13 Replies to “Chicago Clout allows Bruce Randazzo to talk about Hired Trucks Video”

  1. Don’t be silly, call the ILLINOIS STATE POLICE and report the insane person before he shoots me and my band of merr.y men

  2. Dominick slapping ho’s and threatening people with a loaded shotgun are typical guinea gangasta moves.

  3. To all you union men out there, do you really think you will survive in this new America. Seriously. When a shop is union they are forced to charge high prices for goods and services that come out of your work place. Unions and job security is all right by me. But with NAFTA and the Chinese who work for 2 cents a day, union people do not stand a chance anymore. I’m not knocking you or putting you down, but with Obamas and Daleys massive taxes, and all the other large city tax and spend Liberals, the average man has no money left to spend for their goods. They have no choice but to shop at Aldi and discount stores, and either live in a ghetto where the rent is cheap, or live with family and reletives. The liberals under Obama will kill the unions in a couple years with giving amnesty to 12 million Illegal Mexicans who will get blanket amnesty and the right to vote on the first day of their citizenship. The America I knew as a kid, and the America my father grew up under is dead and buried. Wait until union men and women have to compete with 12 million Legal Mexican citizens. It’s over guys, it’s over. If you see things differently then please educate me but it’s over. We have become 3rd world in many parts of our once beautiful country. How can we stand back and let Obama do this to our country. You can see the anger seething in this man. Anything the union man gets out of the Democrats now, is the last thing they will have. Remember, you can unionize on a mass scale, they can even pass laws to force every shop and business to have to unionize, but who in the hell is going to pay for all those high goods now that China owns us by buying all this debt that Obama (the man all union guys and gals supported) is getting us into. Low wages are the future, low prices for cheap crap in the Walmarts of the world. No one can afford to shop and pay high dollar cause no one has any money. It’s real scary now, but it’s over. Aint that a sun of a gun?!!!!!!!!

  4. The only reason there is a push for national health care is because all the city, federal and state governments pissed away all the pension money that was supposed to pay for all their workers health care. Instead of taxing us to death like Obama is doing, why don’t they pass health care and pay for it with all the money that is left in all the pension plans in the city and state coffers. These politicians through a party with our money, it’s over fellas,…….it’s over!!!!!!!

  5. This Obama hates all things capitolistic, but guess what, Put these businesses under and we will all be living like they did in the old soviet union. Think I’m crazy? I bet everyone of you union guys agree with me. Cause if they can’t sell goods at a decent price, then who is gonna pay your wages???????????? The boogy man? I cannot believe what has become of our country. The lobbyists have sold us ALL down the river, and the politicians took the money and sold us out. Amazing, simply amazing!!!!!

  6. Has anyone in this blog seen Pat Daley? If you see him… tell him daddy has another bogus deal waiting for him…. Thanks.

  7. Randazzo you need help, Stop blaming people because your lazy and you think sueing people and the city is going to make you more money then being a hardworking man like dominic. Randazzo stop being a gossip talker and get your fat ass to work that’s what the city pays you for

  8. Randazzo speaks the truth, he has helped many people, with different things, helping them with their problems, because our beloved Unions do not help people, I for one have seen the power of the pen.
    or you go play the politics, see the Alderman or whoever, and try and get things, why don’t you stand up for yourself, instead of running to the “chinaman” for help.
    you must be scared, as not leaving your name.
    But thats ok you keep running to people to help you, you keep buying a few more dinner tickets for the politician, and I am sure he will sell you out sometime soon, look at Blogo! they sold him out just like its going to be you the politician will sell you out too.

  9. your a lonely man, that doesnt have anything better to do. just be careful my friend, just be careful. you might walk into the wrong person

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