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  1. You are sleeping with the enemy Pat. Channel two never ever does anything to hold Daley accountable. And when you listen to news radio 78 they will tell a Daley corruption story once and then you never hear it again. If you are fair then you will have to address channel two about their crooked, yes crooked bias that leaves the taxpayers without a voice.
    (Response) Every t.v. channel is allowed to advertise here.

  2. A friendly note to “Tom Ryan” and Pat – It’s not just radio 78 and channel 2.
    C’mon! I gotta get sarcastic here.

    C’mon friends, wake up! How many times can we say “wake up”?!

    Whatever Daley scam they report on is only tokenism.

    The gov’t is in on the overthrow of our nation with the liberal politicians.

    They have the same agenda: gun control, homosexuality, abortion, high taxes, entitlement programs, war on poverty, affirmative action, and save the spotted owl and watch your carbon footprint.

    Again, virtually the entire Windy city media (all these kids out of journalism school) are in the Daley liberal democrat party political mafia. They kids get the script from the boss; try to deviate and your out.

    Perhaps except for Kass, again, the media is there to endorse Daley to the sheople, at the end of the day.

    It’s called the Government-media Complex.

    Carl Segvich
    Republican Committeeman, 11th Ward


    Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend.
    May God bless America

  3. Carl, I’m a consevative, but look who heads the Republican party in this state. It’s headed by a man who takes payoffs and makes huge fees on pension funds, then keeps his mouth shut during election time like a good little doggie who just got his bone. That Shelander is a friggin joke. And yes I know that’s not how his name is spelled. He sold out this fu$%^*g Republican party for his own go$%^mn gain. You sound like a decent man Carl, don’t it just suck that a jerk is, I mean is not running the Republican party in Illinois. This is real real fu$#(&g sad.

  4. Pat
    I know you have all the permits necessary for the construction of the new Chicago Clout website. Too bad its under construction with these new inspection-bribery indictments just brought by the FEDS. And of course DaMare is clueless once again.

    Remember our Veterans and active duty military this Memorial Day Weekend.

  5. Tom – I agree with you; $shell$lander is a crooked man, a political slob and a sick joke.
    the only point I was trying to make was that of the
    Government-media complex.

    The liberal democrats have the same agenda, a symbiotic relationship with the American media. And OFCOURSE they recruit other “useful idiots” to infiltrate OUR Republican party.

    The scumedia in Chicago may even do some cover for political w##### such as $hell$lander.

    America is in a culture war…and the good guys are thus far losing. It’s not even close.

    Mona Charon’s book Useful Idiots is a good book .

    Committeeman Segvich

  6. FEDERAL AGENTS RAID DALEY’S BUILDING DEPARTMENT: At least 30 people will be arrested,for bribery and corrupt business practices. For years Whistle Blowers: PATRICK MCDONOUGH.CHARLES WALKER,VICTOR CROWN,MICHAEL MCGANN have exposed and alerted Federal Agents,and the public,to this vicious Criminal Enterprise,called the “Building Department”. Finally their efforts are bearing fruit. Illegal hirings and promotions,along with crooked inspections,and permit approvals are the norm. Its no wonder why the citizens are at risk and have died,due to this Criminal Organization. The clout list,with its 5000 names ,contain many Building Department employees along with their clout. Daley’s relatives are well represented ,with names like Brian Mcginnis,Christopher Kozicki and others along with 11th and 19th ward residents. One of the most incompetent people helping to coverup corruption in the Building Department is Scott Loeff(Assistant Commissioner: clout Ald Bernard Stone).Scott was over heard threatening to fire an Inspector ,if he talked to Federal Agents. Eventually he did have the Inspector fired ,unfortunately the Inspector remained silent. Its no wonder why Chicagoans have witnessed deaths in Linclon park(13), E2 Night club(21),69 west Washington(6) and the death of Tiara Woods. There should be an audit of the Department,of all its Annual and,Permit Inspections.Daley ,Bernard Stone,Ray Suarez, Lawyers,Developers,selected Contractors,have long resisted attempts to align Chicago’s inspectional practices,with National standards. The Feds need to do a R.I.C.O indictment on Daley and officials in the Building Department. Don’t just focus on the low hanging fruit. The Building Department should be placed on Federal receivership,or appoint a monitor for 3 years to protect the Citizens.

