2 Replies to “Russ Stewart explores the next Democratic Candidates for Illinois U.S. Senate Video”

  1. Note* There is going to be a Newspaper story about meter scamming and abuse again if this all checks out concerning city employees. That’s all I will say right now. Steam is picking up for there to be a revolution to throw out at least 1 third of the city council because of the meter sale to LAZ. Tom Tunney is a target to get thrown out of office by the electorate. People are watching city employees who are scamming on parking to avoid paying meters. Remember the meter rates are set to double again in 2 years. Daley is on thin ice too, finally.

  2. The feds got Daley, cause I know I would have them if I were the feds. They do have him. The troubling thing is what are they waiting for?

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