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  1. jim osborne wrote:
    January 10, 2009


    The Daley Administration never was interested in cleaning up the corruption in the Hired Truck Program. They were only interested in managing the cover up. Any money that was collected by Bob Benson was an additional irritation to the Daley insiders that wanted business as usual to be restored. The Hired Truck corruption was only a small portion of the overall Daley Administration Managed Corruption in Chicago. Yes, I said Daley Administration managed corruption. The managed corruption is everywhere. For decades the Daley family had little worry about detection of their family generated corruption. The appointment of Patrick Fitzgerald an outsider rocked the boat. There is substantially enough currently available and offered to Patrick Fitzgerald indict Daley and a score of his current and former high placed Aids. It is however baffling why he has been reluctant to proceed against Daley. Absolutely nothing of substance has transpired since the day that the Sorich Conviction was announced. I will write more on that later.

    I personally witnessed the overt corruption in the Water Department. I reported it as an Assessor inside of Water Collection opening new accounts and dispatching Field Assessors and Plumbing Inspectors to investigate properties that were illegally not metered or those that were not paying a bill at all. The response was to threaten my life and job. I found millions of dollars that were not being collected in Water Collection from thousands of properties. Virtually none of it has ever been collected even though the Daley Administration has had a substantial portion of the corruption information since 1998. The Daley Administration was not interested in collecting lost revenue in the Water Department and investigating the fraud involved by Water Department employees that had been carefully placed by the Daley Administration in positions to actually protect the water thieves and those that were eliminating billing for friends, family and personal gain from being discovered.

    When I came under attack for dispatching plumbing inspectors and field assessors to investigate properties that were not paying for water service or substantially underpaying I notified the Mayor of Chicago repeatedly in a series of letters sent VIA Certified Mail with a return receipt. The Mayor of Chicago was notified of the corruption in detail. The response was complete silence. I should relate that I have been told that these letters were among the documents that were seized by Federal Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. I can not substantiate that Fitzgerald has them, because I am waiting 7 years and 28 days for an FBI Agent that he sent to talk to me. He must have been from out of town or got mugged on the way to see me. Fitzgerald has had at least 45 pages of my corruption records sent to him VIA Fax on December 13, 2001. He politely responded that the FBI would contact me. Subsequent letters complaining about the non responsive FBI in Chicago sent VIA Certified Mail – Return Receipt have received no response. Telephone calls to the FBI received outrageous responses from those answering the telephone and in one case from a Chinese woman pretending to be an FBI Agent. Perhaps I got Daley’s Office of Governmental Affairs by mistake.

    Daley’s former Inspector General Alexander Vroustouris and Corporation Council Maura Mutz AKA Georges and their offices actually participated in the cover up of the theft of municipal revenue and the fraud in the Water Department. The Chicago Inspector General’s Office under Vroustouris and the Corporation Counsel’s office along with other elements of the Daley Administration actually engaged in racketeering, obstruction of justice, fraud, and mail fraud to cover up the criminal activity occurring in the Water Department. Naturally Mutz AKA Georges and Vroustouris will both deny my accusation if they should be confronted. I challenge both of them to take a polygraph exam if they refute their activities. I wrote letters to Daley and all 50 Chicago Aldermen explaining why Vroustouris should be fired as Inspector General and then prosecuted. Naturally I got no response from the Mayor or any of the 50 Aldermen many of which I have known for decades. Not one was willing to rock the boat and ask for an investigation. Those that are attorneys should remember their responsibilities as officers of the court in regard to corruption.

    When Vroustouris was finally replaced by Inspector General David Hoffmann I provide Hoffmann with several hundred pages of bound documentation on the corruption taking place in the Water Department. I also offered to provide more. To date the offer of more information on the corruption inside of the Water Department has not been answered. The cover up continues.

    Unfortunately the cover up has even extended to the News Media in Chicago. While trucks that make noise and sound bites have been popularly featured, complex managed corruption inside of the Water Department and the “Hitler or Stalin” like tactics used by the Daley Administration to cover up the existence of the criminal activity has not garnered much attention. Perhaps it has looked like too much work for many of the media people that I have talked to. Since the Daley Administration has controlled everything from aldermanic appointments of more than 60% of the City Council, to judicial appointments and slating of candidates for most offices it would also be feasible that the fifth floor of city hall is also controlling editorial boards that do not allow most reporters to investigate and publish corruption articles. I should publish the list of reporters and media people that have ignored the most significant amount of Chicago corruption, theft of municipal revenue and fraud from an insider in a sensitive position.

