Alderman Suarez of Chicago's 31st Ward eats on City Time

Alderman Suarez Chicago.jpg Chicago Garbage men and women are under attack by the Chicago Inspector General. Make sure you read this article by Fran Spielman. The all new Chicago Inspector General is developing a reputation under David Hoffman for giving a better bang for a buck. My biggest problem is Mayor Daley purposely underfunding both the I.G. and the Chicago Police Department. Yesterday, the Chicago City Council approved a multi-billion dollar Midway Airport deal. I just do not understand why these Aldermen in Chicago just do not do their jobs. Daley has been handed too much power, the checks and balances are just not in the system. This Alderman has a part time job with full time pay. I have advocated for a long time the large amount of Aldermen in Chicago, this dilutes their power. We need just 25 Aldermen, not a single one more. Back to the trash men and women in Chicago, I do not fault you for taking needed breaks; you deserve every penny you receive. If you have ever followed behind a garbage truck in the summer, the smell from rotten food, watching the sloppy water gush around, maggots and filth is enough to make a sewer worker gag. If you need a break take one. Daley will use this to advance his anti-union cause, which is a shame. I have watched Garbage men and women drive down narrow streets earning every penny they get. Private non-union trash haulers in the suburbs will not have to live in the City of Chicago, they will not be required to abide by the Chicago Residency requirements. The Inspector General have never verified the 50% residency laws private contractors must abide by, and they have never punished private contractors that provide false and misleading addresses. I hope when the smoke settles, David Hoffman looks at all the bosses of these workers and fire these 11th ward bums. I also hope the ones drinking on the job and sitting at home are also fired. Mayor Daley misuses his office, having the wealthy pay his way all over the globe, so the workers are following his selfish example. I think the I.G. should be given the power to investigate the Aldermen now, this chap is making over $100,000.00 a year eating breakfast, while the poor Mexicans in his ward are losing their homes.]]>October 9, 2008
BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter
Chicago garbage collection crews work fewer than six hours a day — and get "paid to do nothing" for 25 percent of their time on the clock — costing taxpayers at least $14.3 million a year, according to an internal investigation denounced as a "witch hunt."
During a 10-ward, 10-week surveillance, Inspector General David Hoffman found that waste and falsification of time in the Bureau of Sanitation is "systemic and pervasive and extends to all wards," aided and abetted by poor supervision by layer upon layer of middle management.
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Laborers and truck drivers whose movements were eyeballed and tracked by undercover investigators were found to be in bars and restaurants, relaxing at home, sitting in their cars or standing around drinking and, in one case, urinating on the street when they were supposed to be hard at work.
Of the 145 laborers whose daily movements were tracked, investigators "did not see a single laborer doing a full day's work." The worst ward had crews slacking off for an average of two hours, 28 minutes a day. In the best-performing ward, laborers were paid to do nothing for one hour, 38 minutes.
When the cost of employee benefits and the price tag for maintaining and fueling trucks is factored in, the annual waste citywide approaches $21 million, the inspector general found.
The malingering is so pervasive, the city could pick up the same amount of garbage with 25 percent fewer employees, provided the survivors work a full 8.5-hour shift with 30 minutes off for lunch.
Hoffman identified "extremely poor supervision" as the "principal cause" for the waste and fraud that Chicago taxpayers can ill afford.
Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Michael Picardi said he was "disgusted" by the findings.
Picardi said he summoned his 50 ward superintendents to a late afternoon meeting, where he read them the riot act and warned of disciplinary action.
"I'm appalled by these findings," he said. "I want to send a clear message to all the employees included in this: You should worry about your job."
But Picardi described the malingerers as "a few bad apples" and insisted that "most" of his 3,000 employees ''put in a full day's work."
"I'm not going to resign. . . . The team doesn't have a lousy record. The team just won an award for national snow removal for the first time in the department's history.''
Lou Phillips, business manager for Laborers Union Local 1001, said it's no accident that Hoffman issued his report at a time when hundreds of laborers are targeted for layoffs to ease a budget crunch.
"Sounds a little bit like a witch hunt to me. They're laying off 1,080 people. Over 300 are members of Local 1001. Read between the lines," he said. "It could be a downed truck. It could be between loads. There's a number of different situations" that could cause down time.

