Free Food for Chicago poor now! Dominick's Dumpsters Madison and Halstad

Chicago Poor Dumpster Diving1.jpg Today, I enjoyed a ride around Chicago’s “Greektown” until I ran into this scene. A couple of men were taking food out of garbage cans located at a Dominick’s Food Store. There was quite a bit of food the men took and loaded into their car. I was surprised by them taking milk and I was concerned for their children. When I see things like this, I hope people tell Mayor Daley what is really going on in the street. People in Chicago are starving right now. People are losing their homes and the suffering is widespread. Mayor Daley might have the residents on a diet for the Olympics. People need work now; public officials need to stop ripping off government in Chicago. Alderman in Chicago need to get their act together. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. Agreed on all points – however, these people may not necessarily be poor per se, I read an article about people who actually do this kind of dumpster diving to get their food for free. I can’t remember the name for it, but basically they scavenge food from store dumpsters because stores throw out a ton of edible food because the packaging has a dent etc…

  2. It was probably Frank(the Mooch)C!@#$%^&!He needs to support his family somehow.

  3. Really, where is Patrick Daley. No kidding. Has anyone seen this crooked bastard? I will be on the news when Patrick Daley is indicted. They will call me the “man who kept dancing and jumping for joy singing Ala Luya”. Someone with knowhow, where is Patrick Daley. it is a massive conspiracy the way he is hiding. He learns that from his dad who is always out of town for a week during all indictments. I still have no faith in Fitz anymore though.

  4. The shit will hit the fan soon with all Obama has in store; let Dick Morris explain briefly. :::::::If there is no recovery for the next six months — and I don’t think there will be — Obama will inevitably become part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    And then will come his heavy lifting. He has yet to raise taxes, regiment healthcare or provide amnesty for illegal immigrants. He hasn’t closed down the car companies he now runs and he has not yet forced a 50 percent hike in utility bills with his cap-and-trade legislation. These are all the goodies he has in store for us all.

    Obama’s very activism these days arrogates to himself the blame for the success or failure of his policies. Their outcome will determine his outcome, and there is no way it will be positive.


    • You can’t borrow as much as he will need to without raising interest rates that hurt the economy;

    • The massive amount of spending will trigger runaway inflation once the economy starts to recover;

    • His overhaul of the tax code (still in the planning phases) and his intervention in corporate management will create such business uncertainty that nobody will invest in anything until they see the lay of the land;

    • His bank program is designed to help banks, but not to catalyze consumer lending. And his proposal for securitization of consumer loans won’t work and is just what got us into this situation.

    So Mr. Obama should enjoy his poll numbers while he may.

  5. Just wondering why Mike at the Watermanagement department is not in jail yet? because he does side jobs that the city prohibits, he did a Lot of side jobs !! heres a little bit I think how he gets these jobs, the homeowner call the cityabout broken pipes inside, Mike talks to the homeowner and convinces him to let Mike and his buddies dig the ground up to fix the broken pipe, and Mike charges the homeowner $750.00 per job! not bad for Mike and his buddies, but Mike he is a greedy person, you remember you promise me to help you dig the ground up but instead you got your other buddy to help you dig the ground up and you fucked me out of money, now its my turn to fuck you out of money when I call the IG on you!!!! you must of forgotten because of your greed! I got address’s and I know who helped you dig the ground up.

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