Is John Fritchey the next U.S. Representative, Illinois's 5th District ?

I answered my phone today and an unknown voice said hello, Representative John Fritchey! Mr. Fritchey was very nice and kind, I really enjoyed our conversation. John was always very supportive during my difficult times with the City of Chicago. I took some photographs of John at an award ceremony; they did not turn out very well. I always thought John should be a model, make a fortune, and not have a lot of headaches. I let John know I support his candidacy for U.S. Representative in the Illinois 5th district. I also let him know I will put some financial backing and will provide free photographic work. John Fritchey has a very good chance to win. As this campaign continues, I will keep you informed from a Chicago Clout prospective. Make sure you go to John Fritchey’s website, click here Good luck Mr. Fritchey!

4 Replies to “Is John Fritchey the next U.S. Representative, Illinois's 5th District ?”

  1. John Fritchey is a good man and right on Blago.

    Quigley is right on the TIFs.
    (Response) good luck to these qualified candidates!

  2. The beginning of the end of Daley’s rule! He is tired, he did not get into finding the right and proper re-placement for Arne Duncan as head of Chicago schools. Truly, he is worn out. Now begins his decline.

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