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  1. Suarez held various city jobs before becoming alderman. He worked for Streets and Sanitation, in the mayor’s office as an Administrative Assistant working with Development Action Grants, and Assistant Commissioner of Department of Street and Sanitation.

    In 1989, he was appointed to the Illinois Job Training Coordinating Council, where he advised the governor how to spend the budget for job training.

  2. Don’t they get a lunch breach like everybody else?
    (Response) You forgot to ask how long it was!

  3. Classic bate and switch bullshit.

    Hoffman is daley’s lapdog, no doubt about it.

    The citizens can depend upon being told lies upon lies upon lies, so many that even the liars telling the lies have a hard time remembering the details.

    What, exactly, is the IG authorized to investigate?

    And what is the IG actually investigating?

    The timing of daley seeking to privatize city services, with the inevitable underhanded selection of favored contractors, and this alleged investigation, with it’s conclusions being grossly exaggerated, is no coincidence. It’s all part of the daley shell game.

    If daley really wanted to be fair about reducing the costs to the city’s taxpayers, he’d impose an across the board 10% pay cut on all salaried city employees, with an additional 20% pay cut, on top of the 10%, for all those whose yearly salaries are, say, $70k or more.

    Instead of reducing the city’s workforce, this would retain the manpower at a lower cost.

    Any salaried employees who don’t want to work for less can seek employment elsewhere.

    The patronage employees have enjoyed their advantages for these many years, especially those making $70k+, they should be the ones making a sacrifice to keep their jobs, not the people who work their asses off for an hourly wage.

    If the unionized city workers take this shit with a whimper, it will just reinforce the publics’ perception that this exaggerated nonsense of an investigation is true.

    Garbage collection is hard, dirty work. Anyone who thinks differently has never done it, or any work like it.

    Like the proverbial mailman, those who collect our garbage work their asses off, rain or shine, in the freezing cold of winter and the blistering heat of summer, exposed to decayed and rotting garbage, broken bottles, shit filled pampers and every type of refuse one can imagine, and many types one cannot.

    If there is a God, every last suit wearing slug pilfering our city’s coffers will end up spending their eternity buried in the cosmic version of garbage.

  4. cubs 08 wrote:
    Daley has got some brass calling these people criminals how does this man not get caught
    10/9/2008 10:31 PM CDT on
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    mb79 wrote:
    What about the $ 700,000 boat the taxpayers bought for Street Ops. Can I get a gig like that.
    10/9/2008 6:59 PM CDT on
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    lombo number 5 wrote:
    you should’ve seen the meeting streets and san had. people being call motherf*ers, c*s’ers, all by the great picardi himself!!!

    not too mention the story he embelished about a cityworker that said ‘i ain’t your f*in buddy’when supposedly approached by picardi about being on a cellphone.
    the employee never swore at him. but picardi told it that way to make a point. whatever it was, people in those meetings still don’t know
    picardi lies, lies lies…
    10/9/2008 6:40 PM CDT on
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    ceaser wrote:
    Well one thing is for certain as stated various times, if these laborers and drivers are disciplined to whatever extent for a long period of time or for good, the 7th floor will have no choice to either place laborers from other Bureau’s to work garbage for a limit of two weeks, on a rotation/seniority bases. Or they could put a one man truck in every ward in the city.

    No one answered why is there a Ward Superintendent that still exists in the 42nd Ward? The ward has only one garbage truck.
    10/9/2008 6:06 PM CDT on
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    mb79 wrote:
    cubs 08 – don’t waste your time with these people. Most are trolls looking to stir the pot. Get Mark Brown or John Kass to go out with you this winter. They couldn’t handle it. I dare one to VOLUNTEER ! Dude – There are a lot of people who respect you for what you do. That is why I have been commenting vigorously in your favor lately. And it is pretty easy to sit on the Fifth floor in judgement as you plot your next trip out of the country – or on the Seventh floor of City Hall and only worry about the next round of golf. Some of those folks upstairs better worry that their pasts do not find them out. It’s called Karma and some have been hiding skeletons and cover ups of their own in their closets. Somebody always knows your secrets. Sooner or later you P i s s of the wrong guy and Karma comes your way.
    10/9/2008 5:03 PM CDT on
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    mb79 wrote:
    sickofthem- that is just the illusion the Mayor wants you to believe. It is everybody’s fault but his. He doesn’t want to free up ” Dead Weight ” to give jobs to others. He needs to figure how he and his friends are going to spend that $ 420,000,000 deficit for his Olympics bid. And at everybody’s expense but his. Yes, based on what my friends who work for the City tell me, there are things wrong with the way City Departments are run. Is it the workers fault or Management’s. City Workers can tell you that. The City has DELIBERATELY been being run into the ground for some time. It as if the Mayor has been sabotaging things for the last few years. You would have to work for the City to understand this. None of you do so you don’t know what is really going on. The Mayor wants to use the illusion that he is going to NOW save the taxpayers from the evil employees. When all along, the taxpayers need to be saved from him.

