Four Weekends in a row for Jesse Canet! (only 16 hours O.T.)

Watermain accident chicago.jpg
Jesse Canet worked overtime again today for many hours. The City of Chicago has broken water mains all over and one site at Courtland today had over 5 accidents including a car that went into a gate for the junk yard. If you know Daley, tell him having Chicago Department of Water Management employees taking days off costs more in the long run. I hope Chicago drivers slow down when water mains break in the street; in this cold it is called black ice! Patrick McDonough.

4 Replies to “Four Weekends in a row for Jesse Canet! (only 16 hours O.T.)”

  1. I tried leaving this comment on Carol (the phony) Marin’s blog at the Sun-times and it would not allow it to go through. SO CAROL
    Carol, enough of your screeching and complaining about crooked pols. Your bite is phony. I have stopped buying the Suntimes because of their being a two sided coin. You bitch about the crooked politicians but yet when you are alone in the election booth you, along with your paper endorse these crooks. Phewwy on you and your biased paper. Daley’s son has a crooked secret contract with the city and when asked about this, if his son had anymore contracts with the city Daley said “I don’t know”. And not another word out of a phony like you. Go collect your check and go home without being real like you have always done. You have not one inch to disagree with me!You phony!

  2. Thank you for getting your crew out Mr. McDonough on Sunday! We had no water on Saturday, thanks for waiting until Sunday! You can not have a crew work during the Jewish Holidays or I would wring Daley’s neck! I know it cost double time, please do not call the OIG. Shalom.

  3. Louie the new guy got 16 hours of double time today. Jesse Canet is really mad, i will bet!THAT IS ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY SIX DOLLARS! Nice job for one day!

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