Patrick McDonough Rev. James D. Allen and Tarquin Allen demand peace

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The City of Chicago is erupting in violence and we demand solutions now, Mayor `Dick Tater` Daley and Jody ` Eyeballs` Weis are going to purchase weapons like machine guns and war wagons to quell the violence. Millions will be spent on “experts” and consultants. The Governor of Illinois is now getting into the act. Remember, Chicago Clout warned Chicago about the impending doom long ago. Patrick McDonough, a plumber for the Department of Water Management works on the west side of Chicago, saw the trend of violence early on. I was happy to hear from Reverend James Allen, an emerging leader that has solutions to the problems in the street. I am hoping Frank Avila, the host of Chicago Clout will make time for a Can-Tv show soon. The Daley Administration needs to sit down with Reverend Allen and assist him with his desire for a peaceful end to the violence in Chicago’s streets. I am not happy with the continued failures of this administration. Contact my Westside friend and help with a peaceful strategy. Mayor Daley want the guns off the streets, I suggest finding out who is supplying the drugs first and let’s get some good jobs for the kids.
Please help: Revered James D. Allen Folks and People Nations (Strategy for Peace) 773-378-6775 or Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. Examples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As long as Daley is in power, children are not safe in Chicago.

    Liar Daley makes utterly unethical deals with grossly shady “religious” folks, and these woefully illicit examples filter to our youth. For instance, he sells our land for only a nominal fee of $1 to a “Reverend”, thereby making this holy guy instantly rich. The “reverend” gets
    all his congregation to vote for criminal Daley.


    The murders are ending no time soon. All of our wonderful, innocent, naive American families are being sold out and sold down the river for money by phony preachers and unduly powerful political whores.

    It’s all about examples in life, especially when it comes to our little ones. They grow up seeing their political “leaders” and religious “leaders” committing crimes everyday; it’s on the news; it’s in the papers; then they see these crimes go unpunished for years and years.

    So what example did the innocent, poorly raised child learn? He learned that crime(s) pay and “I’m gonna go commit me some crime”. The “Reverend” does it; the governor does it; the mayor does it; the alderman does it. Darn if I can’t do it.

    Chicago wont be safe till a huge example is shown to all Chicagoans: Mayor Daley is seen off to a long prison sentence. Until Daley enters prison , our children are definitely not safe.

    This is a tragedy getting worse every hour.

    P.S. EXAMPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Carl Segvich
    11th Ward Republican Committeeman

    (Response) Does the Mayor know about the prostitution on 39th street?

  2. Regarding:(Response) Does the Mayor know about the prostitution on 39th street?

    Segvich’s response to above:

    I don’t know what your talking about. However I trust what you say, based on your stellar work the past few years exposing liar Daley and his criminal massive fraud perpetuated on OUR Chicago.

    Now,[ if this is indeed going on ] I am sure he’d say that he know’s nothing about 39th street prostition just like he doesn’t know how the Duff’s robbed my money(S100 Million), nor how Angelo Torres got hired.

    Now being that I live here and our area deserves at least something remotely resembling public service, I’d like to hear more about the 39th street thing of which you speak , either on the record or off the record.
    I prefer PUBLICLY ON THE RECORD, but it’s up to you.

    Thanks for your yeoman work Patrick.


  3. No but Gene Mcnei* of Bureau of electricity does as he has been arrested twice on city time for solicit ion but nothing happens…. may be BECAUSE HE IS BLACK

  4. What DOESN’T the mayor know?

    Whatever’s not ‘good’ for the mayor to admit he knows.

    You want to understand what’s coming, spend some time reading this blog:

    (Response) I enjoy second city cop blog. Most of the info is good because most chicago police are great. I support the Chicago Police and respect them. Patrick McDonough.

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