    The Chicago Tribune noted today that not to be judgemental ! Because actually, the average American worker wastes 1hr and 42minutes of their employers time while on the clock( throw in 1/2 to 1 hr. lunch and wow look at the time ). So they are talking about all of us.

    Now repeat this over and over until you have it embedded in your brain : SAY NO TO THE OLYMPICS – SAY NO TO THE OLYMPICS – SAY NO TO THE OLYMPICS – BECAUSE THIS IS WHERE THE $ 420,000,000 DEFICIT IS GOING TO – THE SELECT FEW. If you can’t grasp this, then most of you are a bunch of sheep about to be fed to the wolves.
    10/9/2008 4:50 PM CDT on
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    cubs 08 wrote:
    I am a sanitation laborer and I would like to see Hoffman or some of his rats do my job, maybe send a couple of reporters and some ordinary tax payers to come work with me for a month or so not just one day, come and work with me when it’s ninety five degrees outside or five degrees or when the snow is burying the garbage carts or with the rats in the alleys or the speeding cars flying past me when I’m picking up the curb routes what is the speed limit on side streets any way it must be at least forty mph, the way these people drive is crazy ,and it puts us in a dangerous spot, and for you people in the suburbs you get to choose where you can live our job “Dictates” where we live and you get to send your kids to good suburban schools for free, we pay private tuition because the Chicago schools suck and as you are well aware of Dangerous, so don’t talk about something until you really know the whole story, I work hard and earn my pay check, and this “is” all about the lay off,see it’s like this, I have been on the job for eighteen years, about seven or eight years ago the union and the city implemented a lower pay scale for new hires, these people make about seven dollars an hour less than me, you see,if Daley has a lay off it has to go by seniority and that would mean laying off the lower paid workers,that’s not what he wants he wants to keep these people on the pay roll and get rid of the higher paid laborers, but not just because of the lower pay, it’s mainly because, for about the last ten years or so ninety five percent of people hired in all departments and all positions are members of HDO(Hispanic Democratic Organazation)this is a huge political army and they have all the power, because blacks and whites normally split their votes the hispanic vote gives these politicians the push to win their elections,do you really think they want to lay these people off?no way, the politicians need that vote,which they will lose if the HDO workers lose their jobs,so please don’t talk about something you really don’t have the whole story on,now of course there are lazy and bad employees on the city,but isn’t there bad employees everywhere?So come on Mr.Hoffman come work with me for a couple of months and then write your report.I can go on forever about this so that’s all I have.For now
    10/9/2008 4:33 PM CDT on
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    sickofthem wrote:
    Holy cow, I actually agree with Daley on this one.They should crack down and get rid of the dead weight.That would free up a job for someone who really wants and needs one.
    10/9/2008 4:23 PM CDT on
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    gloria alreds camera wrote:
    The good Rev Meeks should rally the troops and surround City Hall with garbich trucks as a show of support for all of the public who are being unfairly serviced by Streets and San. Maybe if Todd Stroger was running this department it would be better. At least all of his family would be working on the payroll.
    10/9/2008 3:58 PM CDT on
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    lori wrote:
    TRUE STORY: Years ago, I used to ride the Metra Electric train from the burbs to the Radolph Street station. One day, the train made a request only stop and I swear there was a guy sitting in a City of Chicago vehicle, parked between two leafy trees, smoking what looked to be a crack pipe. I looked right at him and he blew a kiss to me so I know he saw me. The man sitting next to me on the train saw him also. This was 11:30 in the AM!
    10/9/2008 3:56 PM CDT on
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  5. the great and powerful oz wrote:
    if commissioner picardi had only taken his eyes off his newly appointed 6’+ blonde giraffe for a deputy position that was created while a hiring and promotions freeze was still in effect earlier this year, he would’ve spent more time on the streets to keep abreast of the situation.
    10/9/2008 3:32 PM CDT on
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    kz girl wrote:
    Why only worry about the garbage crews when there are complete construction crews, road workers, etc. sitting in bars all day every day getting paid. I have seen it and they brag about it. Only in the city of Chicago would this be tolerated at our tax dollars expense.
    10/9/2008 2:50 PM CDT on
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    uptown9 wrote:
    Daley is responsible for all this mess. He
    created a culture of cronyism, favoritism, nepotism and outright corruption by way of his illegal patronage army. City workers
    being dedicated to his re-election in order to get and keep plum city jobs. Slacking isn’t the only problem, either. His constant stream of revenue schemes is harming the most vulnerable citizens. that he is directly responsible for. He’s the mayor so, he is ultimately responsible.
    But, he is like teflon. Chicagans can’t seem to get enough of the abuse from City Hall—-“Sir, may I have another”
    10/9/2008 2:13 PM CDT on
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    michael sullivan wrote:
    Maybe if we had a Constitutional Convention, we could have recalls like in California. Then maybe Little Richie wouldn’t take so many fact finding vacations.

