March 11, 2009 review of "Speakers Series: the minds that move the world" at the Chicago Theatre

Mark Halperin, Ann Coulter,Bill Maher.jpg Chicago Clout reviews Bill Maher and Ann Coulter’s performance at the Chicago Theatre, March 11, 2009. Chicago Clout is a premier political website dedicated to many things but not theater review. Many of my fans know I have a deep background of classical training in the arts. Fixing broken water mains and investigating plumbing issues for the city of Chicago has left me out of the arts scene for quite a while. I am the type of person that has spent a long time attempting to correct injustice when possible, that has left little time for the Chicago theater scene. However as an expert in the Political Arena my choice was mandatory. I was asked to make the review as honest as possible and give harsh criticism if deserved.
After an introduction by two speakers Ann Coulter was allowed 15 minutes to give a speech all alone at the podium. She was slow to warm up and the audience. The audience waited on edge for every word that came out of her mouth. The audience was chilled at times, rough and insulting. I think she felt the tension and was a little reserved. Chicago theater patrons are Democrats for sure. I listened to what she had to say and it was fine.
Bill Maher was next and the theater erupted into wild applause. Bill was on home turf in Chicago and the audience made sure he knew it. His next 15 minutes were memorable and absolutely brilliant. He even said, “sucks being loved, like real shit”. One of his comments was not well received and he reminded the audience that he and Ann have a show because they have different opinions, the audience responded and it lightened the rest of the evening. One of the comments by Bill Maher hit home, he made it clear his concern, people becoming conformists. One joker in the audience challenged one of Bill’s opinion and bill said, I understand you do not agree with me, (slight pause) asshole”! The place went nuts.
After Bill gave his 15 minute speech Mark Halperin of ABC news hosted Ann Coulter and Bill Maher in what seemed a time warp of one and a half hours. Some of the things I like best was both of the guests took the ‘company line” on almost every issue. They did their best to complement their own political party and downplay the other. In fact at times it became absurd, Bill Maher said Hillary was not so bad, she reminded everyone of a real estate saleslady, and said, “who doesn’t like a real estate lady”? Ann Coulter said she does not want to write bad about people. (Boos and disbelief) Many issues were covered, Joe the Plumber, Hillary, Obama, gays, gay marriage, the stock market, Bill Clinton, Bush family, and gun control to name a few. As the night went on Ann Coulter became stronger and statistical as Bill became more ready to cop a joint. (joking) When talking about Chicago, Bill Maher remembered he and a friend were driving through Chicago during college and gave a cop a $10.00 bill to get off a ticket. They both agreed, “China is our bookie”. They had different opinions on Rahm Emanuel; one said Rahm, is not a pussy, but a barracuda, the other said he is a ballerina! I strongly recommend all political junkies to attend this series, well worth every penny. The show was well produced, and promoted. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Coulter Vs. Maher Tonight: Tell Us, What’s the Point?

    Hopefully, everyone who’s planning on pouring into the Chicago Theater tonight to watch Bill Maher and Ann Coulter face off will take the time to read the reports from the appearances over the last couple nights – so they’ll have an opportunity to head over to the box office and request their money back.

    Both Boston and New York have both had their chance to take a look at the sideshow, and after reading about the Speakers Series – tagged as “The Minds that Move the World” – tonight’s sit-down seems more like the Minds that Are Just Diametrically Opposed (But They Might Hook Up After A Couple Drinks).

    If you’re planning on showing up and watching an actual full-length debate between two political minds, deflate your hopes: Coulter addresses the crowd, then Maher does the same, then they take a few questions. There’s some back-and-forth, but it doesn’t seem like anything you can’t gain from watching a couple talking heads on your cable news network of choice. Coulter will breathe pure acid over the audience, and then Maher will, without his team of writers behind him, resort to being the jerk he proved himself to be in “Religulous.”

    The real question is: what’s the point? What is there to be gained from watching two of the most polarizing people in political pop culture snipe back and forth for an evening? Does anyone really think that any sort of intelligent conversation will occur, or is it just a show with the same appeal of a train wreck that’s got a full house handing over up to $185 to be privy to the mess?

    People vote with their dollars, so it shouldn’t be surprising that lowest-common-denominator “events” like this get asses in seats. This is the kind of show that almost requires Monster-Truck-Demolition-Derby style advertising: “Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday! Maher/Coulter face off in a gut-wrenching, blood-curdling, sparks-will-fly event! Pay for your whole seat, but you’ll only need the edddddddddddge!”

    For what it’s worth, the other upcoming Speaker Series events with Chris Matthews, Al Gore, Tucker Carlson and others (save Karl Rove) are promising. But for this evening? Get HBO. Watch Maher’s Real Time. Buy Coulter’s books. Subscribe to her newsletter. Support either one however you like – but don’t expect to get your money’s worth tonight.
    (Response) It was fun! I was nice to get out!

  2. Pat, your a die hard Democrat and look where it gets you in this city. Treated like sh%$. Never support one party. I distrust them all now. You need to only support grass roots organizations that are strong and leave the pols alone. I heard a poll which showed Daley only has 30% support for re-election. Could this be real. I hope these damn parking meters have hit home with everyone because everyone I know will not shop long or shop where there are parking meters. I stopped going to a lot of areas of the city. And I also park one or two blocks away and walk now. I do this every time.I also mostly wait till I am out of the city to stock up on gas and food. Life has gotten much different for me because of these meters. Sad how this mayor has wrecked this city. He hoards those billions and puts it all in the bank for the Olympics. Pat, I can go on and on but I am just sick over all of this, I’m disgusted right now….

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