    My contention is that the corruption is massive. It is also continuing and growing instead of diminishing with the 46 plus convictions secured by the Federal Attorneys. There are not enough Federal Attorneys or FBI Agents in the entire United States to tackle all of the Daley Administration corruption. Unfortunately since President George Bush decided that he would travel to Chicago to have his birthday party here with Mayor Richard M. Daley, I have witnessed no indictments or serious investigations into the Daley Administration organized corruption. Is the Daley Administration now above the law?

    When the President of Mexico was invited to Chicago, where was the Federal Attorney? Was Daley conspiring with the President of Mexico to block extradition of Marco Morales the federal witness that fled to Mexico to avoid testimony that might lead to an indictment of Daley? How could the United States Attorney General miss such an inappropriate meeting? Perhaps he was too busy trying to give Patrick Fitzgerald falsified performance rating. Still I can not believe that Daley got away with witness tampering.

    While Patrick Fitzgerald has produced a significant number of indictments and convictions he has entirely ignored the Dirty Dick Daley Mob Institutionalized Corruption since the Bush Daley birthday party. Why????? Again I ask, is the Daley Administration above the law? If not I will publicly offer to give you a Chicago city corruption tour.

    I will begin the tour for Fitzgerald and Grant on the south east corner of Broadway and Surf Streets. I will tell you to look at the building with 5 restaurants and a beauty salon that is 25 years old. It is a nice building. Then I will tell you that in the 25 years that the building is on this corner with 5 restaurants and a beauty salon that it has managed to not pay for even one glass of water. In 25 years of records I can not find any payment of property taxes on this building worth as much as $3 million dollars. What I do find are a long sequence of bankruptcy filings. Every time that a bankruptcy is filed the property is bought for taxes in another company name. The actual owner’s name, the man that collects the rent never has his name on the property record. The tax deeds issued are all sent to the same office of the man that collects the rent. He always collects the rent. He never pays for water and taxes on a $3 million dollar building.

    Once this property actually had the water shut off for non payment of the bill. It had been posted for water service termination for non payment of $15,000.00 in water billing. The man that collects the rent went to the Water Department at 333 S. State Street in the same building where Bob Benson worked. The real owner issued a $2,000.00 check and was able to have the water service restored. Naturally the check bounced and no effort was ever made to collect the money for the bad check or prosecuted the man for issuing a bad check. Instead the clerk that had issued the shut off order was abruptly transferred to another undesirable job for offending a Daley Mob insider who has mastered the art of not paying for water or taxes. The real owner of this property probably has more than a thousand properties in Chicago during the last 25 years and I suspect that most of them had similar situations with non payment of water billing and elimination of taxes. How does he get away with defrauding the City of Chicago? Who are the cooperating conspirators that are allowing him to run up huge water bills without paying? Who is the Chicago city attorney that files Water Department liens against the property, but makes no effort to have the water shut off or the bill collected? This is the same Water Department attorney sent to talk to me by former Deputy Commissioner Viria Holland when I reported the billing irregularity to her in 1998. She was outraged that I thought that there was a problem with this account. I knew about the problems because I had been sent to read the meter prior to the water service termination. I did not know at the time that the attorney was involved in putting liens on the property. I have since learned that this attorney’s husband is on the Staff of Mayor Richard M. Daley. Who does this little man with such a successful plot pay inside the Daley Administration to continue the process? Federal Attorney Fitzgerald and FBI Agent in Charge Grant should meet me on the corner of Broadway and Surf and take my tour.

    A second stop on the corruption tour could be the building at 1546 W. Cortez that is or was owned by Ernie Wish, Daley’s former head of the Department of Revenue and the Boot Meister that established the crooked Department of Revenue boot program to extort money from Chicagoans for phony violations. This program is just another version of the Greylord corruption. Meanwhile Ernie has a building that has no record of paying for water service. The only available record was a line on a 1948 map showing that there was an account at the address and the meter control number. In 1998 the water theft was discovered while he was Director of Revenue for the City of Chicago and Head of the DePaul University Alumni Association. Suddenly he changed jobs and became Illinois State Superintendent of Public Instruction for Governor George Ryan. Ernie was back billed $4,600.00 for the 4 flat based on a fixture count for 5 years. Nothing was however paid. He got another year of free water before any water was paid for.

