Candidate for Des Plaines Fifth Ward Alderman Daniel P. Winiecki

Margie and Daniel P. Winiecki.jpg Margie and Daniel P. Winiecki are spending another weekend together on the campaign trail. Daniel would be an excellent Alderman. Daniel is a good family man and a great leader in the community.

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  1. Pat, your girlfriend did well today! Goodstein I think her name is. She met with the IOC to tell them about all the crooks at city hall and how they are having to steal our parking meter quarters to bring the Olympics here. BRAVO! I was elated when I read that, but unfortunately the city will get the Olympics anyway cause someone at city hall probably already made the big payoff, or got the IOC some kind of a multi million dollar contract for their brother or something like that to get the games to come to Chicago. The weather was lousy here too. If they bring the games here you know that something crooked happened, AGAIN.

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