Mark Thompson Des Plaines Mayoral Candidate

Mark Thompson Des Plaines.jpg When I went to the Des Plaines Mayoral Debates hosted by the Des Plaines Journal and Topic Newspapers, I was hoping to hear some fireworks from Mark Thompson. Mark has been in the local newspapers for decades. He has a clean record and I was surprised at some of the comments lobbed to him by candidates that were also Republicans. Mark should have put Marty Moylan in check for the many issues Des Plaines residents are questioning. Mark, as a lawyer, and a leader in the Republican Party, should have light the way to troubling ethical issues. Mark did not dial in Moylan who is lacking experience to remove the City of Chicago out of Des Plaines future. My sources are telling me Daley is preparing to muscle into this town and property around the airport might be acquired. Mark was difficult to get a hold of today, which is not good. Mark should have his own pot of gold for this campaign to wage war. I like Mark Thompson and always will, he is a great party line guy. But Mark, take out the guns and start shooting, protect your party. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Clout got this one wrong; Chicago Rental Problems need Inspectors

Renee McManus.jpg Renee McManus was posting me about her situation for so long I had to block her, I just could not take it anymore. Her e-mails were well written, intelligent, thoughtful and researched. At first I would read them, set them aside, and then she got the best of me, I told her I would stop over with a camera and listen to her story. She balked, made excuses, and the old defense mechanism kicked in, I was done. I am sorry if I offend anyone but, I figured she is a 400 pound crazy woman with an apartment full of newspapers to the ceiling. Lately, she was back on the site and e-mailing me so today I got around to see what was going on. I stopped by the apartment and was very surprised, she was quite the opposite. She is a attractive women and lives in a sparse clean and neat apartment. The apartment is located at 227-231 West Menomonee in Chicago’s near northside. The area is big money, neat, and classy. I walked around the building and I was approached by Bill Barry the owner, he demanded to know why I was inspecting the building; he told me Renee is suing him, ect. I saw exactly what Renee was talking about and she was correct in almost every aspect. I tried explaining the way you go about things can give you a more positive resolution. Renee has also clogged up the e-mail in every Chicago Department including the Chicago Inspector General. I hope the City of Chicago can go out and address her issues. I hope Bill Barry has enough common sense to “fish and cut bait”. I think those two should part company. Make sure if you have rental issues in Chicago to get the Municipal Code of Chicago Title 5, chapter 12, Residential Landlords and tenants pamphlet. I am going to ask some of my friends in the building department to investigate this building in depth. The City of Chicago should resolve these issues in a timely manner. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Michael Lake at Des Plaines Mayoral Journal Topic Debate March 25, 2009

Michael Lake.jpg Michael Lake is running for Mayor of Des Plaines. He is running for Mayor of Des Plaines so he can be the next Alderman of Des Plaines 2nd ward held by Marty Moylan of the 2nd Ward who is running for Mayor of Des Plaines. (Crazy?) After watching the Des Plaines Mayoral Debate and watching Michael an ex-military man slopping all over Marty Moylan, I almost choked. So based on the information provided, if I lived in the Des Plaines 2nd ward, I would vote for Michael Lake, Dick Sayad, and/or Mark Thompson so I would not have Michael Lake as my 2nd ward Alderman. Free advice. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Clout salutes Peggy Figiel of Save Grant Park

I was happy to hear from Peggy Figiel of Save Grant Park today. I have fallen behind on new posts lately because many of my friends have had some legal issues with the City of Chicago. I am happy when people are passionate about their children’s future, and are willing to fight for what they believe in. Old Mayor Daley has been messing with everything he can get his hands on; I think he wants to build his legacy. Some outspoken moms are getting ready to go into court soon. Make sure you google the Lincoln Park and Grant Park issues. Please keep these dates in mind, no shopping Neiman Marcus ladies, there is have work to do! Two lawsuits are in progress against the Chicago Children’s Museum plans to mess up Grant Park. There is an Administrative Review to inspect the Chicago Plan Commissions decisions. The hearing is Tuesday, March 31st with Judge Martin Agran. The second lawsuit a Denovo Review, will review the entire application. That Hearing is on April 9th with Judge Sophia Hall. Help defray the legal expenses by contacting these people at I am asking Peggy to comment more at a later time. We sent one of our legal scholars from the Municipal Advocate General to assist. Photo edited by Patrick McDonough.