    I could take the Feds to Bridgeport Village and show them how it all sprung up without permits or metered water service and probably without property index numbers to pay taxes. I could show them the homes of the Daley insiders. I could take them to the north side and show them several thousand relatively new properties that were constructed by a company owned by an Alderman that have been granted plumbing permits that violate Municipal Code and show them the absence of water meters for many square blocks with many properties lacking property index numbers. There is no end to the Institutionalized Corruption. It has only escalated during the time that Fitzgerald has been in Chicago. For every Daley mobster that he indicts there are 100 more that he should be investigating.

    If Fitzgerald and Grant do not want to go so far away from their offices I could even give them a tour of 333 S. State Street and show them what records to seize. I could take them to the Recorder of Deeds office and show them what documents that they need to obtain. I could show them the desk where the unmarked envelops full of cash were dropped for the Dirty Dick Daley Mob Bagman. I could take them to the Jardine Filtration Plant past the sleeping guards hired by Daley and show them where the records of corruption for many Water Department accounts are hidden. I could take them to the Building Department Conference Room and show them where more of the Water Department records of corruption are hidden. I could show them where the falsified performance ratings are stored that were dictated from the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs to eliminate job holders for Victor Reyes to have positions to fill for his Hispanic Democratic Organization the name chosen for Daley’s new political friends in his attempt to circumvent the Shakman Accord. I can even give them the list of performance ratings for each of the Water Rate Takers and Assessors pre-determined and dictated to supervisors. I could take them for a stroll down Taylor Street and show them how the family of a Cook County Circuit Judge is allowed to have an interest in a property that has no property tax records or property index number. How do you own a 4 flat in Chicago and not pay any taxes? I could take them to the old Taylor Street office of Daley’s Alderman, Burt Natarus who operated his Taylor Street office along with Cook County States Attorney Dick Devine in a building that was illegally not metered for water service but also has a rear building that has not paid taxes in my lifetime, just like the building directly east of it. I could even take them down the street to Leona’s Taylor Street a restaurant with good pizza that had no ice water from opening day until 2000. There only water was “hot water” stolen by pretending to be a single family home with a senior citizen instead of a restaurant serving ice water and using a lot of water. The property has had a history of not paying for water. Back in 1974 this restaurant was Joe Prisco’s Coffee Shop which was the first Illinois Lottery Outlet. In 1974 the property was already stealing water. The Daley Administration has not only defended providing this restaurant with virtually free water for 3 decades, but have blatantly provided more free water and no back billing after discover of the 30 year water theft. After the property was discovered without a water meter operating under the most common name on Chicago Water Department records: Owner/Occupant a member of the owner’s family that ran Customer Service in the Water Department at 333 S. State suddenly changed jobs and was hidden away near Commissioner Judy Rice at the Jardine Water Treatment Facility handling Water Department Personnel Records. This business and the property owners received more than 20 years of virtually free water. Their Prodigal son was promoted up and finally hidden away at 333 S. State on the 4th floor with a high paying job that resulted in an enormous pension. He too is in the Daley family database from a family related to the D’Arco family. This is an example of theft of municipal revenue and fraud inside of the Water Department. It is not an isolated case. There are thousands more. The Daley Administration of father and son have created these water revenue thefts and Richard M. Daley and his Administration work more diligently to cover up the criminal activity than they do on anything else.

    As for Bob Benson and Inspector General David Hoffmann, they were only intended to be “window dressing” to give the illusion that the Daley Administration was actually trying to clean up the corruption. Unfortunately some of us know the truth and have paid dearly from the Dirty Dick Daley Mob retaliation. It is Institutionalized Corruption controlled by the Mayor’s Office and his flock of genuflect and steal political hacks.