  7. mr. segvich. it makes it very hard to want to stay in this state and keep my businesses registered here when I see what the governor just did by giving his close friend and aid a higher paying job for 8 weeks and now her pension goes from 60,000 per year to 100,000 per year for life. I am registering my online businesses to another state where I also reside because I no longer want to give my money to crooks. And I am a giving man. I tithe over 25% of my income to directly aid the poor and those finding recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. $hellSlander has sold out and nuetered the Republican party of Illinois. And as a republican I no longer trust Karl Rove if he has best friends like $hellSlander. And no I am not turning Democratic because they are no better. I am now nuetral and believe only in the grass roots movements because they have not sold themselves out. Although this city has lost a ton of good people in the grass roots movement when they became politicians and got jobs for their families, thus making decisions based on keeping their families employed. This is a real pity what is going on. It is truly criminal. I know that if I chose to go into politics I could take these crooked politicians down from their perch. But I am too wrapped up in my charity work and my writting and businesses.Thank God for John Kass and Peter Fitzgerald for bringing in Patrick Fitzgerald. When I saw how sneaky Tony Rezko was at his trial, he never says a word on those government recordings. I now know how hard it is for Patrick Fitzgerald to bring down Daley, because Daley is 100 times more sneakier. But in my heart of hearts I truly believe that the feds will be taking down Patrick Daley and I hope from there they get the crooked father. Thanks …..

  8. Re”The Building Department should be placed on Federal receivership,or appoint a monitor for 3 years to protect the Citizens.”
    Well let’s see…
    Perhaps the state of Illinois should be placed on Federal Receivership.
    What, with Blago accidentally giving $1 million to a school instead of a church which ALSO SHOULD NOT be getting said $1 million? What, with Blago raiding the pension funds? What with Blago on his way to indictment for abuse of public trust? What with Cook and Chicago, 2 huge American government bodies, run by organized criminal politicians and their lackies…cowards who receive to go out and make a living, to boot?

    Carl Segvich


  9. Carl, that million dollars Blago gave to the crooked school which involved a rare governors pardon i think is really a set up by the feds and thats where they really nailed Blago to a cross. It really looks like that’s what happened. You know more insiders so I think you have a better scoop on that one than I do, but that is what I strongly believe happened on that one. Happy Holiday weekend everyone, and lets hope this year brings us the big indictments. And do you think Pat, that Daley already got his insiders to get all the users of chicagoclouts website, by knowing our computer IP addresses, I have no doubt they know all of us who write and comment on your site. Ola!

  10. isn’t it time to go after these licensed contractors who sell permits to unskilled unlicensed trades to be able to do work in chicago

    And then the work gets ok’d by inspections because they wont deal with bs in trying to communicate with these polish or mexican workers

    Who gets shafted here? The home owner

  11. Correction:
    “refuse” was the intended word in place of “receive”, “refuse” “…refuse to go out and make a living”.

  12. Regarding “And do you think Pat, that Daley already got his insiders to get all the users of chicagoclouts website, by knowing our computer IP addresses, I have no doubt they know all of us who write and comment on your site. Ola!”

    Tom , What do you think that coward Daley thinks he can do to people like me ?

    Carl Anthony Segvich

    Republican Committeeman,11th Ward

    P.S. I really don’t think that troll knows who he’s committing crimes against. I don’t think he knows how much he’s loathed by good decent HARD-WORKING AMERICAN CITIZENS.
    I don’t think he knows that more and more people are figuring out that he STOLE their $$$money$$$.

  13. Ex (crooked) governor Thompsom is trying to get George Bush to give George Ryan a get out of jail free card. I am now convinced that Pat Fitzgerald is waiting for Bush to be out of office before he indicts Daleys son, then ultimately Daley. That crooked mayor of ours is just no damn good and you are so right Carl, he does not understand the level of hatred for his arrogant crookedness as he stands by with a a crazy smirk on his face after his son stole a sh&% load of taxpayer dollars. what a rotten son of a bi^&$ he is.

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