Isaac "Ike" Carothers Indicted, Mayor Daley skates away!

Alderman Isaac Ike Carothers.jpg We all knew Isaac “Ike” Carothers is no different than any other Chicago Alderman when it comes to corruption, shakedowns, and hustling money. When you have a Mayor like Richard Daley, you expect corruption. Alderman Carothers has a ward that is filthy and dirty. We have Alderman that only worry about the next meal, paid for contractors and those wishing favors as the poor suffer. Chicago is a true disgrace nationally and locally. Chicago Alderman know Daley encourages this, is part of this, and President Barack Obama has profited by this system. George Bush and now Barack Obama allow the poor to be exploited by criminal public officials. The United States of America is owned by China because we allowed our politicians to steal from us. Call your Illinois State Representatives and tell them you want reform. While the country crumbles, those in power continue to rob from the neediest. Ike could have spent his energy cleaning up his (29th) ward. The Laborer’s Union was involved with property on the site that would benefit training and safety for workers. More on the story later. It is amazing how the blacks get the ointment and the white skate away. Photo edited by Patrick McDonough

Why Chicago Clout does what it does! Thank you note!

Dear Pat:
"Thank you for your assistance in resolving my employment issues with the City of Chicago. Without your input and resources available from Chicago Clout, the outcome may have been far less favorable. Political feudalism and entrenched factions have poisoned the work environment for many City of Chicago workers. Many of us have suffered irreparable harm being targeted for termination due to our rejection of the status quo and omnipresent corruption.
Over a century ago, our Union forebearers bound together to fight for better wages, working conditions, and to have a voice on the job. Today Chicago Clout serves in the finest tradition of those who have went before us, encouraging workers to speak out, and to be free from fear and retaliation in the workplace."

What do Alderman Banks, Beny Garneata, and Mario Olivella have in common?

I think they made a famous Plumbing Inspector very mad! Michael McGann, Victor Crown and Patrick McDonough enjoyed the headline by Natasha Korecki exposing more corruption involving bribes for Chicago Plumbing Inspectors. I think Mayor Daley and Chicago Journeyman's Local 130 Union should be very nervous, scared even! I know why they did not allow me to be a Plumbing Inspector in Chicago, I don't take bribes! Nice job Chicago Inspector General! Patrick McDonough Continue reading “What do Alderman Banks, Beny Garneata, and Mario Olivella have in common?”

Mayor Daley forgot to push for ethics reform for Illinois Taxpayers

Make sure you read our prior post on Mayor Daley when he also forgot to list his free trips on his ethics statements. Please read Fran Spielman's take on Daley's tricks. Read the extend entry. Mayor Daley must be under too much stress lately. But not as much stress as lawyer from the water department, an ARDC complaint filed was today. Patrick McDonough Continue reading “Mayor Daley forgot to push for ethics reform for Illinois Taxpayers”

Remember Patrick, do not joke on the phone, it might be James Laski

On more than one occasion, I have had conversations with James Laski. James called me this morning and I thought it was someone else! James Laski was an honored guest on “Chicago Clout” the TV show associated with At Chicago Clout we have brought our video quality up to par with some great new hosts and guests. The media world is very competitive and I was happy to learn James Laski is entering the fray. Some heavy weights are coming in from Florida to see if James Laski is the next major radio personality for Chicago. James asked if I was interested in advertising on the show and I committed. James Laski will need additional friends to help things get off the ground. The City of Chicago has a great need during prime time to explain what the inside track is in Chicago Politics. Chicago Taxpayers will need an advocate and I trust James Laski to give the unbiased truth. I am not happy with the spin out of the current administration Chicago has, we need clarity. You can contact James Laski at Chicago Clout or go to his website here: or here: Patrick McDonough