On the fast track with James Laski and Tom Roeser

This week, I was in Park Ridge enjoying some good old fashion politics. Park Ridge has a mayoral race that is full steam ahead. I enjoy this kind of a race because many of the outlying suburbs were mainly Republican and is now infiltrated by the liberal wing of the Democrat party. If you have time, drive up Prospect Avenue, from Touhy Avenue to Oakton Street, the change is dramatic. Many of these homes had dyed in the wool Republicans, their houses now torn down and rebuilt, occupied by rich Democrats. I crack up because many of these suburbs pretend the run Independent, it is not true.
I saw Tom Roeser, a famous radio personality at the Panera Bread Store, I was enjoying a French onion soup, I said hello. Tom told me about the Sneed column I was just in and he invited me on his radio show. I accepted, but I called him later about James Laski, a former Chicago City Clerk. James got a call from me because I was happy to see him on ABC 7 News. Blagojevich was just on the radio busting a move on double dippers like John D'Amico. (on WLS-Radio Don Wade and Roma show). John D'Amico works for the Chicago Department of Water Management sometimes. I have not talked to James Laski for a while and I knew he wanted to do some radio. James Laski is working a deal to get a regular talk show, sure to be successful. I know I offered James to do some commentary on Chicago Clout but it never happened. I am working with Attorney and Columnist Russ Stewart on a new studio in Park Ridge as we speak. There are some problems with CAN-TV funding and also the Press passes with the City of Chicago. Daley is clamping down on the first amendment is the rumor. Michael McGann and I said our goodbyes to my former teacher Tom Roeser and made on our merry way. I guess that is show biz. Tom Roeser looks real good and he lost some weight, I bet his wife put the clamps down. Patrick McDonough

The Evidence that can indict Mayor Richard Daley Now!

RichardMDaleyethics20012008.pdf Chicago City Workers need to file many different documents to keep in compliance with court orders and decrees. The only way, the press and the public can make determinations regarding an employee is to make FOIA requests. The City of Chicago under Mayor Daley’s Administration has fought for the release of information they consider damaging. I am currently in a lawsuit against Mayor Daley and several of his City of Chicago Departments. I was very upset because much information that could be interpreted by me was “for lawyer’s eyes only”. Tim Novak did a great investigative piece that is adding up many of Mayor Daley’s flights and gifts. Every Chicago Clout fan knows I have suspected fraud and certified the very proof. As a City of Chicago Department of Water Management employee, I must sign ethic statements and try my best to make sure they are done correctly. This must be done once a year. Tim Novak with Steve Warmbir put together the “Hired Truck Scandal” and made journalist history. I have enclosed the smoking gun that will prove Daley committed fraud and failed to disclose everything he had to, according to the law. These statements are for the record, I had them certified by Chicago about one year ago. They are in my lawsuit. Fran Spielman is closing in on this evidence and looks like a major part of this story. Enjoy the proof. Patrick McDonough ]]> Continue reading “The Evidence that can indict Mayor Richard Daley Now!”

Marty Moylan for Des Plaines City Mayor? Union and Mob Ties?

Marty Moylan Des Plaines.jpg Marty Moylan is running for Des Plaines City Mayor. Powerful Union money is backing this Union Electrical enforcer for Chicago Electrical Local 134. Many times Union Local 134 Representatives such as Marty Moylan need to deal with Chicago City Hall to get their workers out of jams. Mayor Daley relies on Local 134 for political work and the Hispanic Democratic Organization to enforce his agenda. Marty Moylan has been a Alderman in Des Plaines for about the last year and one/half. I like Marty; he is a friendly sort of fellow that will tell you anything to get elected. His son has been to Wisconsin skiing on my boat with my daughter’s best friends. His son is a nice young man with great manners. He was lucky enough to get into the Electrical Union apprentice program. Marty was also an Electrical Inspector in Des Plaines which is a different Union and a second pension. Marty can be thankful to Union workers and the lives they lost to make his life better. I do not know how Marty will be a full time Mayor and Union Business Representative at the same time. I hope he does not double dip again. Many union electricians are out of work in Chicago and Des Plaines so I am sure Marty can fire Des Plaines workers and hire union electricians at $43.00 dollars instead. Marty is having a big fundraiser at a swank restaurant in Des Plaines soon. I am going to video tape the cars coming in for my outfit records. I heard many people interested in the Casino and the cash generated will attend. Marty has been a scab buster for a long time but is hooking up with a family known for dirty politics and non-union construction. Marty Moylan will need to overcome the rumors of a scheme to solicit money for the Unified Social Club that was in Federal Court. No. 99 c 0400 when I was an apprentice in the old days many Unions had Social Clubs that provided sex for the members in the bathroom by prostitutes. The Plumbers has a “Pleasure Club”, thanks to AIDs most of this has stopped or been reduced greatly. I am not saying union brother Marty had any part of this. I just hope Marty Moylan is aware people with anti-union sediments and political backgrounds are misusing our Union money for Republican Party agendas. Remember Gary Skoien a Republican politician from Illinois? I called for Dennis Gannon of the Chicago Federation of Labor and spoke to his secretary, I hope to hear back soon. Marty should never sell out his Union or the Democrat Party no matter what. I do not want Des Plaines turned into Cicero Dirty Politics. I also hope and pray Marty Moylan is more forward on the alleged addenda of the former 6th Ward Alderman and the Casino deals. DO NOT TURN DES PLAINES INTO CICERO. . Marty stop talking about Jobs and Casinos. Next I cover Park Ridge Politics