    A perfect example of the overt abuse of a city employee is the case of ( A fool) before the rigged Chicago Personnel Board. I have witnessed most of the Personnel Board Hearing. All of the Personnel Board Members were appointed by Richard M. Daley and the Hearing Officer’s serve at his whim. (A fool) an exemplary employee was fired from his job in the Water Department with false charges. His attorney was barred from attending his preliminary Water Department hearing by the same Chicago Attorney that files the liens against the property at Broadway and Surf and then eliminates the water billing when the man buys his property at a tax sale in a different name. ( A fool) was fired and the Personnel Board sustained the complaint brought against him with falsified reports and testimony. He was fortunate to have two super attorneys represent him. Terry Brunner the former head of the Chicago Better Government Association came out of retirement in New Mexico and has been flying to Chicago to represent ( A Fool) ‘pro bono” along with a terrific attorney named Frank Avila. The principal witness against him Jan Peska quit her city job and moved to Florida after she had been subpoenaed. The City of Chicago knew that she was quitting her job and moving out of state and did nothing to force her to testify in accordance with the subpoena. This was just another one of the Daley Administration’s “good people” as he calls them. For the Daley Administration this case is just another serious breach of the law. This Personnel Board head has a vested interest in doing Daley’s bidding. He is receiving several million dollars for funding programs in his church from the Daley Administration. The other Personnel Board members have similar conflicts as do the hearing officers. The entire Personnel Board should be eliminated at a substantial savings. Their proceedings are a farce. Federal Attorney Fitzgerald and FBI Agent in Charge Grant should be introduced to the Personnel Board also. The Personnel Board only rules the way that the Daley Administration wants them to rule. They are an administrative tool of the Pervasive Personnel Conspiracy that has cost the City of Chicago probably more than $20,000,000.00 in legal fees and settlement of the Shakman Accord law suit. Michael Shakman and friends saw the violations of the Shakman Accord law suit from the captured Sorich List, but they neglected to comprehend just how the Daley Administration was using the Inspector General’s Office under Alexander Vroustouris, the Personnel Board, and the Corporation Counsel’s Office under Maura Mutz AKA Georges, plus special employees in each department used to target city employees for elimination. This was the “dark side” of the Pervasive Personnel Conspiracy. The Sorich List was only a small snapshot of the operation that existed. The missing list could be reconstructed from the records of investigations that took place under Inspector General Alexander Vroustouris and the employees that were brought before the Personnel Board. There were not enough vacant city jobs to supply the minions of new friend of Richard M. Daley marching for Victor Reyes, and pretending to be precinct captains. Employees had to be eliminated to provide jobs for the Sorich Clout List and the various lists kept by Victor Reyes before Sorich replaced him. How many people were illegally eliminated from employment with the City of Chicago by the Dirty Dick Daley Gestapo operation and their complimentary kangaroo court called the Chicago Personnel Board? From my perspective most of these folks belong in an orange jump suit, and just not Robert Sorich. It is amazing that such an operation could exist in the United States without serious prosecution. Of course when you control every facet of life in Chicago like Daley does getting him prosecuted and convicted is absurdly difficult.

    Meanwhile the City of Chicago is operated for friends family and personal gain. Friend of the Daley Administration often do not pay for water service, taxes or business license. They often do not obtain building permits or obtain permits to attach to municipal water lines. They routinely violate municipal codes. Recently thousands of new properties have been constructed city wide without having required water meters. Many of them do not even have Cook County Property Tax Index Numbers so they are not paying property taxes even several years after they have been built. Other properties have been built without paying for water service. Even after more than 50 convictions since Patrick Fitzgerald came to Chicago it has been business as usual in city that wants to have an Olympic Games. Chicago is so crooked that if an Olympic Games came to town the Daley Administration would hall away all of the Gold Medals just like they are preparing to do with Municipal Pension Funds. Where else could you appoint members of the Pension Boards and then have them vote to give your nephew control of $67 million in Municipal Pension Funds to invest and even give him $996,000.00 every year to make the investments. If most of us went out and tried to borrow $67 million to invest the first question that we would hear before the horrendous laugh would be what collateral do you have? In the case of the Daley nephew he got a $67 million dollar interest free loan and was paid nearly a million dollars a year to cart off Municipal Pension Funds without having any liability if he loses all of the money, steals it, or gets it stolen or loses it in the construction site at the old Chicago Defender building whose owner he has given $1 million in Municipal Pension Funds to purchase the building and renovate it into a restaurant. This is the same Daley insider that has the restaurant in Millennium Park that was not paying for gas, water, garbage removal or taxes. It is the same restaurant owner that was operating a restaurant out of a Chicago Fire Station without paying for water and probably pretending to be a fire station for tax purposes.

    There is no question that Federal Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and FBI Agent in Charge Grant need a Chicago City Tour. I will also offer a tour to any legitimate industrious reporter or Chicago Newspaper Editorial Board member that is not on the Daley payroll.
    Short of occupation by federal troops and invoking RICCO Statutes against the City of Chicago I see no solution to the Institutionalized Corruption of the Dirty Dick Daley Mob.

    Poor Chicago deserves better government. The poor tax payers deserve a level playing field that does not reward Daley insiders free water and free taxes for decades requiring them to pay more.