    Remember to vote for Barack Hussein Obama and Anita HDO Alvarez, so Daley can have even more power! Remember when Obama endorsed Dale’s re-election? A vote for Obama is a vote for Daley!
    10/9/2008 2:09 PM CDT on
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    citizen d wrote:
    Streets and Sanitation is a wasteful burden on the City. This deptartment is so poorly MANAGED that you need a “sponsor” to get hired.

    10/9/2008 2:03 PM CDT on
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    michael sullivan wrote:
    Daley is wrong. Picardi has done a bad job, everybody knows that. What do we have to do to get through to Mayor Mumbles, take our pants off? Everybody knows that. Right. Sure, everybody knows that.
    Did you notice these wards were all the clout heavy, connected wards? If little Richie and baby Mike can’t handle the 11th ward (Bridgeport aka the Irish ghetto), should we really trust them with the tens of billions of dollars of the city Budget, O’Hare expansion, and the Olympics?
    Baby Mike Picardi started out as a driver in sanitation. He knows all about the dead time between loads. Why doesn’t he have the extra drivers and equipmentmen drive out relief trucks so the laborers keep working? Or are these extra employees all busy picking up “sangwitches” and italian ice for the 2000 exempt personnel sitting around not supervising? Layoff some of the 2000 if the City needs money to hire relief garbage truckdrivers.
    10/9/2008 2:00 PM CDT on
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    billy buoy wrote:
    What was the line in the story “Daley prides himself as a good City Manager”…oh really?

    He could have done a simple MBWA “management by walking around” at anytime these last years and seen:

    *Trucks idling that he was paying for

    *Streets and Sanitation workers not doing street nor sanitation work during the day.

    Simply by walking or driving around his corrupt, violent, overtaxed, patronage driven City.

    “Everybody knows that”.

    Is it just me, or is he getting dumber with each passing story coming out by the Media he so detests?

    I love his line how no one in the Media ever gets disciplined—-ask Amy Jacobson how her no discipline has been working for her.

    10/9/2008 1:53 PM CDT on
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    chicago75 wrote:
    I think it’s about time something be done. It’s all these city Union jobs that promote laziness that are costing us money. From the lazy cop sleeping in his car in an alley, to the two guys it takes to move a chair at the convention center. Anyone ever been to the DMV, thats the worst run and I think slowest people ever. They milk the hours, work the least for good pay. Start holding these Unions accountable, most of their officials collect money and do nothing. Put them to work for a change
    10/9/2008 1:51 PM CDT on
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    citizen d wrote:
    DALEY BLAMING THE LITTLE GUY AGAIN. dALEY DO YOU THINK WE ARE DUMB? obviuosly you do or you wouldn’t say the things you say!
    10/9/2008 1:45 PM CDT on
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    citizen d wrote:
    The ENTIRE department needs to be eliminated. The managers have allowed this to go on too long. The upper management should be FIRED and lose their Pensions. CLOUT IS WHAT’S COSTING THIS CITY IT’S BUDGET! CUT THE CLOUT OUT!
    10/9/2008 1:39 PM CDT on

