Tristan gone from Daley's personnel department at last.

Is Homero Tristan going to get charged? Will he return to his old law firm and really collect the money? Will he go to jail? Please read the extended below. Patrick McDonoughJuly 7, 2009
Daley's personnel chief resigns amid lying accusations
Posted by Dan Mihalopoulos at 4:35 p.m.
Mayor Richard Daley's personnel chief told the Tribune this afternoon that he has turned in his resignation—less than two weeks after the city's independent inspector general called for his removal.
Homero Tristan, a member of Daley's Cabinet as the top human resources official, was accused of lying to investigators from Inspector General David Hoffman's office.
Today, Tristan said Hoffman's allegations are "grossly erroneous and irresponsible." But Tristan said he could not fight the charges and at the same time continue to represent the administration in federal court proceedings related to patronage hiring abuses.
"I can't do both at this time," Tristan said. "I will continue to defend my integrity."
Hoffman has been asked to provide his opinion of the city's hiring process, which the Human Resources Department oversees, in federal court. A court-appointed official has monitored Daley administration hiring since federal prosecutors filed charges of illegal political hiring against mayoral aides in 2005.
Daley appointed Tristan, a DePaul University law graduate, to lead the department in June 2008.
Tristan, 38, has political ties to some of the mayor's closest Latino allies, including Ald. Daniel Solis (25th) and the United Neighborhood Organization. Tristan is a 2004 graduate of UNO's leadership class for rising young Latino professionals.
Under investigation was Tristan's alleged failure to report to the court and others a Jan. 29 letter written by Ald. Michael Zalewski (23rd) on behalf of a city worker. Tristan this year told a court-appointed monitor he was aware of Zalewski's letter but was unsure if he had to report it, according to court records. Hoffman said Tristan told his investigators he was not aware of the letter until weeks later.
Daley initially appeared to shrug off Hoffman's report, telling reporters he did not immediately have the time to read it.
"There was no political favor given," Tristan said in an interview today.
Asked how he planned to try to clear his name, he replied, "I don't want to get into the details of it now."

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  1. Daley is still in power. He lets all his lackeys do his dirty work. We are all still screwed.Daley laughs at this. Nice job on making the headlines Pat. Now, When is you gonna get Daley huh? Waiting……..

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