    After the troops and RICCO attorneys arrive Chicago should be thinking of eliminating 35 of the 50 Alderman positions plus their staffs and more than 30 of the Streets and Sanitation Ward Yards. Chicago should be eliminating most of the Assistant Commissioners and all of the phony titled positions of the State Representatives and State Senators that are double dipping at the public trough. There should be term limitations for all Chicago Aldermen and elimination of the Mayor’s office in favor of a paid city manager. The more than 29 people in the Mayor’s office receiving more than $100,000.00 a years should be eliminated. The entire Chicago Corporation Counsel should be replaced with a court jester and a dozen clowns. After what I have witnessed by attending ( A Idiot’s) Personnel Board hearing the jester and clowns would be a better use of municipal funds. The Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and all Chicago offices outside of Chicago should be immediately eliminated. The “genuflect and steal” politicians of Chicago should be excommunicated. Daley should repay the City of Chicago the legal fees and damages awarded in his Pervasive Personnel Conspiracy. All of the phony charities should begin to pay for water and taxes. Allowing them to receive free water and tax exemptions forces all of the other Chicago Tax Payers to pay more. The TIFs should also be eliminated. Every contract issued by the Daley Administration should be carefully examined by Federal Attorneys. There have been very few contract, if any during the Daley Administration that were legitimate unless a mistake was made. The $137 million in minority set aside contracts awarded to James Duff and his mother were known to Daley. Patricia Green Duff’s mother, Alice Green was a Daley insider supervising the telephones in City Hall for Mayor Richard J. Daley who was put in office by the Old First Ward Organization of Bruno “The Bomber” Roti a Capone henchman. This was the same Alfonse Capone for whom Henry Guilfoyle the brother in law of Richard J. Daley worked. Heine Guilfoyle ran an area of the north side near Armitage and Pulaski for Capone plus he managed the Penthouse a super sized speak easy on north Pine Grove.

    The connections between the Roti and D’Arco family of the Old First Ward and the Daley family was complicated with the marriage of Cook County Commissioner John Daley to Mary Lou Briatta the daughter of Old First Ward Outfit Gambling Boss. This marriage and a second Daley/Briatta marriage created some unusual circumstances for the family of Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. Would you believe that I have the Daley genealogy database and now it includes such Chicago luminaries as Al Capone, Frank Mariote, Bruno “The Bomber” Roti, John D’Arco, Joey “The Clown” Lombardo, Frank Nitti, Tony Accardo, Joe “The Builder” Andriacchi, Harry Aleman the famous Chicago hit man, Frank Carusso, 26th Street Outfit Crew Chief and labor leader, Dominic Senese a lieutenant in the Joey Lombardo family under Jackie Cerone and Joseph Aiuppa. Many of the allied families in this database are prominently represented on the Sorich List of the Pervasive Personnel Conspiracy. A major portion of the management of Chicago’s Institutionalized Corruption emulate from the Daley – Roti – D’Arco – Capone – Lombardo – Mariote – Accardo – Senese – Nitti – Andriacchi – and Allied Families Genealogy. I should note that there are many good people that are members of these families and other Allied Families. Linking the families through marriages helps to explain how corruption, job selections, and clout work in the City of Chicago. From Capone until today the only Chicago Outfit head that is not currently in the Daley Genealogy Database is Sam Giancanna, but I can even connect him with just a few more obituaries.

    It has become rather obvious that Daley has been off limits to Patrick Fitzgerald since the Bush birthday party in Chicago on the very day that the Sorich conviction was announced.

    Although President elect Obama and Senator Dick Durbin have both stated that they want to keep Fitzgerald in Chicago I do not see it happening. I anticipate that Dick Durbin will get a telephone call from Daley telling him the name of new Federal Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois who will naturally be a village idiot with a law degree that will naturally not see Dirty Dick Daley Mob corruption.

    In conclusion: No, Bob Benson and Inspector General David Hoffmann you are not expected to collect the purposely lost revenue or investigate corruption. It all emulates from the fifth floor of City Hall and Dirty Dick Daley, son of Boss and it is protected. You are merely a stone in the Mayor’s shoe as ( An Idiot) and I have been.

    Best Wishes from a Dedicated Chicago Whistle Blower,

    Jim Osborne


    Copies will be mailed Certified Mail Return Receipt to Patrick Fitzgerald and to Mayor Richard M. Daley.

    (response) Your friend is part of the problem.

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