19 Replies to “Chicago Clout supports Thomas T. Morris against Chicago Department of Water Management”

  1. It sounds like this guy, Thomas Morris, don’t get along with any of the other
    union city workers, Why is Patrick McDonough so in Love with him?

  2. Hello all Chicago clout viewers, first off,I like to say Mr.Morries is a fine upstanding person! there is so much crap at Central District ever since Jimmy L. left the superindendant position, he Jimmy been there, Mr. Lonso and the other disgruntal Drivers would of been fired! Let me tell you a story about Mr. Lonso,
    Do you know that Mr. Lonso was in jail? do you know Mr. Lonso attack Mr. Willie Akeno? while on city time, did you know Mr. Lonso was fired once before? (all violent attacks) and of course it did not stop since he was transfered to 39th street from the north District, because while up here at North district, he was wanting to fight with police officer’s, he wanted to fight the foreman Mr.Ortiz, while he was driving a dump truck he almost ran over a woman with a baby while she was crossing the street (Lonso was running a stop light) A police officer seen this and tryed to pull over Mr. Lonso, Mr. Lonso ignored the officer, went thru more traffic lights, the officer called for back up, there was 4 police cars that surrounded the city vehicle, the officer’s drew their weapons on Mr. Lonso. finnally Mr. Lonso got out of the vehicle, and the police handcuffed and questined Mr. Lonso as to why he was driving insane.
    he should of been fired THEN. so after a few more violent acts after that, he acused of shooting a driver (witness’s have gave statementsto this) and then he told another driver that she was a c**t, she files charges to that too. So before any one say Mr. Morris can not get along with any one, look at the facts, or are you just as stupid as Mr. Lonso. Before one speaks think about what you going to say on here, Mr. Lonso should be fired for attacking Mr. Morris. if the citizen’s did not intervene Mr. Morris would be DEAD !! then what would you say? I like to say Mr. Morris is a fine person, he does his job, he is a non-violent person, he is a MASON, so before you speak bad about this person, get your facts straight or just be stupid. I am from the North district.

  3. I think Tom is right when he said all workers should be treated as equals, male and female!I can also appreciate the great lack of backing from the Local 150 business agent siding with the city!! The exact same thing happened to me with my Local 130! Good work!

  4. Why would you say Pat’s in love with him? Pat always pulls for the underdog. He’s just not in the click…. There eyeballing him because she’s probably heavy.

  5. Seem like this MR.MORRIS has difficulties with truck drivers.HE CAN NOT GET ALONG WITH HIMSELF, LET ALONE ANYONE ELSE. He needs to quiet making stories up, and face the facts, he want to be at the north dist. GO THERE AND STAY THERE

  6. Seem like this MR.MORRIS has difficulties with truck drivers.HE CAN NOT GET ALONG WITH HIMSELF, LET ALONE ANYONE ELSE. He needs to quiet making stories up, and face the facts, he want to be at the north dist. GO THERE AND STAY THERE

  7. Mr. Morris ran for Alderman up in the 49th or 50th ward in I think in 99 or 03. He got creamed. He made racially insulting remarks at a public debate so it seems nothing has changed. He was fined by the State Board of Election for not disclosing his campaign $$$ info and I heard that someone was on step behind him on election day trying to reposess his car

  8. Bruce Randazzo , it seems that you don’t like this guy, Lonso. Has Chicago clout become a hate group of other city workers.
    According to the video,Mr. Morries said Mr. Lonso wants’ to be left alone. Why, are you guys, after him .To try and sue the city? Get a life. Why is Mr. Morris after the female M.t.d? You don’t fight with a driver because she started the engine of the truck. Just explain the female M.T.D Bruce, Mr. Morris was trying to get in her p###s, thats the story at Central. I have worked with Tom
    Morris in the department of transportation, he’s not the fine person
    you are trying to make him out to be. Now, I got to take a closer look and see what you guys are about.

