Al Sanchez found guilty as expected

Today Al Sanchez was found guilty as expected. Many do not even comprehend the importance of this jury decision. This is the step to Mayor Daley finally being charged. People are starting to understand just how insane it is at the City of Chicago. Mayor Daley should be congratulated as he finds one idiot after another to lie down for him. I think these people must know another side of Daley that makes them keep quiet, is it the mafia? Sanchez was guilty of four of the seven charges made by the Federal Government. Aaron Delvalle, Sanchez's former assistant, is guilty of a perjury charge for lying to a grand jury about the rigged hiring. In my case, McDonough vs. City of Chicago, expect more perjury charges from City of Chicago employees still gaming the system. I was surprised Sanchez did not take a plea and give up Mayor Daley, his military training made him an idiot. Sanchez is also guilty of covering up crimes for several employees and bypassing the Inspector General when it was run by Alexander Vroustouris. Alexander Vroustouris made it into the Chicago Sun-Times becoming an Assistant State's Attorney for Cook County. Our research uncovered Al stopping criminal activity numerous times. Al Sanchez got off easy. I work for the City of Chicago and many employees are starting to understand they must change. Many City of Chicago employees were visibly upset and one cried. The HDO, run by the Daley family suffered a terrible blow today. Some employees realized they will not get promised promotions. Did you know many white people working at the Department of Water Management were part of HDO. Thanks to many Chicago City employees in Federal court, we will get the last of these goons. Thanks to Loevy and Loevy, we will have our day in court. I hope the crooks understand the Jury system in this country works. Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Clout owner purchases famous political baseball from Bleacher Sports in Winnetka

Chicago Clout McDonough .jpg
On March 12, 2009, Patrick McDonough of Chicago purchased a ball I was reading about on the Winnetka Talk. The Winnetka Talk is a great publication to keep me informed. I liked the ball because I admire Peter Fitzgerald, a former State Senator that brought Patrick Fitzgerald to Chicago. Chicago has not been the same since Patrick Fitzgerald began serving as the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois on September 1, 2001. In fact, Chicago with Mayor Daley wait with bated breath as Al Sanchez fate rests on a jury. The signatures on the ball also include Rod Blagojevich, Jesse White, and Mayor Richard Daley. When I read the article about the ball, I saw the name of Keith McDonough, the owner of Bleacher’s Sports Inc. Bleacher’s is located at 557 Chestnut Winnetka, Illinois 60093. I e-mailed him and we struck a deal. Keith also sold me a water color by Henry Hill a former American mobster, Lucchese crime family associate, and FBI informant. Henry Hill now makes watercolors of scenes from “Goodfellas”. I love the drawing and hope Henry could make drawings of Mayor Daley’s crime friends and mobbed up businesses in Chicago. We could start in the 11th ward but I’m afraid there is not enough watercolors to expose these goons. I hope if you are truly serious about your sports cards and sports memorabilia you give Bleacher’s Sports a call at 847-441-7767. I again wish to thank Keith McDonough for his kindness professionalism and the Michael Sneed Column bringing this historic ball to the attention of Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough. Read Sneed column below]]> Continue reading “Chicago Clout owner purchases famous political baseball from Bleacher Sports in Winnetka”

March 11, 2009 review of "Speakers Series: the minds that move the world" at the Chicago Theatre

Mark Halperin, Ann Coulter,Bill Maher.jpg Chicago Clout reviews Bill Maher and Ann Coulter’s performance at the Chicago Theatre, March 11, 2009. Chicago Clout is a premier political website dedicated to many things but not theater review. Many of my fans know I have a deep background of classical training in the arts. Fixing broken water mains and investigating plumbing issues for the city of Chicago has left me out of the arts scene for quite a while. I am the type of person that has spent a long time attempting to correct injustice when possible, that has left little time for the Chicago theater scene. However as an expert in the Political Arena my choice was mandatory. I was asked to make the review as honest as possible and give harsh criticism if deserved.
After an introduction by two speakers Ann Coulter was allowed 15 minutes to give a speech all alone at the podium. She was slow to warm up and the audience. The audience waited on edge for every word that came out of her mouth. The audience was chilled at times, rough and insulting. I think she felt the tension and was a little reserved. Chicago theater patrons are Democrats for sure. I listened to what she had to say and it was fine.
Bill Maher was next and the theater erupted into wild applause. Bill was on home turf in Chicago and the audience made sure he knew it. His next 15 minutes were memorable and absolutely brilliant. He even said, “sucks being loved, like real shit”. One of his comments was not well received and he reminded the audience that he and Ann have a show because they have different opinions, the audience responded and it lightened the rest of the evening. One of the comments by Bill Maher hit home, he made it clear his concern, people becoming conformists. One joker in the audience challenged one of Bill’s opinion and bill said, I understand you do not agree with me, (slight pause) asshole”! The place went nuts.
After Bill gave his 15 minute speech Mark Halperin of ABC news hosted Ann Coulter and Bill Maher in what seemed a time warp of one and a half hours. Some of the things I like best was both of the guests took the ‘company line” on almost every issue. They did their best to complement their own political party and downplay the other. In fact at times it became absurd, Bill Maher said Hillary was not so bad, she reminded everyone of a real estate saleslady, and said, “who doesn’t like a real estate lady”? Ann Coulter said she does not want to write bad about people. (Boos and disbelief) Many issues were covered, Joe the Plumber, Hillary, Obama, gays, gay marriage, the stock market, Bill Clinton, Bush family, and gun control to name a few. As the night went on Ann Coulter became stronger and statistical as Bill became more ready to cop a joint. (joking) When talking about Chicago, Bill Maher remembered he and a friend were driving through Chicago during college and gave a cop a $10.00 bill to get off a ticket. They both agreed, “China is our bookie”. They had different opinions on Rahm Emanuel; one said Rahm, is not a pussy, but a barracuda, the other said he is a ballerina! I strongly recommend all political junkies to attend this series, well worth every penny. The show was well produced, and promoted. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Clout review Bill Maher and Ann Coulter March 11, 2009 at the Chicago Theatre

