Kenny Construction fixes Mayor Daley's Chicago Manure Pipes

Kenny Construction.jpg The City of Chicago is making the way for layoffs. The City of Chicago Department of Water Management over the last few decades has been run by goons seeking to privatize the department. I guess if I was a manager of the City of Chicago, Shakman violations were exposed, hiring and promotions were watched, and I had a gambling problem, the best bet to hustle a few bucks would be by privatizing. If I had Olympic dreams for Chicago, wanted to make my friends millions of dollars, I know I would need to hustle lots of money. Let’s face the facts, you cannot hustle city workers, but you can get political donations from a John McDonough. Enjoy this picture of Mayor Daley’s pals Kenny Construction. These workers are clearly loafing and prove my theory Chicago City Workers work hard every day. If these were City Workers, they could get fired. Wake up Chicago Taxpayers, Mayor Daley is giving you the ointment. We need every worker Mayor Daley wants to layoff. How can you fix the budget if you are in Jordan. Get home and get to work now! This photo was taken at McLean and Humboldt Blvd. by Patrick McDonough. Parting shot, if you privatize Chicago, Daley and his goons will pick the last bit of meat off the bone.

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  1. “Mr. Weis,

    It’s over.

    You’ve done your job. That is, if your job was to demoralize us and the good, tax-paying citizens of Chicago.

    At first, you kind of amused us by putting on your uniform like a kid on Halloween.

    And, by all your get in shape talk. Remember that? Seems like a lifetime ago. Doesn’t it?

    Then, Cozzi.

    Maybe you were trying to prove that you weren’t a kid on Halloween. That you meant business.

    All you proved was that you would throw each and every one of us under the bus if you got the opportunity.

    Job well done.

    We were kind of amused when you decided to shuffle the deck and flopped the cards all over the table like a kid playing ‘go fish’ for the first time.

    Do you have a King? Oh yeah, RMD.

    Do you remember when crime shot through the roof last year and you blamed it on the weather? That was a classic.

    Even better, was when you took credit for the drop in crime, and told us it had nothing to do with sub-zero weather.

    Do you have a …. jack?


    Sure, we’re more comfortable while we de-police, but they are so impractical as far as police work goes.

    ‘Excuse me, sir… I know you’ve been fighting with us for the last twenty minutes…. but could you be a peach and climb up into the squad? If not, I’ll have to call for the even harder to get you into cargo van.’

    Do you have an eight?

    Sir, there are 49 more cards in the deck… but I’m going to try and shorten this a little.

    Event# 6252009:

    In summary, R/O’s are tired.

    R/O’s have observed a once proud Police department reduced to the point of humiliation.

    R/O’s are tired.

    Tired of seeing our brothers and sisters die in the line of duty.

    Tired of second guessing ourselves for the good of our families.

    Tired of backlogs.

    Tired of seeing innocent babies die.

    Tired of a system that favors the bad guy.

    Tired of un-sustained CR’s.

    Tired of bosses that never worked a day on the street.

    Tired of cameras that don’t tell any part of the story except for that on the hood of the car.

    Tired of GPS.

    Tired… Tired… Tired.

    Notified: Superintendent Weis #1
    VIN not provided.

    How about the Chicago Clout letting it’s crack investigative reporters investigate reality for a change?

  2. Chicago inspector general wants Daley to fire HR commissioner
    Posted by Todd Lighty at 5:10 p.m.; updated at 7:17 p.m. with report

    Mayor Richard Daley’s personnel chief allegedly lied during an investigation of City Hall hiring abuses and should be fired, the city’s inspector general recommended today.

    Homero Tristan should lose his job as commissioner of the Department of Human Resources because he tried to cover himself when inspectors asked why he failed to report an alderman trying to exert clout for a city worker from his ward.

    Tristan, hand-picked by Daley a year ago, has been repeatedly criticized since then, including by a federal court monitor who said Tristan’s department has failed to follow basic rules to keep city hiring free of politics.

    In his report today, Inspector General David Hoffman said Tristan violated a federal court order governing city hiring by not reporting the incident with the alderman and “made matters worse” once an internal investigation began.

    “Because of his position as a commissioner, and as the head of the city’s hiring department that is under extensive supervision from the court and others, making false statements to investigators in this matter is especially significant,” Hoffman wrote. “This is a very serious problem for the city.”

    Tristan, a lawyer, did not return a message seeking comment.

  3. Good Morning Mr. McDonough; I just stumbled upon you web-site, looking for a connection between “Chris Kelley & Mayor Daley”…I’m really enjoying you site you seem to be very knowlegeable, can you fill me in on Chris & Dick? I read today Chris Kelley’s home is being forclosed on and maybe considering flipping on Blagojevich but I have to think the feds are really wanting information on Daley.
    (Response) Daley signed Chris’s contracts.

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