7 Replies to “What has been done to correct this?”

  1. Well your on the Hydrant truck aren’t you??? Stop rehashing this and get back to work!!

  2. I love how you guys expose the corruption, so “What has been done about this”?
    The answer is so simple “NOTHING” This is what I suggest to correct these “Hydrants” Put on extra crew’s to get these Hydrants fixed before they become frozen and broken, How many more people must die? I have a few suggestions, it only takes a few minutes to check to see if the hydrant works, drains,take a 2 mile grid each way, there are only 2 or 3 hydrants on a block, you could do 2 mile grids each day, report which ones work. and if they are broken fix them noe before winter, if you put on extra crews imagine how safe the city would be at winter time and just maybe a life would not be wasted? How much is the cost you say, well let me say how much is your life worth? So simple.
    I suggest these victims Sue to get the city to do this NOW!!
    (Response) Thank for making sense!

  3. Dig up the drains now and stop caulkers taking plumbers work. Lay off caulkers now.

  4. Patrick, what do you do with the scrap brass after you “jerk” a hydrant???

  5. Daley heads to China next week for a fact finding trip. I guess that means only one thing. More indictments or bad news about the investigation of his sons crooked deals will be coming out next week. Bet on it! “And I’m Len O’ Conner”

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