  6. forestpkguy wrote:
    Its about time… I have family in city jobs and this has been going on sence i was a kid… Cop’s are the worse..I could write a book about what they do on the job.. time to get some new blood in office..
    10/9/2008 1:25 PM CDT on
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    franr wrote:
    Reply to “fourchange”
    Suburbanites are probably concerned about Chicago, because if the suburb you live in happens to be in Cook County, we have to pay for all your thieves… like King Daley and our man Todd Stroger. Unfortunately, these are the facts.

    I can tell you that the garbage situation on in the 2 suburbs I have lived in are just fine, and that is probably because they are done by private firms.

    10/9/2008 1:24 PM CDT on
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    rosiee wrote:
    HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Why is this such a shocking scandal? This is not a new developement. I have lived in Chicago all my life and the garbage man who lived next door was always home in the middle of the day 40 years ago. Don’t you think for a minute that everyone in management wasn’t aware of this practice? Of course they are and should be the first to go. All the guys on the trucks are doing is what they were trained to do, by their fathers or brothers or uncles or cousins or precint captains,etc,etc.
    10/9/2008 1:17 PM CDT on
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    citizen d wrote:
    Tourism is down because Chicago is a tax gouging city. My relatives that use to live here won’t come back to visit because the taxes are too high. To rent a car and hotel is too expensive. I have a sibling who came to visit once and was shocked about the tax and got a parking ticket on the rental car which was not fair, they said no more. Everywhere I go Chicago is known for being overpriced. Florida loves us for sending them tourist and I believe they have no State tax.
    10/9/2008 1:17 PM CDT on
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    pa wrote:
    I also have lived in Chicago or south suburbs all my life. The garbage and other city workers ,state workers Federal all go through this shake up every once and a while.That’s a good thing remind them they do have better jobs than the 50% of americians making 32,000.00 a year or less.I am too Old to pick up Garbage in Chicago but it is time to help the people who have been run off jobs becuase of labor problems
    Or worse yet treated the harraser better than the harasse.
    10/9/2008 1:10 PM CDT on
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    fourchange wrote:
    Why are you suburbanites so concerned about what goes on in Chicago? I imagine everyone is so honest ALL THE TIME where you live.
    10/9/2008 1:08 PM CDT on
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    fourchange wrote:
    I imagine all the slackers are working today. Their fellow co-workers (who always work hard everyday) are probably going — finally!
    10/9/2008 1:06 PM CDT on
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    ron lilly wrote:
    Lou Phillips, business manager for Laborers Union Local 1001 left out
    from his comment THAT POSSIBLY the garbage crews were not working because
    that is the way it has always been
    done in the past!!
    10/9/2008 12:51 PM CDT on
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    dmc wrote:
    I remember Daley promising privitizing,
    would save the city of Chicago, money.
    It hasn’t, Chicago’s in the worst debt,
    under this pitiful Dumb Daley. Yet, he blames it on the lack of tourism.When will Chicagoans wake up, and elect an intelligent mayor? Stop electing politicians because of their familiar names, and start electing politicians for the qualifications!!!!!
    10/9/2008 12:50 PM CDT on
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    mr rude wrote:
    The citizens of Chicago need to vote out Mayor Shortshanks. NOW !
    10/9/2008 12:42 PM CDT on

  7. citizen d wrote:
    Sorry about the typo’s I’m so passionate about how the blame is always shifted.
    What were the Managers doing when they should have been checking on the crews. This is standard operation procedure for Streets and San. The little guy isn’t the blame as much as the management team is.
    10/9/2008 12:36 PM CDT on
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    citizen d wrote:
    Overall Management has allowed this to go on for years. It is overall MANAGEMENT IS TO BLAME, that’s what management does. If the managers can’e manage then let someone slse have that job. The workers do what they’re allowed to do.

    Witch hunt or not you know the truth! Redlight cameras are a “witch hunt” looking for drivers the Cops don’t catch.

