1 million dollar fee that Oscar D ‘Angelo took for helping Maggie Daleys friends open an Ohare bookstore. Maggie puts on an aura of a real concerned knid of person, well if she is part to knowing about all of this fraud then what does that say about her in reality. When the press found out about Oscars million dollar fee, Daley wound up in the hospital with chest pains. Thats because a close family member secretly shared in that fee with Oscar. I finally figured out why Daley has yet to be indicted. I think it’s two fold. Bush told Fitzgerald before his appointment to leave Daley alone while Bush was in office, and I do think that Daley is a more complex matter. But it is clear that if Patrick Daley is not indicted soon for his thefts, (the same Patrick who is hiding behind all those hard to reach sandbags in the desert) the fix is for sure in and this mayor won’t be touched. And you know the judges on the Sorich appeal have that case fixed too. Sorich is getting better treatment from the appeals court than Ryan got. Who is being blackmailed on the appeals court to fix the Sorich conviction? You know that if Sorich does not get aquitted, a few big time judges will lose a lot of jobs in thier family. And you know none of this sounds unreasonable.

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