Stop Prostitution in Chicago Now

Click here to find Johns shopping for prostitutes in Chicago. I think we need to unionize this trade do you? See if you know anyone on this list. Remember, you are guilty in Chicago, until you bribe your way to innocence. Remember my friends, if you are not getting the service you need, visit the massage parlors in Mayor Daley’s 11th Ward. In the 11th Ward you might pick up a VD, but you will not be thrown in jail. We need to unionize the Massage Workers in Chicago Now. Patrick McDonough

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  1. Even city workers like **** ***** of streets & san has visited the wares given by Bridgeport brand hookers. As a mater of fact he did this twice during the day on separate occasions while working for the city of chicago.

    Guess what he was arrested (with) both times and nothing seems to happen to him.

    I wonder if its because it was in the 11th Ward or because he was black

    Even the commissioner is aware of this incident along with the inspector general

  2. Exactly how does the City decide which “solicitors of prostitutes” to put on its website? If the City is going to publicize the identity of the accused then it should be all of the accused or none of the accused. And aren’t these folks presumed innocent until proven guilty.(That’s a rhetorical question; the answer is still yes.) IF so why are any of their pictures publicized and can they sue they City(aka we the taxpayers) if they are found innocent but were one of the arrested “selected” to be featured on the website. Spend less police money on this stupid website and use the money to have a cops on the street-WALKING beats not wasting gas cruising around.

    (Response) Da Mare would best use the police to collar white criminals that bilk millions from taxpayers. I hope anyone that gets their picture on this page and the the case is dismissed in court, get a sizable settlement. My main concern is the treatment and safety of the women. Some women are hooking in Chicago to put food on the table. Some are hooking because their “man” puts them on the street. These ladies need a job and a fresh start. Some need treatment for drug abuse.

  3. From the Reader’s Clout City blog:

    “Friend of Grant Park
    April 14th – 6:50 a.m.

    Look, Parks are an old 18th century idea, we are in a new millennium. People no longer just sit around doing nothing at a park.

    These parks need to be developed into an interesting and interactive environment. I believe there are some good ideas about building a casino complex on the south side of Grant Park which would really help in bringing in tourist dollars.

    Adding the CCM and the Peace Museum (or maybe some others) to the north of Grant Park would balance things out. Ideally, some sort of restaurant complex near the fountain would really draw people in who want to spend money.

    We need a “new millennium” Montgomery Ward to draw up a new vision for an interactive park full of excitement and energy. Holding on to some old law that holds back imaginative development of such a useful area is backward looking.”

    “re fiends of da mare
    April 16th – 3:38 p.m.

    This is getting better and better.

    A museum for children on one end and a gambling palace on the other.

    Will the whore house be located somewhere in between?

    Where will the opium dens be located? And the crack cocaine rent-by-the-hour hotel?

    Shit, if we open up this town to the three vices, legalized and appropriately taxed and regulated, we could eliminate the property and sales taxes entirely.

    Change the zoning of the public parks to a new category, that being a V for vice category, teach our kids that, contrary to what their parents have been telling them, there’s a time and place for vice and the time is now and the place is here, and you’ve got a winning combination that will assure the reelection of those touting this plan for generations to come.

    Streets paved in gold, tourist dollars flowing into the city’s coffers like wine, freedoms undreamed of by the previous generations, it’ll make this city and county a paradise, akin to the historical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    I can hardly contain myself, anticipating all the fun and frolic that awaits us all, gambling 24/7/52, tasty whores to relieve the stress from that occasional losing streak, the much needed availability of a variety of stimulants, to help keep the old eyelids open during those 24-48 hour binges at the craps table, then the sweet peacefulness of putting oneself into a narcotic induced coma once one has gambled away all one’s assets, fucked one’s roscoe raw and one needs the old batteries recharged, before heading back to one’s country of residence.

    Thank you, ‘Friend of Grant Park’, you are truly a visionary.”

  4. City employee arrested for making threat Thursday, April 17, 2008 | 4:33 PM A City of Chicago employee, Stanley Pahrue, has been placed on paid leave after he was arrested for making a threat.

    Pahrue works in the Chicago Water Department. He was arrested Wednesday for allegedly making a violent threat against his employer.
    This is his second arrest in the last 10 days. He was previously arrested on April 6 for soliciting a prostitute.

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