Angelo Fata (far right) fights Chicago with Attorney Frank Avila Jr. Harrassment Sustained

Angelo Fata and Friends.jpg Angelo Fata has his cup overflowing with the City of Chicago and Teamsters Local 726 disputes. First Angelo and a group of very talented friends attempted to replace the current leadership at Teamsters Local 726. A major investigation is in progress and the vote results are now disputed in federal court. A fellow Chicago employee allegedly sexually assaulted Angelo. This action was sustained to be a violation of the City of Chicago Policy on Sexual Harassment. Andra Gomberg, a Sexual Harassment Officer ruled in Angelo’s favor. Also, John “Jack” Hurley was on City of Chicago property, assaulted Angelo just prior to an upcoming election. I am a witness to the assault by the Union official. In both cases witnesses were present and came forward. The City of Chicago Department of Water Management has many cases of workplace policy violations. Angelo A. Fata has the good fortune of becoming the client of Frank Avila Jr. A major lawsuit is underway. Some employees at the Chicago Department of Water Management think the old way of business will continue, sneaking out of trouble by calling an Alderman and waiting for a Statue of Limitations to expire. Hold your breath if you are mad, treat your co-worker with respect. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. The only positive aspect of this case was the willingness of witnesses to come forward. It’s egregious that the Sexual Harassment happened to begin with. My sympathies to Mr. Fata for having been denigrated this way and his personal suffering.

    Sexual Harassment is a dispicable crime against humanity that attempts to rob you of your dignity and self respect.

  2. These are some of the effects that a victim of Sexual Harassment can experience. Text copied from Sexual Harassment Support Forum:

    Decreased work or school performance as the victim must focus on dealing with the
    harassment and the surrounding dynamics and/or effects; psychological effects of harassment
    can also decrease work and school performance

    Increased absenteeism to avoid harassment, or because of illness from the stress

    Having to drop courses, or change academic plans; academic transcripts may be weakened
    because of decreased school performance

    Retaliation from the harasser, or colleagues/friends of the harasser, should the victim complain
    or file a grievance (retaliation can involve revenge along with more sexual harassment, and often
    involves stalking the complainant)

    Having one’s personal life offered up for public scrutiny –the victim becomes the “accused,” and
    their dress, lifestyle, and private life will often come under attack. (Note: this rarely occurs for the

    Being objectified and humiliated by scrutiny and gossip

    Becoming publicly sexualized

    Defamation of character and reputation

    Loss of trust in environments similar to where the harassment occurred

    Loss of trust in the types of people that occupy similar positions as the harasser or their

    Extreme stress upon relationships with significant others, sometimes resulting in divorce;
    extreme stress on peer relationships, or relationships with colleagues

    Being ostracized from professional or academic circles

    Having to relocate to another city, another job, or another school

    Loss of job and income; loss of tuition because of having to leave school

    Loss of references/recommendations

    Loss of career

    Weakening of support network: colleagues, friends, and even family may distance themselves
    from the victim or abandon them altogether.

    Some of the health effects, psychological and physiological, that can occur in someone who has been
    sexually harassed:


    Anxiety and/or panic attacks

    Traumatic stress; post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

    Sleeplessness and/or nightmares

    Shame and guilt; self-blame

    Difficulty concentrating


    Fatigue or loss of motivation

    Difficulties with time (forgetting appointments, trouble gaging time)

    Stomach problems; gastrointestinal disorders

    Eating disorders (weight loss or gain)

    Feeling betrayed and/or violated

    Feeling angry or violent towards the perpetrator

    Feeling powerless, helpless, or out of control

    Increased blood pressure

    Loss of confidence and self esteem

    Overall loss of trust in people; problems with intimacy

    Problems with sex (sexual dysfunction)

    Withdrawal and isolation

    Suicidal thoughts or attempts; suicide

    Please note, the above symptoms may not be generated only from the harassment, but can be the
    cumulative result of the harassment, retaliation, backlash, and/or blaming a sexual harassment victim
    may endure.

  3. Thanks to you and Angelo for letting our membership know about our Federal case. On May 21, 2008 we went to court and there was a continuance scheduled for June 14, 2008. Of course the Local members who are being charged did not show up they just sent a lawyer to get the charges dismissed. It did not work! Angelo and I have been working together to return this Local back to the membership. The membership is tired of being sold out. It is time for a change and we are the right people for the job! No longer will our membership be told be happy you got a job! This current Executive Board has finally met their match! Thank you, Vince Tenuto and The Fighting For The Future Slate.

  4. Well I got to say something about our beloved Union 726. The question is who’s side was Danny Stefanski on? I did not like Danny Stefanski at all because of the way he acted towards other members of Local 726, he associated with other members running for office. I was talking to other members about this associating, and they felt as strong as I did, The Fighting For The Future may have lost a lot of votes because of Stefanski’s involvement.
    But I agree with Angelo, you fight till the fighting is done!!!! May I say something on how to fight. You bring in member’s of Local 726 to stand up behind you guys in the court room, FILL that court room with members!!! and when your case gets call, have the members stand right behind you guys so the JUDGE see’s the support!!!!! It will help!!

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