Chicago Homeless Need Our Help Now

I took Patrick McDonough downtown Chicago today to see problems the Newspapers have hidden. In Chicago, we have many people that do not have a home or bed to sleep in tonight. I hope when you see a person beg for some change, you give. Chicago should not have a homeless problem with our high taxes. Chicago should not worry about the Olympics when people starve. Teach your children young to help someone in need. God Bless you this July 4, 2008. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

3 Replies to “Chicago Homeless Need Our Help Now”

  1. Hey Pat, how many times have you seen the same guys standing at the stop lights or on the off ramps for the expressway day in and day out panhandling? They can stand around for 8 to 10 hours a day begging for change but won’t spend the effort to find any kind of job! Gee possibly just to lazy to bother with it??
    (Response) We all might end up there with Daley in control!

  2. Not sure what the point of this blog is. I think you might be crazy, and see the issues through a very narrow lense.

  3. Beautiful. And i’m on your side. There is absolutely NO excuse for people to be cold and hungry! My Family has always taken in homeless people who needed help and Yes there are always those who pan handle but if you choose to let those few who are doing it by choice to make you turn away from and punish those who are on the streets because they have no choice you deserve no better fate then that that which you are leaving those poor people to. Turn the other cheek. if you give $1 to 5 homeless people and even 1 of them turns out to be sincere and benefiting from it it was worth it. We spend soo much money on stupid unnecessary things such as coffee and movies risk a little in order to be selfless and make a difference to someone in need!

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