Patrick D. McDonough 1st Place first photo contest

Patrick McDonough 1st Place.jpg
Patrick D. McDonough has entered his first professional photo contest. I brought my best pictures. I won best in landscape and best overall. I won over some of the best photographers in Midwest. This was shot with my Nikon professional series equipment. It will be published in a journal soon. Not bad for my first professional contest! Photo by Patrick McDonough.

2 Replies to “Patrick D. McDonough 1st Place first photo contest”

  1. Pat, you have yet to take your best pic. that’s of Daley with the cuffs on doing the perp walk. Now that would be an awesome picture. I love photography too. I developed color and black and white in thing called a dark room when I was a kid. Kids today don’t even know what a dark room is. Boy has digital made perfection easy. Imagine if you had to develop your own pics still. You would have no free time with the little tike’s………

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