  9. Bruce, stop it. If, I ( Lonzo) , did all
    of the things you alleged above, attack a
    superintendent , fought the foreman,
    almost killed a woman and a baby with a City Dump Truck. Ran traffic lights and
    stop signs to allude the Cops. Get handcuffed but not arrested. Shoot out the windows of your personal truck and ride around in my personal vehicle with Guns. This is hearsay and lies Bruce. No One, can do the things you say and not get arrested, let alone, get away with it Bruce. You’re pushing a lot of Hate. Pat you are responsibly for this blog and the injuries it cause other. You are causing an unhealthy work environment for me. Please stop.

  10. It seems like none of you understand Tommy Morris, like none of you understood Jimmy McKenna, both of them I call friends although Jimmy is no longer here. Tommy to a fault would help out anyone if they needed help, he’s a compassionated person. But he’s my friend of more then fifteen years and I know him a lot better then some of you guys might know yourselfs. It’s NO BIG SECRET that he wants to work on the northside, so what lies or stories has he been telling Mr Carlos. I drive locally delivering dry goods we’re require to do pre and post trip inspections. How about some of you guy’s do you do the same? or Do you some of your drivers just get into the trucks and turn them on to warm them up without any checks or without safety exhaust stacks and your garage doors closed. Who in there right mind would turn on a truck in a garage without ventilation? Oh yeah, Mr I know you, you don’t know dick, Tom Morris was fined for filing late by the State Board of Elections not what you said because it’s public records, never had his car reposessed. Another public record on the debate was in skokie 2004 and it pertain to health care issues when he ran against Lou Lang State Legislation 16th district. Racial comments about health care issues? I seriously doubt you did your homework 60 percent of his votes came from minorities, you need to layoff the kool-aid and the fairy dust and come out of the closet more often. Yeah, I’m a proud American Korean, does that make Tommy Morris more or less racial bias? Mr “I know you”, do you think all asians are the same, or do you think of us as chinks. How many of your friends are American korean’s? Probably none. You don’t know Tommy Morris or his intergrated family and you don’t know dic.

  11. First Mr. Morris was in hot water for not reporting who donated when he ran for Alderman with th state board of elections. Not filing late.

    Second my Sister wasa poll watcher when he was running and was approached by the person trying to get Mr. Morris car on election day in 03

    Third the rem,ark was needed more white peole like himself in the ward.

    fourth Mr Kim, I have two friends who are Korean, one from Japan and one from Vietnam.

    Fifth you are only accusing me of discriminiation because I am a female, white, over forty, disable, bi-sexual lutheran. So if you want to play the “race card” I got yout out numbered in 6 different ways.

  12. Mr Lonso why are you accusing me as being the writer.how dare you say those things about me, You are causing me pain and suffering beyound what is normal, I am asking you to STOP and DESIST! But I was wondering how you know about my broken window on my truck? DID you break my window?

  13. 43. Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor,” and hate thine enemy. 44. But I (JESUS) say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; 45. that ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven; for he maketh his sun to rise on
    the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. 46. For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye?

    MATHEW 5;43

    Only God can help you Bruce, turn to
    Him, while he yet can be found.

  14. Joe Joe Joe..thats what I call fellow servicemen; you know who it is Morris! I almost didn’t recognize you, looks like you gain some weight, too much of that “fish bait” you call sushi and your probably still eating that chinese food and there woman. Each man has his poison,whats this about your chasing some old polish broad, say it aint so JOE! You didn’t give up all those pretty oriental women? Say it aint so JOE! The way I hear it JOE this broad is out of the 19th ward and got jungle fever, got caught by her old man for giving up the coochie in revenue, and made a switch to water. Heard she still got the fever giving up the back. hahaha…And this Barney Rouble character…Barney, what a name. I guess you got to be a mean cuss witha name like that..hahaha..The way I hear it JOE, this guy has been in every dept. the city has, I heard he had a file stack up so high that they had to hire and extra forensic accountant just to make sure it was all his files. Yeah Joe, the way it was told to me he was fired for flying around the alleys with the labors hanging on for dear life on the back of the truck while he was chasing someone who told him to back itup because he was leaving the alley. I heard he fought with the ward super for lying about it and on his way to the hearing he headbutted a kid on the elevator for looking at him, your lucky Joe he didn’t do that to you, I heard his clout is Jessie White,little Farikan and Ike and this guy got a lot of money and paided his way back into the city. Hey JOE, you aint hard to work with, your nutty like all those other engineers at cdot, I can really think of a couple wantabe engineers I couldn’t stand John B*yle, Lenny E*ans, M*sely and your former boss Bruce Catfish H*dson. I heard they gave him his walking papers, he’s from 19thward JOE,so he probably have his job saved. Al C*nnors owes him some favors for bailing out his son inlaw twice for touching or talking dirty to a offduty cop, twice! But Al had two of his own trucks in that private truck scandal thats what I heard. Why the quick retirement? Hahaha…But JOE, your number 2 guy in that dept came from I**ne C*reys era, another 19thwarder but I doubt Catfish H*dson would use him, too much cream for his coffee. Bridgeport got that adopted son they call the “Black Irshman”, T$m To**ey another Tomczac wantabe. JOE, I heard he don’t discriminate he wants everyone to kiss his p***** and he give them a Rah-Rah Award! You know what I’m talking about hahaha…If he don’t like you he’ll stick in the backside and make you kiss his p***** and wants you to yell Rah_Rah. Don’t do it JOE, don’t you do it!