    Fire the Managers for not managing. Are you too afraid to fire the ones responsible because they are “Friends and Family” or you want a fall guy? THIS IS WHAT IT IS!
    10/9/2008 12:28 PM CDT on
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    northside irish wrote:
    When they’re through with the trash collectors they should focus their investigation on the rest of Streets & San. Go find a light blue truck on any corner in the city and you will find 2 or 3 guys inside reading the paper or napping.
    10/9/2008 12:26 PM CDT on
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    no2obamabidenladen wrote:
    Why doesn’t his majesty King Daley get rid of the bloated beaurcrats in city hall and cook county. Those crooks loaf on the job just as much (if not more), and then have the audacity to vote themselves a nice fat pay raise, all the while raising OUR taxes to the highest in the nation. Do us all a favor King Richy, why don’t YOU go out and collect trash for a day and work for an honest day’s pay for once in your golden spoon fed life.
    10/9/2008 12:22 PM CDT on
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    george wrote:
    Of course it is not your fault Mr. mayor, yo uwere too busy courting the Olypics in China and spending last week swimming in the Black Sea.

    It is my fault, me Joe Taxpayer. I hired them, or at least you and expected work in return for pay and benefits.

    Of course, Picardi has done a good job “everybody knows that” …. J-Fed is doing a good job too WE AL KNOW THAT too!

    When iis the next time we get to re-elect Mayor Daley? This guy is a clown! Evrybody is wrong execpt him.

    I got more news for RMD…. the budget crisis stared way before Hoffman started his probe 10 weeks ago you idiot! Quit listening to lackeys and open your eyes when you ride around in that City owned limo with your 8 bodygaurds in tow. We all know you are safe as well as Maggie. Don’t woryy about the rest of us… if we don’t get klled in the streets, we will be evicted when we cannot pay our increasing taxes.
    10/9/2008 12:10 PM CDT on
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    joejoe1 wrote:
    Daley Can’t fire all of these workers he would lose all of his loyal campaign workers. The ones you only see around election time telling you to vote for Daley’s picks! Silly Mayor you can’t get rid of your partronage army!!! They are your guys!! This is Chicago to the core!!
    10/9/2008 12:09 PM CDT on
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    glong wrote:
    I’ve lived in Chicago the bulk of my life, and I’ve seen City Crews of varying types (gargbage, water, potholes, etc) display the behavior mentioned – and it never was an issue until now. Amazing what potentially having the Olympics come her can do for city services – maybe we should have put in to host earlier – imagine the work that could have been addressed!!??
    10/9/2008 12:04 PM CDT on

  8. This goes on all the time. So what as long as the garbage gets picked up. Our bailiff Honest Ralph Fe*** takes 4 hour lunches all the time.

  9. Pat, did you know…

    Ray Suarez is a puppet who is controlled by Joseph Barrios 31st Ward Committee Man, The powerful Boss of the Board of Appeals Department (Real Estate Taxes Reduction) in which the F.B.I. took control or supervised of the above Department for corruption.

    Ray Suarez can not make a decision without Mr. Barrio’s authorization…that kind of makes Mr. Suarez the 31st Ward number one precinct Captain.

    Speaking of corruption 31st Ward Superintendent Willie Aquino is extremely abusive to all his laborers and drivers, violating Violence in the Work Place Personal Rule and Regulations.

    Mr. Aquino owns a vast amount of Real Estate throughout the 31st Ward. Mr. Aquino drives around and finds homeowners doing home renovations and then calls his friends in the Building Department to shut the homeowners down.

    Mr. Aquino then starts making deals to buy these troubled properties at rock bottom prices. Mr. Aquino further uses City Garbage Trucks, Laborers, and Drivers to pick up construction debris at his buildings or investment properties on a regular basis’s. Mr. Aquino goes as far as to make the laborers enter his property to gut or remove the construction debris’s.

    Mr. Aquino also provides these services to his friends. Mr. Ford from the Inspector Generals Office was investigating these charges.

    We all know those that are politically sponsored by politicians get a pass, just ask Tommy Johnson (District 3 Superintendent) whom the I.G. recommended to the Mayors Office that Mr. Johnson be terminated. Isaac Crothers (29th Ward Alderman) came to Mr. Johnson’s rescue in order to preserve his job even though the I.G. had overwhelming evidence.

    Mr. Aquino further falsifies his Work Sheet (work performed) on a daily basis. When snow command is in effect Mr. Aquino can be found sleeping in his office instead of patrolling the inside routes. Mr. Aquino never or rarely comes out to supervise his Ward during a snow storm.


