This is a copy of a real Shakman Settlement check signed by Mayor Daley

Shakman Settlement Check 1.jpg
This is a check signed by Mayor Daley for $20,000.00 to a person that had their Shakman rights violated. Make sure you have yours by now. Lots of my friends took what the City offered, I think they deserved much more. Thank you for signing the check Mayor Daley! It should have come out of your own personal pocket. In Chicago, we pay for the Mayor’s sins. Patrick McDonough.

Vote for Daley, lose your pension. Chicago is now Broke!

Please read this article by Fran Spielman. Looks like Daley has mismanaged the City of Chicago so long, he wants to cut pensions. Working for the public sector is not all fun and games. The problem is Daley's friends working a short amount of time and getting a large pension. Daley has not stopped the practice of people receiving multiple pensions. Mark my words, Daley has a pal or family member that will pop up after the 401 pension is awarded. Millions more for Daley friends and family machine hacks. Daley packed the Unions with his goons and now wants to fill the White House with one of his boys. Who was that goon on Daley's Pension Board with mob ties? Patrick McDonough Continue reading “Vote for Daley, lose your pension. Chicago is now Broke!”

Mayor Daley at Northwestern a major failure Friday June 20, 2008

DaleyatNorthwestern.jpg Protesters lined up outside Ryan Field to protest Mayor Daley at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Patrick Ryan has made millions of Chicago Taxpayers money with his insurance company. Billions of dollars flow from Chicago taxpayers to Mayor Daley’s friends and cronies. This is money that should fuel the Chicago economy on the west and south side of Chicago. Mayor Daley was not welcomed in Evanston at all. The crowd was very chilly to this braggadocios Mayor. Daley told everyone what a big deal he is, making sure the kids knew he is the CEO of Chicago. Daley’s speech was gibberish at best and was a sales event for the Chicago Olympics in 2016. Ryan and the Daley family will feast like pigs if that Olympic money maker ever hits Chicago. I hope the public knows Ryan has mighty power at Northwestern and the school’s cash king paid Daley back with a commencement speech and lots of free vacations. Did you know Mayor Daley used taxpayer’s money to send bomb sniffing dogs to scout out the Ryan Field? As I told you before, the fire at Mayor Daley’s summerhouse was a hoax, and the powder sent to the Aldermen was also a hoax. The Chicago press never reported Chicago City Workers protesting outside the event, but the Evanston Police laughed mighty heartily. The two “Mayor Daley” midgets got lots of laughs at Daley’s expense. Photo by Patrick McDonough.]]> Continue reading “Mayor Daley at Northwestern a major failure Friday June 20, 2008”

Mayor "Big Head" Daley speaks at Northwestern University Tomorrow

daley pic 2.jpg Make sure you join us at Northwestern University tomorrow to give Mayor Daley a reminder not everyone loves Mr. Potato Head. We are going to protest several of Mr. Daley’s policies that makes all his family very wealthy. We are going to remind Mr. Richard Daley there are many poor in the west and south side of Chicago. Want to join us? We hope several people join us for the fun. I hope someone tells the Mayor of Chicago four more Shakman lawsuits will be presented to the Chicago Inspector General and the Law Department tomorrow. Nothing changes in Chicago but higher taxes. Photo improved by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago's Andersonville Clout Restaurant "Ann Sathers"

Ann Sather Andersonville.jpg Ann Sather’s is an excellent restaurant. I enjoy the eggs Benedict best. Do you know the Chicago Alderman that owns this eatery? Do you know the Alderman that he replaced? Clout is a funny thing in Chicago, just try and keep it if you can! Photo of Patrick and David McDonough. I would say the 2008 “Midsommarfest” was fun and I had a good time. Andersonville is a great town in and of itself. It was a great way to spend my Father’s Day. I hope you spent yours with your family and not gambling at the boat! Patrick McDonough.

Andersonville's "The Monkey Gallery" Store Happy Father's Day Chicago

Andersonville Monkee Store.jpg
I enjoy any store that sells monkeys. Brass monkeys, cloth monkeys, painted monkeys. Every kind of monkey is for sale except a real monkey. This store is located in Andersonville, in Chicago’s 48th Ward. Pictured with my children is Bernie Superfine, the owner, Head Monkey, and Janitor. The Monkey Galley is located at 5238 North Clark Chicago, Illinois 60640. Phone number is 773-738-2248. You can e-mail Bernie at: He also makes custom made jewelry. Photo by Patrick McDonough

David, Patrick, and Michael McDonough learn bike Safety

Chicago Bicyling Ambaassadors Safety.jpg My Children enjoyed the Chicago Andersonville Fest called “Midsommarfest”. Yes it is spelled that way. One of the highlights was the lessons learned on bike safety. The two ambassadors from Mayor Daley’s Safety in Motion were very professional and courteous. They took the time to teach my kids bike safety. I suggest you take their advice and get helmets for your kids. They suggested Working Bikes on Western Avenue in Chicago. They said the prices are reasonable. My problem with this program is the shameless use of taxpayer’s money to promote Mayor Daley. That goon has a big ego for a little guy! Bike safe Chicago! Photo by Patrick McDonough

Boating at the Chain O' Lakes is not allowed due to High Tide

Chain O' Lakes Flood.jpg June 14, 2008. The Chain O’ Lakes in Lake County is an absolute mess. I took my kids to an area that is a launch site off Route 12. The gas pumps are almost under and many people do not have access to their boats. My sons are happy we boat in Wisconsin. The Politics are a disaster in Illinois, and the boating is not much better. We looked to help people sandbagging, but could not find anyone. This is a disaster. Pictured are Patrick, Davis, and Michael McDonough. Photo by Patrick McDonough.