Two Chicago Employees Fight for Water Department Employees

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Enjoy this picture Bruce Randazzo at the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Chicago District Office on April 9, 2009. A complex set of complaints were made to ensure the fair practice of bidding for trucks, locations, and assignments as agreed by the Local 726 union bargaining agreement. Some knucklehead at the water department wants to change things. Another complaint was also made at the Illinois Labor Relations Board at 180 North LaSalle Street, Suites-400 Chicago, Illinois 60601. I met with Hans DE Kok an Investigator for the Department, Bruce laid out the complaint. I admit I exchange words with Hans when he said, “If it not fair, it does not make it illegal”. I am very proud of every member of the Teamsters that signed a demand for the Union and the Department of Water Management to sit down and enforce worker’s rights. Remember, you are paid by the taxpayers of the City of Chicago and Taxpayers want work rules enforced, not lawsuits. The ability for Management to send you to any part of the city or change your truck bid to anytime slot they wish will start a fresh round of Shakman violations. If you live on the North side of Chicago and refuse to do politics, you could end up on the south side of Chicago as a retaliatory act. I am also thankful for our friends at ABC channel 7 News for taping our side of the story. Bruce also picked up a box of street guides for all the North District Teamsters. To all the guys that do not understand the real Bruce; he is on your side to enforce work rules and rights. I spoke with Michael Shakman later in the day and this issue is not going to disappear. The Municipal Advocate General is going to bat for the guys now! Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. The investigator that I dealt with at the EEOC seemed determined to clean her plate and issue a right to sue letter. One issue was job location requests and enforcement of my Union contract.

    I was given the same pat response about “just because it isn’t fair doesn’t make it illegal.” Numerous men have had their locations changed and I’m being blocked because I’m a female who protested illegal job actions.

    I’d be hesitant to take another case in front of the pro-employer Seventh Circuit Federal Court. Many employment discrimination cases are dismissed at Summary Judgement and never make it in front of a jury. I learned the hard way that what is stated as law at the EEOC is interpreted very narrowly by the courts.

    The EEOC is undermanned and the caseloads of investigators has skyrocketed. I waited nearly two years for a response to my complaint that the investigator attempted to dismiss outright. TWO YEARS! To add insult to injury, the investigator stated that sex discrimination wasn’t part of the initial complaint, that was written by one of THEIR INTAKE OFFICERS.

    I asked the investigator if she ever heard of Shakman, she feigned ignorance of the case regarding political corruption. Later in the conversation, when I compared my job environment to a similarly situated male, she dismissed the comparison as……POLITICS.

    The doublespeak and runaround reminded me of the shenanigans at City Hall.

  2. Well it’s about time that M.A.G is getting involved, I think you Mr. McDonough should explain the M.A.G. corporation, I heard it a few days ago and just wondering about that, what should I do to help MAG and what can MAG help me with,I need these questions answered for me. Oh and I think Bruce is doing a “Hell of a job” to stand up and Fight!
    I can not show my face or I will be retaliated against, these people in watermanagement are some very cruel people, Bruce please be careful, these folks are mean because if you sue them Bruce, its the TAXPAYERS money you be getting. Bruce Glad I know you “Brother”

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