    Ps. The garbage truck scandal is a witch hunt to justify the Mayors “Layoff’s” and to put “one laborer” on each garbage truck. Have you ever try to carry a full size coach by yourself?, walk up and down a hot burning alley with no trees for shelter, walk in an alley with two feet of snow and ice, brushing or pushing Rats, Roaches, Maggots etc. off your face or body? The City is way over managed, start there, cut the inefficiency and huge wages!!!

  10. We are in a depression now and Daley still is spending our money like water. The next mayor after him will inherit a giant gaping hole.

  11. I am taking over for obsessed with Daley while obsessed with Daeley works with a crack investigation team re-opening Pat’s residency case.

    It is funny that Pat mention residency, accountability and the IG ibnthe same post. My obsession is to exposes Pat lack of self-accountability and his double talk.

    If we recall he was terminated for residency and failure to cooperate with in the inspector general.

    We know Pat somehow beat the residency charge before the Personnel/Now HR Board. However if you notice Pat thinks the HR board is controlled by the Mayor( just not in Pat’s case).

    However Pat was found guilty of failure to cooperate with the IG. Now Pat wants everyone to cooperate and report things to the IG except of course Pat. His defense was why should I have to cooperate with the IG when they are out to get me. Pat does not hold hinself acountable but yet it is required in atleast two city laws that employees must cooperate with the IG.

    Now for his non cooperation Pat got a 6 months suspension.However since he was off longer he got some $$$.

    Now of course he has a lawsuit against the city saying I dont have to cooperate with the IG, but everyone else has to an I deserve more $$$. If he does some how prevail it will cost all of us more $$$ in taxes for his non coperation.

    In upcomming post we will review Pat’s name on the clout list, his loafing on the job, is favorite hang outs in Lake Forest and why he wants everyone else to buy in chicago while he boats out of state. Best of all we will use Pat’s own post to show how he is non accounable and his double standards.
    (Response) We should try this in Federal Court. I did cooperate with the Inspector General you silly goose! You did not see me retire to avoid an investigation!

  12. Below is one of Pat responses in recent post

    Please correct me if I am wrong but did not some of these former employes had their discharge cases heard at the Personnel/HR Board? If so and the board up held the firing, there was just cause. If so, how are you going to get around that.? It makes anythng else very hard to prove. Oh and to be a whistleblower the employer has not know you were blowing the whistle before your discharge?
    (Response) I am not going to try the case here. Contact a lawyer if you are confused with the law, or wait until you get fired and watch your Union sell you down the river. Good Luck.

    Posted by: confused | October 4, 2008 7:08 PM

    In this posting some asked a simple question which went to the heart of his post and Pat refused to answer.

    Once again the HR Board found that Pat did not cooperate.However the did find he was not in violation of the residency law. Let see if Pat will explain why the HR Board is right on one side of his case and wrong on the other side?

    (Response) I am sorry by you will need to wait like everyone else. We will all wait until court. You will not want to miss the court dates!

  13. Will you did just prove something that you are no journalist and this blog is Jounalistic property as you onceagain edited the post and left out vital information. I am sure you wont mind if this is paased along to proper personnel to prove you are no jounalist.
    (Response) Please take the time to edit your posts. Unreal.

  14. All these comments referencing the decisions and opinions of the HR board imply that the HR board’s decisions are as ‘from God’s lips to our ears’, which is to say, infallible.

    Hardly an accurate assessment of the HR board’s essential nature, given that this board consists of daley machine hack loyalists.

    If the complaining posters don’t like someone availing themselves of the legal processes, then these posters should reassess their past choices of representatives in our city, state and federal legislatures and judiciaries.

    And, if they, the complaining posters, find that to be too challenging a task, perhaps relocating to a country devoid of elective democracy might be a more effective solution to their problem of not respecting the rule of law.

  15. Hey Pat you get 30 ninutes for lunch right? HOw do you know how long he was there if he was there longer than 30 minutes?

    Alderman get 1 hours for lunch Pat.

    CC IGO

    (RESPONSE) It is a part-time job, he can eat anytime he wants. A multi-billion dollar plan was pasted that day. Alderman do not care!

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