    Hey Pete, I got dibbs on the broad who’s bisexual. Hey darling I didn’t know that being double jointed on the jawline and the knee’s makes you disable, it sounds like I found true love. Now since you don’t discriminate, I’m bringing my Black Lab and Golden Retriever with us on our first date. If you can get all gushie up for us and take care of Rex, King and your truly and our smoking woodys, well darling we get hitch as soon as your luthern church will marry us. Hell, I might even ask Pete to double date with us. How’s that sound.

  15. Smoking Joe, I knew it was just a matter of time before you came out Pat. Who put you up to it King? Let’s see what you cry baby’s going to tell the fed’s when they come knocking……..WE WERE JUST SUPPORTING ANOTHER MEMBER OF OUR KLAN, Thomas T. Morris. I hear the fed’s got Kings office
    bugged at the North District, or was it the I.G.? Maybe it was just another upset City Worker, who’s listening… Guess I just got to wait and see what tomorrow Headlines going to Read:
    Hate Group uncovered at Water Management, North District.

  16. Hey JOOOOEEE!!…hahaha I’ll let you in on a secret, they got my truck bugged. Thats right sir and I know where its located. They got a lot of city trucks bugged beside the shitters. But, hey what can ya say! You want go to a Clan Rally JOE? On the 14th of this month, theres going to be a rally held at 11th & balboa we’re meeting around nine or so, hell I heard that the Mayor might be the Grand Marshall. Tell everyone about it JOE. If they want to get in on the Rally have them pick up a deck of Hoyle Cards and pick out the One Eye Joker from the deck have them mark it with Green Marker; making and “X” on the card. The password is “Insane” and they got to say it three times holding the card up. That will do the trick…hahaha

    Hey JOE, my old man used to tell me never touch a goat while its sleeping. Words are so true, because if you do wake them they start bucking there heads and wanted to ram ya, you know what I mean? Speaking of that, you guys got King’s on the northside and some Drag Queens at central, and some Goats on the southside, the way I hear it JOE, your number three guy in your shithouse; calls that home away from home. I heard that they had a look of some inbreeding or there guy gave them a “Dirty Sanchez”, hahahaha…It’s been rumored that they got there hand prints on his back already…there tired of the “Uncle Tom” routine. Remember JOE, don’t touch the Goat, don’t you do it JOE!! Them goats know how to take care of themselves long before you showed up. See ya at the rally, and don’t foget the password…hahahahehe, If they can’t take a joke, they know where to get the “Dirty Sanchez”. HAHAHA




    And Yes Smoking Joe:

    Understanding can overcome any situation. However, mysterious or
    insurmountable it may appear to be–Brother Norman Vincent Peale.

    Let Bruce know that:

    Heaven goes by favor. If it went by
    merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in. Brother Samuel Clements
    (Mark Twain)

    Oh Joe, the 14th for the Rally… you got it mix up again, that the date of the Court…Well , let see first. I DON’T WANT TO GET YOUR HOPES UP.


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