Chicago Theatre.jpg The Chicago Theatre 2009 “Speaker Series” Schedule **All show times for the schedule below are 7:30PM
MARCH 11 Bill Maher and Ann Coulter
APRIL 1 Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore
APRIL 22 Chris Matthews interviewing Tucker Carlson, Arianna Huffington
And Paul Begala
MAY 28 Charlie Rose interviewing James Carville and former Deputy
Chief of Staff Karl Rove
Please make sure you attend these Speaking Events. MSG entertainment and Carol Fox associates worked behind the scenes to provide an excellent entertainment value you will not want to miss! I really enjoyed the evening. Photo by Patrick McDonough. More on this event read the next post.

Chicago Public School Principal Busted on a Residency Rule Violation

Rito Martinez is a City of Chicago Principal busted with property outside the City of Chicago. The Chicago Sun-Times gave him star status; he must have been a cut above the typical City of Chicago Public School teacher or principal. The comment section on the Sun-Time article evoked strong emotion on the issue. This could also be a Black, White, Hispanic issue.
The Daley family started the residency rule in Chicago because of white flight to the suburbs. The Daley family realized the blacks could become a majority. The blacks would have decent jobs, build their financial strength and prosper. The blacks could have leadership roles in the Unions, businesses, and get a piece of the proverbial pie. Anyone from the Bridgeport neighborhood in Chicago knows segregation continues same as the slave days of old. Interrelations between blacks and whites were not permitted, by restrictive covenants (nothing has changed). I admit I was always for the Residency rule in Chicago, but my mind has changed. Why?
Mayor Daley bypassed blacks a fair and equal piece of the financial pie by allowing Hispanics to live in the City of Chicago without proper immigration status. Millions of illegal aliens are allowed to work and live in Chicago. Daley ordered the Chicago Police not to arrest or ask for a person's legal right to be in the country. I guess just like Jody Weis, Daley's administration feel they can bypass federal law. The laws in Chicago give more protection to illegal Hispanics than a Hispanic American principal of a Chicago school. In Chicago you can cross the American border and make a living without paying taxes in Chicago, but a legal Hispanic like Rito Martinez allegedly crossing a neighboring city border is going to be fired.
I think we need to look closer into the Daley, Hitler, third Reich residency requirements. Anytime you allow a crazy despot bent on controlling were people go and what activities are done on a person's own time you take away all the freedoms America promises its citizens. I thought someone like Barack Obama would get in office and stop this madness. I guess he is too busy finding way to appease his lordship Mayor Ricardo Daley. If you read the CPS Inspector General report, residency laws are not equally enforced, exceptions are made. Someday Rito will find out why he was fired, Daley has the job for some else. I hope Rito figures out Daley wants him in Chicago to help with politics. Think about the whole picture this article presents, we are just touching on the subject. Patrick McDonough

Mark Brown weighs in on James Laski's new book finally

mark_brown.jpg Mark Brown is a famous columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Mark Brown on several occasions. I thank God for Mark Brown because the famous “Hired Truck Scandal” would have sat on the backburner of someone’s desk. I cannot go in depth about this story due to a pending lawsuit, but it made two Chicago investigative reporters very famous. The work by the Sun-Times is historically significant. I still think it led to every major scandal you read about in the newspapers now. Corruption will sooner or later lead to Mayor Daley’s demise. Mayor Daley will always have an asterisk next to his name for corruption thanks to Mark Brown. (Please do not think I forgot about Meigs Field but the owners of the planes never did enough and they were too arrogant to fight back) Fighting Mayor Daley and his band of 11th Ward goons is full time work. I am glad Mark Brown put the guns back in the holster, when he gets in the saddle he is better than John Kass. Mark Brown writing about the Hired Truck Scandal proved he is at the top of his game when he wants. I am biased because I love corruption busting. I also think the Sun-Times moving a gem like Mark Brown back a few pages was a mistake. I respect Mark Brown as he knows how to keep his distance and write the truth. Maybe he will have a world famous website like me someday. Mark Brown’s spin on James Laski is great and it is irony. Mark Brown was my first post on Chicago Clout but some posts got twisted a while ago. Please read more about James Laski as he prepares for his second book. Chicago Clout did a video on Mr. Laski and we hope to have another when his second book is ready. See the video here again enjoy Mark Brown on James Laski below. Patrick McDonough]]> Continue reading “Mark Brown weighs in on James Laski's new book finally”